Studying Representation: Regional Identity LO: To explore what is meant by the term regional identity To understand the stereotypes associated with different

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Studying Representation: Regional IdentityLO: To explore what is meant by the term regional identityTo understand the stereotypes associated with different regions in BritainWhat is meant by a regional and national identity?The term Britishness refers to the sense of nationhood held by many citizens of the United Kingdom, and the idea that the citizens of the United Kingdom have a common culture. Great Britain began to assume a "layered" identityto think of themselves as simultaneously British but also Scottish, English, and/or Welsh.We need to consider the stereotypes associated not only with these individual countries, but also with the broader regions within them.Regional Identity Regional Identity refers to the part of the United Kingdom someone is from.It could refer to a general area such a north or south, a country such as English or Scottish or specific towns such as London or Manchester.

Regional IdentityRegional identity is one of the hardest representations to understand.

In the exam, the clip the examiner chooses could be from any region of Britain. With that in mind, we need to understand the stereotypes audiences have of different regions in the U.K. Setting and Regional IdentityConsider where you are from. Are there any stereotypes associated with that place?What about stereotypes about people from different areas of the UK?

What stereotypes do you associate with people from Somerset?Watch this clip- What can you say about how the setting connects to regional identity? NorthernersStereotype= Northern Monkeys, Loud rude, drink a lot and of a lower status Costume= Track suit or cheap/casual clothesDialogue/dialect= Vowel sounds over-pronouncedMake up= Over the top or minimalClass/Status= Low

SouthernersStereotype= Poncy Southerners arrogant and posh- Dialogue/dialect= Well spoken the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain-Costume= Suit and tie, tailored clothing and dresses-Props= Brief case-Make up= Classy and to a minimum-Class/Status= Middle/Upper

EssexStereotype= Image conscious, unintelligent, love to shop and partyStereotype coined by TOWIE (The Only Way is Essex)Dialogue/dialect= 'Shut up' 'Oh my God' = common phrases Costume: Girls= Revealing/OTT Boys: FashionableLocation= Clubs and boutiquesProps: G Expensive, flashy, tacky handbags, up to date mobile phone Make up= Fake tan, fake eyelashes and hair extensionsClass/Status= Lower Middle

ScottishStereotype= Humourless, hate other nations,alcoholic and violent Dialogue/dialect= Strong accent 'och' 'wee'Costume= Kilt, tartan, Tam o' Shanter Location= Highlands, cold and vast open spacesProps= Bagpipes, haggis, whiskyMake up= Ginger hair and frecklesClass/Status= Lower class (farmers)

WelshStereotype= Small ,dark haired people who play all rugby, sing in choirs, herd sheep or mine coal Dialogue/dialect= Very song-like and melodic, slow and exaggerated pronunciationCostume= Rugby shirtsLocation= Rugby pitch, church, pub, fields with sheepProps= SheepMake up= MinimalClass/Status= Middle/Lower

ScousersStereotype= Dangerous ; Why does the river Mersey run through Liverpool? If it walked it would get mugged- Dialogue/dialect= Flemmy, difficult to understand; 'like' prominent k's-Costume= Tracksuits, very casual cheap looking clothing-Location= Pub/home-Props= Cheap looking jewellery-Make up= Minimal, or OTT -Class/Status= Low

Yorkshire- Dialogue/dialect= 'Ey up, An' Ah'll tell thi that fer nowt, dont pronounce tsCostume= Flat caps, tweed jacketsLocation= Open fields, country pubs, Local shopsProps= Whippets/Yorksire terrier and Yorkshire puddingsMake up= Minimal/pale Class/Status= Low (farmers)

12Geordies Stereotype= Loud, swear a lot, party animals and binge drinkers (help coined by Geordie Shore)Dialogue/dialect= way eye man, difficult to understandCostume= Revealing, tight clothingLocation= Busy town centres, clubs, urban areasMake up= Over the top, fake tan, dark hairClass/Status= Lower middle/ middle Loud, rude, funny and fond of fighting (Helped coined by Oasis)Dialogue/dialect= Oh, aye NowtCostume= Manchester United ShirtLocation= Busy town centresClass/Status= Low/lower middle

BrummiesStereotype= Unintelligent and unfriendlyDialogue/dialect= 'Yow' heavily pronunciation the 'ow' of 'You' Costume= Casual/ CheaoLocation= Busy, industrialised centresMake up= Greasy hairClass/Status= Low

Londoners (Northern/ more posh boroughs)

- Dialogue/dialect= Well spoken, range of vocabulary-Costume= Cashmere jumpers/sweaters and suits-Location= Skyscrapers, swanky bars, posh homes-Props= Briefcase-Class/Status= Middle/upper

Londoners (Cockney/ South London)- Dialogue/dialect= Gorblimey, Rhyming slang apples and pairs = stairs,dropping ts-Costume= Flat caps-Location= Busy streets, market stalls-Make up= Minimal-Class/Status= Low

The satellite map shows us a city sprawl so we know that the programme is set in an urban area. However it is the River Thames than reveals the specific location as being London.

Regional Identity can be seen by the views we see in the picture. We can see the countryside in the distance and we can also see an old vehicle of which is only used in the countryside.

You can tell that this is set in the country also because the background of the first picture is the country and in the second picture the house is styled as a country house. Also, what the characters are wearing symbolises the country

You can tell that this is set in an estate as there are flats in the background and the people look like they aren't of a high class because of the clothes they are wearing therefore we would expect them to live there and if there is a show about them then it would be set here.The over-arching one is simply North vs. South.What Southerners think of Northerners and the North:old-fashioned, boring, miserable, sexually-repressed, racist, depressed, silent, always whining, lazy, drunk, aggressive/violent, it's always raining, awful beerWhat Northerners think of Southerners and the South:loud, flashy, brash, cocky, arrogant, talk too much, effeminate men, can't handle their beer, rich, posh, too influenced by other Europeans/French/Continental, faddy, too expensive, awful beerWhat Southerners think of themselves and the South:happy, confident, go-getting, hard-working, progressive, open, broad-minded, ambitious, clever, sunny, cultured, where everything 'is', What Northerners think of themelves and the North:honest, hard-working, romantic about the past, genuine, 'real' men/women, tough, humorous, had-it-tough, stoical, friendly, kind, practical, innovative

Studying Representation: Regional IdentityLO: To identify and comment on use/effect of editing, camera shots, mise-en-scene and sound in the clipsTo discuss whether regional stereotypes are reinforced or opposed

TOWIEWatch a clip from The Only Way is Essex.

How does this show reinforce the stereotype of people from Essex?Does the show oppose this stereotype at all? BrownDoc Brown is a British Drama set in the West Country. Doc Brown himself was originally from London but had to move to this region due to a number of circumstances. We see much of what goes on through his eyes.Watch the following clip. Make notes and think about how regional identity is reinforced and opposed.

Regional IdentityWatch the following clip again. We now need to make notes on how the four areas: editing, camera shots, mise-en-scene and sound are represented in this clip.

How do each of the areas above reinforce/oppose the stereotypes of regional identity?

ShamelessShameless is a British drama set in Manchester. It follows the misfortunes of a family struggling below the bread line.How are stereotypes associated with this region opposed or reinforced through this representation?

Regional IdentityWatch the following clip again. We now need to make notes on how the four areas: editing, camera shots, mise-en-scene and sound are represented in this clip.

How do each of the areas above reinforce/oppose the stereotypes of regional identity?

Task: Analytical EssayUsing the notes you have made today, answer the following question:

Discuss the representation of regional identity in a clip of your choice. Refer to the following:Camera shots, editing, sound and mise-en-scene.

Begin planning