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    ENGLISHLevel 4

    Student Workbook


    LISH A



    N Level 4

    Rosetta Stone


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    Answer Key


  • WAK-ENG-L4-1.0

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  • 1Rosetta Stone Answer Key English (American) Level 4

    Unit 1, Lesson 1

    Worksheet 1 Section 11) website 2) brochure 3) guidebook 4) hours 5) Russian 6) mosque

    Section 21) newspaper says /

    newspapers say 2) guidebook 3) These / The 4) visit 5) in 6) ate 7) traveled 8) visit

    Section 3goinggoingtraveledmetvisitedbroughtgavevisitsayscostsismeet

    Worksheet 2Section 1brochureguidebooknewspaperwebsite


    touristschildrenadultstour guide

    Section 21) A. What are the librarys

    hours today?1) B. The librarys hours are from

    9:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.2) A. How much does it cost to

    get in to the zoo?2) B. It costs ten dollars (to get

    in to the zoo).

    Section 31) ruins 2) guidebook 3) open4) cost 5) closed 6) newspaper

    Worksheet 3Section 11) is open, to 2) said, went3) travel, by 4) does, cost5) go, rain 6) did, was

    Section 31) T 4) F2) T 5) T3) F 6) T

    Worksheet 4Section 1Possible answers include:1) Yesterday the tourists went to

    the beach.2) Today the teacher will play golf.3) Tomorrow the tour guide will

    go to the museum.4) Next week my husband is

    going to swim.5) On Saturdays Alejo likes to go

    to the beach.

    Section 3Possible answers include:1) Nancy works at the palace.2) Viktor went to Barcelona

    last year.3) Nancy likes her work because

    she likes to meet new people.4) No. Nancy does not travel a lot.5) Viktor is going to Moscow

    next year.6) Viktor met Nancy when he took

    a tour of the palace in Barcelona.7) Nancy works at the palace on

    Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    8) It costs ten euros to take a tour of the palace.

    Unit 1, Lesson 1, Quiz Section 1Possible answers include:Why are you going to Italy?How long will you be in Italy?Who are you going to go with?When are you going to leave?

    Section 2Possible answers include:1) Yesterday Jack read the

    Barcelona guidebook.2) Next week my brother and

    sister are going to travel to Asia.3) Tomorrow I am going to go to

    the castle at 4:00 p.m.4) Last Tuesday Sue met her

    husband at the cafe. 5) On Fridays Laura works at

    the museum from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    Section 31) F 5) B2) H 6) D3) G 7) E4) A

    Unit 1, Lesson 2

    Worksheet 1Section 11) sledding 2) riding 3) ice-skating

    Section 2

    Y R T C H J W M S A

    Q L O R P R E E F W

    E N B O M V C X S D

    I C E S K A T I N G

    I T R S J L F G B D

    K A W C P T X H T Y

    A S N O R K E L M L

    S R I U P X B M N I

    L P E N D E O O L A

    E E R T U R Y T L R

    D F H R O W B O A T

    D L T Y L S S R V T

    I Q K S D Y U C I U

    N D U K G H M Y T M

    G E K I H T P C S V

    W E I I E I O L E L

    E D B N T T Y E F H

    N S R G S O O N T Z

    Section 31) rowboat 2) motorcycle3) trail 4) hike 5) snorkel6) festival

    Worksheet 2Section 1Possible answers include:1) A. to go hiking, like to go

    hiking with me1) B. going to go ice skating,

    go hiking2) A. snorkeling, Would you like

    to come2) B. snorkeling, go ridingSection 2SaturdaysfishinglunchdriverowboatquiettalkhourscatchdontfunSection 31) on, in 2) in 3) at 4) too, to5) in 6) in

    Worksheet 3Section 11) C 2) A 3) B

    Section 2Quiet: temple, rowboat, library, church, reading a book, the woodsLoud: motorboat, motorcycle, stadium, crying baby, birthday party, soccer game

    Section 31) were 2) having 3) wearing 4) going to play 5) are sleeping

    Worksheet 4Section 11) 4, having 2) 1, No3) 5, beginning 4) 2, riding5) 4, see

    Section 21) bicycle 2) sailboat3) motorcycle 4) rowboat

  • 2 Rosetta Stone Answer Key English (American) Level 4

    Section 3Possible answers include:1) I would like to go to a festival.2) I would like to go snorkeling

    with my sister.3) I would like to rent a sailboat.4) I would like to go fishing from

    a rowboat.5) I would like to ride a bicycle

    on the beach.

    Unit 1, Lesson 2, QuizSection 1Possible answers include:1) How do I get to the temple?2) Is the ocean far?3) How long is the trail?4) Is the palace far?5) How do I get to the museum?

    Section 2arrivedare wearingare playingare walkingtalkingeatingwill go / are going to gowill go / are going to goboughtwill buy / are going to buytravelgoarecameare having

    Section 3Possible answers include:1) They are fishing from a

    motorboat.2) He is riding a motorcycle.3) The woman is sitting in

    a rowboat.4) They are cross-country skiing.

    Unit 1, Lesson 3Worksheet 1Section 11) painted 2) draw 3) wrote 4) am going to take 5) play 6) is putting 7) listen

    Section 21) A. This was painted last month.1) B. He painted this on June


    2) A. This was written at school.2) B. She wrote this in her bedroom.3) A. The poster was bought in

    the gift shop.3) B. I bought this poster at

    the store.

    Worksheet 2Section 1 1

    3 C

    2 S C U L P T U R E

    G O N

    I 9 S 6 T

    F 5 P O S T E R U

    T H C O R

    7 S H O W A W Y

    H T R B

    O O D O

    P A

    8 F A V O R I T E

    Section 2vacationmuseumsnewpaintingsfavorite horsepostergiftatemusiciansItalianfunvisit

    Worksheet 3Section 1Possible answers include:1) What is your favorite team?2) What is your favorite animal?3) Have you played golf?4) Have you been to a museum?

    Section 21) G 5) B2) H 6) D3) C 7) A4) F

    Section 35, 2, 6, 3, 1, 7, 4

    Worksheet 4Section 1Possible answers include:1) We were going to eat soup, but

    we ate a sandwich instead.2) They were going to play soccer,

    but they played tennis instead.3) I was going to draw a cathedral,

    but I drew an apple instead.


    Section 3Possible answers include:1) I ate an apple2) they are going to go sledding3) she went to the museum4) she will meet her brother5) I am studying English

    Unit 1, Lesson 3, QuizSection 11) C 5) C2) I 6) I3) C 7) C4) I 8) C

    Section 2Possible answers include:Can I take photos in the museumHow long (how many years) have you been a tour guideAre there any (some) paintings from the eighteenth century in the museum

    Section 31) watch 2) century 3) gift shop 4) piano 5) locker

    Unit 1, Lesson 4Worksheet 1Section 1

    A V P Y T I P U O

    W B O T T L E D H

    E A R F L M C S S

    S W K F A M E N U

    N N O Z M U G H G

    D R O Y B S A V A

    M E T I T H U S R

    L W R N N R B O L

    K S E A F O O D I

    O B I L L O N A C

    G Q Y P F M S P T

    D E C U A S F D E

    Section 2Possible answers include:1) No. Because James doesnt

    like garlic.2) No. Because Sue doesnt like


    3) Yes. Because they like garlic and mushrooms.

    4) A pizza with onions, mushrooms, and cheese.

    5) A pizza with cheese and garlic.6) A pizza with cheese.

    Worksheet 2Section 11) A 2) C 3) B

    Section 2Followorderwould likepork Would you tastedessertbill

    Worksheet 3Section 2Possible answers include:1) Peter is a manager at Pizza

    Palace.2) Peter works 39 hours in a week.3) It has tomatoes, onions,

    garlic, mushrooms, and a lot of cheese.

    4) No, it is not difficult to make pizzas.

    5) They call on the phone to order a pizza.

    Section 31) C 2) A 3) C

    Section 41) follow 2) order 3) to go 4) taste 5) For here

    Worksheet 4Section 11) lamb 2) soda 3) seafood 4) ready 5) garlic 6) lunch

    I am hungry

    Section 2Answers will vary.

  • 3Rosetta Stone Answer Key English (American) Level 4

    Section 31) table 2) follow me 3) bill 4) pizza 5) water 6) order

    Unit 1, Lesson 4, QuizSection 15, 7, 3, 6, 4, 8, 1, 9, 2, 10

    Section 2tastewaslikehadgoordergohasfollowshow

    Section 3Possible answers include:1) Now I am hiking in the

    mountains.2) Last week I showed John my

    new car. 3) Yesterday, we ate seafood at

    a restaurant near the beach.

    Unit 1, TestSection 1Possible answers include:1) The website says it is going to

    rain tomorrow.2) Its Monday and hes bored.3) The tourists are having fun in

    Mexico today.4) My family went sledding

    last week.5) Its loud in the stadium today.Section 21) postcards 2) follow 3) menu 4) show, sculpture 5) bored, travel 6) paint, quiet 7) costs, bill8) brochure 9) business people, tipSection 31) cost, 3 2) rain, 4 3) showed, 2 4) tasting, 15) eaten, 3 / will, 2

    Section 4Possible answers include:1) Take Main Street for one half

    mile. Turn right on Elm Street. The restaurant will be on the left.

    2) Take this trail for two miles. Turn left at the blue sign. The lake will be straight ahead.