Study Paper German Operations at Anzio Part 2

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  • of the woods at Bosco di Padiglione (F 880260), Local counter-attacks may be expected, especially against the flanks of our. assaultgroups. Heavy enemy-losses are no indication that enerny resistancewill diminish.

    C. Statistics

    German losses: (less 29th Panzer Grenadier Division, 114thJager Division and 715th Infantry Division): 63 killed, 350wounded, and 21 missing.t

    Allied losses: 364 prisoners (293 Americans mostly from179th Infantry Regiment and 2d Battalion 180th Infantry Regiment.)14 tanks (4 Shernan) destroyed, 1 antitank gun destroyed, 4 airplanesdowned by antiaircraft guns,-and 2 ammunition carriers and 4 personnelcarriers set afire. Captured: 4 Sherman tanks, 2 antiaircraft guns-(2 cm), 17 machine guns, 1 mortar, 1 bazooka with rockets, 30 rifles,12 automatic oistols, and i antitank rifle."

    XXVIo 19 FEBRUARY 1944

    A' Operations Report

    During the day, strong enemy counterattacks, supported bytanks, forced, partial withdrawals from newly gained positions6

    Heavy enemy artillery fire resulted in great losses and haltedthe attack of the 65th Infantry Division at Cle Buon Riposo (F 859310).However, the 65th Infantry Division's left flank advanced towardsthe south, and in a simultaneous attack from the east by parts ofthe L={VI Panzer Corps, the strongpoint Cle Buon Riposo was encircled.

    During heavy night fighting, the bridgehead south of the forest1Macchia delta Ficoccia, 2 km southeast Aprilia (F $75333), was en-larged. But in the afternoon, enemy counterattacks launched withtank support, forced back the 114th Jager Division into the northernpart of the forest. The division suffered considerable losses inmen and materiel. The village of Cle 170vile, 1 km east Cantoniera(F 864282), was captured by combat patrols of the 26th Panzer and29th Panzer Grenadier Divisions. It was lost again, during anenemy tank attack, in the evening, Assault troops of the 29thPanzer Grenadier Division crossed highw-ay 82 (F 7.0300 - F 922290),.in a front 500 meters wide. The right flank of Panzer Division"Hermann Goring", attacking Colle del Pozzo, 2 km west Cle Carano(F 940309), was stopped in front of the enemy positions by concentrateddefensive fire. The left flank occupied two -hills northeast ofColle del Pozzo.

    The 1028th Panzer Grenadier Regiment is attached to the 715thInfantry Division0 This Division was stationed in the region south-east of Aprilia as Corps Reserve. It now will take over the leftsector of the LXXVI Panzer Corps, adjacent to the 114th JagerDivision as of 0500, 20 February 1944.

    The enemy continued to place c oncentrated f re on the main lineot resistance and-interrupted supply lines by heavy harrassing fire,During our attack, Allied artillery fired barrages irrespective oftheir own main line of resistance. The increased fire of enemyartillery and the continuous air raids by bombers and fighter bombers

    - 60 -

  • leads to the conclusion that the enemy intends to hold the po-sitions on Highvway 82. During, the morning, Fourteenth ALrlmyinformed Armay Group by phone that a shift of the main. effort tothe east would require vast preparations, And would be advanta-geous to the eneumy.

    Therefore, we in-ocnd to estroy ey forces isol.ated in theregion of Cle Buon Riposo (F 859310), by a converging attack fromall sides, and to consolidate the situation on the eastern flankof the LLVI Panzer Corps (114th 'Jger Division). ll forcesavailuble will ttUack along highway Cle Carroceto (F 869330) -Torre di PadiglionL (F 921289). Occupation of Hiihwiay 82 by sur-prise attacks will be LtteImpted in the sectors of the I'TVI t.nzerCorps, 3rd Panzer G}reln:dier Division, and 26th Panzer Division.zfter clearing the situa tion on both flarnks of the attack group,

    Army intends to initiatc, as soon as possible, a decisive south-westerly att'ck, in the sector of the 29th Panzer Grenadier Divi-sion.

    The 26th Panzer Division will be Iade available for eilployernntin the new offensive sector in the direction Torre di Padiglione,as soon as the situation on the western flank has bein cleared up.The 362nd Division has been transferred from the coast defense sectorCecina - mouth of thoe Tiber to repl, ce the3 Panzer Division "HermannGOring" will be used for attacks in the sector of the iZDTII PanzerCorps. The fuor.ler sector of the 362nd Infantry Division will be takenovur by the newly .ctivated 92nd Infl ntry Division, whose presentstrength is 4,242 .en. The 954th Gren.dier Regimlent of the 362ndInfantry Division (,r.y Group C Reserve) will be transferred from thearea of Pescar.- to an arua south of Rome. The 2nd Battalion 1027thPanzer Grenadier Regilment and the Regimlcntal Staff, until now employedin the coast defense sector Cecina - mouth of the Tiber, have beenattached to the 65th Infantry Division.

    The 146th Grenadier Regizment of the 65th- Infaniry Division, atpresent attached to the Tenth Army, will return to its division by15 Miarch. The combat strength of the 65th Infantry Division is 26officers, and 871 enlisted men.

    B. Intelligence Report

    The followinj now units have been identified: 3rd Battalion180th Infantry Regi.a.ent is located in the area east and north-eastof kaccia della Fiooccin; the 514th Company Royal Army Service Corpsof the 56th Infantry Division (Br) is near the highway in the regionof Campo di Carne (F 870285).

    The enemy artillery fired 30,000 rounds on 19 February 1944.

    Our attacks have confused the enery and also brought aboutemrergency s itu.tions in some of his units. The enemy coimLaand hasrepeatedly called upon isolated and dangerously placed units to holdtheir positions, by promising reinforcements. Having, detertmined themain direction of our attack, the enemy probably /will concentrate allavailable forces in the region south of Aprilia to intercept theiat-*tack at the 'wood of Padiglione (F 890260). A-,s the territory northof the forest has been lost, the enemy l1:cks observation posts. Inadditicn, the loss of the northm;rn edges of the forest has endangeredhis artillery positions. Stubborn opposition from key positions atthe cross roads at Ca.lpo di Carnme (F 863285), and Fta Padiglione(F 857242), and the traffic centers Torre di Padiglione (F 922289)and Le Ferriere (F 935342), is expected. Increased counterattacks,supported by tanks, against cur flanks and especially scuthvoest ofSpaccasassi (F 917330) are iimminento It is estim2ated that largeparts of the enemy's infantry and tank reserves were conmiitted intoday's counterattack, viz. the 1st Infantry Division (Br) and 1stArmored Division (US).

    - 61 -

  • C. Statistics

    Gerrian-losses: (loss 4th Parachute Division, 3rd PanzerGrenadier Division, and 114th Jlger Division) 48 killed, 167wounded, and 25 missing.

    tAllied losses: 83 prisoners, and 10 tanks destroyed.

    .- i'II. 20 FEBRUARY 1944

    A. Operations Report

    . s a result of our .ttack fron the west, the enemy ias completelysurround.d at Cle 3uon Riposo (F 859310), and a defensive front towardthe south was est-ablished. During the aay, an enei.y tank attack wasrepelled.

    The 3rd Panzer Grocndier Division seized the eastern edge ofthe Gorge Campo di Carne (F 850890 to .F 270290), tihe edgeof the Gorge Fosso di Carnte, 700 cimters northwest of Cantoniorc(F 862282) , and ioved up tc a line, 600 imeters north of the cross-roads of Cantcnivrac. noh battalions of the 29th Panzor GrenadierDivision (3rd and 1st Battalions 15th Grenadier Regiment), which hadcrossed Highway 82, ea st of Fta. CGaipo di Carne the day before, wereeither wiped out or were dispersed. The 114th Thager Division inanother att ck fromi the northiwest, sized the southern edge of theMacchia della Ficoccia forest, 3 1ka southeast of Aprilia (F 875333).An enemy tank attack towards Cle Rosateili (F 908320) was repulsed.

    We ainr to destroy the enemy troops surr unded in the rea ofBuon Riposo (F 859310), and to prevent a brhakthrough fra. the woutl-west, designed to assist these encircled troops. To avoid losses,Fourteenth Army ordered that the Panther tanks, broug&t up to clearthe pocket of Buon Riposo, be used only as armored _rtillery.

    In oider to straig0hten the rmin line of resistance, on theeastern flank of the l2:yVI Panzer Corps, an attack will be launched,as early as possible on 21 February, to seize the onemy strongpointsCle Biadaretto 2 k;i north of Cle Torre di Padiglione (F 921289) andCle Carano (F 940309).

    During our atteopt to clear the pocket at Cle Buon Riposo(F 859310), the eneim.y bombcrded his own positions with heavy artil-lery fire. His troops were protected against this, as they had takenshelter in the caves of the ravines to be found in that terrain. Ourown fire could not reach them. Our units lost many radio sets, dueto the heavy enemy artillery shells, the concussion of which destroyedthe tubes.

    It has become very difficult to evacuate the wounded. "llambulances, including the armored ones have been lost, making itnecessary to use assault 6uns and Tiger tanks for the evacuation.

    By early morning of 23 February, 2 Battalions of the 15thPanzer Grenadier Division, previously employed on the Cas;sdnofront~ will be attached to the 29th Panzer Grenadier Division. The,remaining elements of the 735th Grenadier Regiment 715th InfantryDivision, i.eo; 2 officers, 25 noncommissioned -officers, and 158men were assigned to the combat tean of the 725th Grenadier Regiment.

    - 62 -

  • POINT Cava F 844247East North

    |Take west edge of square in which Take south edge of square in whichpoint lies and reiad the figures A point lies and read the feures Aprinted opposite this line on north ] Iprinted opposite this line on east w-tor south margin or on the line itself or west margin or on the line

  • B. Intelligence.Report

    According to reliable sources, the 6th Armored Infa