Strategizing your Social Media plans Effectively

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Strategizing your Social Media plans Effectively: Sameer Ahmed, KSA1Introduction

Social Media A boon to any Business is a very efficient tool of modern times that would help and enhance business development manifolds. It is very important to utilize this tool in the most efficient manner in order to yield desired results, instead of misusing it and get the result back-fired.The following slides are points that would help any business to plan their Social Media tools to its strategic optimum. 2Social Engagement


Identify relevant social media monitoring toolsLearn to use the best tool appropriatelyResearch and discover about what has been said about your organization and the relevant marketSearch for 'common' and similar communities and conversationsUncover & discover your key influencers and identify them4Engage in Conversation

Enter/participate in fruitful and healthy conversations Provide relevant contents to support your conversation Add value to communities of which you have been a part of. Engage with influencers the most to spread the word more effectively. Respond Positively and in the affirmative.5Measure and Refine

Set relevant measures and milestone of success Monitor and check measures periodically Capture and share success stories Refine & restructure your strategies and measures if needed6Strategic Development

7Prioritize and Set Objectives

improve your engagement with customer discussionenhance brand and reputation in the marketaccelerate custom driven innovations and idea.Attract talented employees for their idea and brainstormingincrease sales8Establish Governance

Identify opportunities and advantagesUnderstand and be calculative of the risks & threatsClarify risk on not engagingDefine clear social media policies and attitudescommunicate policies internally within the organization9Define Activities

Define first and subsequent phrasesTarget initial platforms for the productsIdentify resources requiredEstablish and respect responsibilities & time commitmentsLink to offline marketing activities10Self Assessment

11Learn and Evaluate

Use social media yourself following the set standards within your circleStudy relevant case studies and success stories.Educate senior authorities accordinglyHear from critics & practitionersExplore and identify the latest trends doing the rounds in the market.12Develop Capabilities

Identify and promote internal 'champion' for social mediaTrain and support 'champion' from among the staffKeep well-aware of development and progress.Establish and design pilot program for the purposeEncourage a culture of responsible transparency13Thank You