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Streaming Media For Mobile Devices. STEMTech October 4, 2011. Streaming Media For Mobile Devices. About INTELECOM. Established in 1970 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation Operated by Consortium of 31 Community Colleges Content Developer (Distance Learning) Telecourses Online (HTML) Content - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Streaming MediaForMobile Devices STEMTechOctober 4, 2011

  • Established in 1970501(c)3 Non-Profit CorporationOperated by Consortium of 31 Community CollegesContent Developer (Distance Learning)TelecoursesOnline (HTML) ContentVideo on Demand (Since 2002)

    About INTELECOMStreaming Media For Mobile Devices

  • Subscription Videoon Demand Database

    Launched in January 2008 Object-level Clips (3-5 minutes) Multiple Academic Disciplines Embeddable Video Players, URLs Hosted and Supported Correlated to Quality Matters Engaging Content (Persistence) Captions, MARC Records, Usage StatisticsStreaming Media For Mobile Devices

  • Online/Hybrid Courses F2F Instruction Content Authoring Virtual Classrooms PowerPoints Faculty Blogs Discussion Forums Word DocumentsCampus ApplicationsStreaming Media For Mobile Devices

  • Laptops Netbooks Smartphones Tablets Gaming Devices

    By 2014, there will be 2.8 billion 3G subscribers. 3G refers to a third generation cellular network, which is capable of streaming video and other bandwidth-intensive applications wirelessly. Already, some providers are rolling out 4G services that promise even faster download speeds and more capabilities. School Technology Action Report (September 1, 2011)The Growth of MobileStreaming Media For Mobile Devices

  • Choice of Formats Windows Media, QuickTime, FLV, H.264 Bit Rates and Resolution 320kbps? 1.5mbps? 640x480? Operating Systems iOS? Honeycomb? WebOS? Windows 8?

    Implications for Video StreamingStreaming Media For Mobile Devices

  • Flash not supported by Apple Flash and Flash The Switch to HTML5 Just an Apple Thing? H.264 Video Format More than Just an Apple Thing Rise of the Androids Flash Media Streaming Server 4.5 A Game Changer?HTML5 or Flash?Neither? Both? I got a Pre.Streaming Media For Mobile Devices

  • FLV for Android 2.3 Devices, Desktops, Laptops 480x360, 400kbps H.264 for iOS VBR up to 768kbps, 320x340 VBR up to 1.5mbps, 640x480 Utilizes Native iPad / iPhone Player (Full Screen) Limitations Still Exist Memory, Processor, Bandwidth (e.g. WiFi)Finding the Right Mobile MixStreaming Media For Mobile Devices

  • Desktops, Laptops, NetbooksiPad, iPhoneAndroid 2.3 DevicesSniffer 1. Determines Device 2. Pushes Optimum StreamFLVFLV H.264 Supported

  • There is Support for Captioning on Many Devices Not All Device Manufacturers Support Captions Still in Development: Currently xml, txt, scc, smi and six other caption formats Transcode and embed captions for H.264/mp4Addressing AccessibilityStreaming Media For Mobile Devices

  • Cameron Cox 576-2988 x112 Thank you for participating!

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