Story for Children : Be Happy with what you have

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Its a short story for young children


<ul><li><p>Writer : Anand Sachdev Contact : </p><p> Arun, a 10 year old boy used to live in Mumbai with his Mom, Dad and elder Sister Neha (15). It was </p><p>summer time, schools had just restarted. Arun was excited going back to school with an anticipation </p><p>of a new class, new class teacher, &amp; possibly some new friends. </p><p>As the 1st class of the morning started, the teacher asked everyone to introduce themselves. A new </p><p>guy introduced himself as Sammy. He informed the class that he had recently shifted to Mumbai </p><p>from New Delhi. </p><p>of After the school, as Arun was taking his cycle from the cycle stand, he noticed Sammy standing </p><p>around waiting for somebody. Arun thought checking with him. </p><p>Arun Hey Sammy, where do you stay? You need a drop? </p><p>Sammy Hey Arun, I stay near Juhu Eskcon temple, is that where you are going too. </p><p>Arun Yeah, thats exactly where I stay. Come over I will drop you. </p><p>Sammy Hey...thanks a lot yaar. I dont know why the driver hasnt come to pick me. </p><p>Arun Oh You come by Car ? .. Ok. Anyways..Come over, would be nice to have a company. </p><p>That day onwards, Arun and Sammy became good friends. Sammy used to stay in the adjacent </p><p>building and was new in the city, so he started spending a lot of time with Arun by going to each </p><p>others house. Arun was a bit jealous to see that Sammy had a much bigger house. He had his own </p><p>room, since he was the only child. Whereas Arun had to share his room with his sister. </p><p>Dad used to give Rs.500 monthly to Arun and Neha as a pocket money. They were taught to use </p><p>money diligently and wisely on their basic needs. They both were made aware by their parents that </p><p>their pocket money should not be wasted on expensive items, eating outs and unnecessary </p><p>shopping. They were told that after one year their piggy box would be opened and a big item of their </p><p>choice would be bought from that money. In case the money would be short, some extra money as a </p><p>bonus would be contributed by Dad. </p><p>Initially both were excited by this scheme. Neha started saving for getting a Mobile phone of her </p><p>own. Whereas Arun started saving for getting a Cricket Set by that money. Neha used to save most </p><p>of the money she had. She was focused on her target of buying a mobile phone by the next year. She </p><p>knew that buying a mobile of her own would be a useful thing and thus was readily sacrificing on </p><p>smaller items and enjoyments. </p><p>On the other hand Arun started thinking that if he had no sister, probably his pocket money would </p><p>have been double. He was growing up now and wanted more freedom in his way of living. In past 10 </p><p>months Neha had saved over 3800 rupees whereas Arun had hardly saved Rs.1000. Arun was </p><p>spending more time with his rich friend Sammy and was thinking that his life was cool and hep. </p><p>Sammy used to eat outside most of the times in Mck Donald and Pizza Hut. Since most of the times, </p><p>Sammy was paying the bill, Arun also thought of paying his bills. But due to limited pocket money he </p><p>realised that he cannot pay by his pocket money alone. He needed more money. Slowly and slowly </p><p>he started taking out his saved money from his piggy box. Very soon the time came when he had </p></li><li><p>Writer : Anand Sachdev Contact : </p><p> almost finished up all his savings just because he wanted to show Sammy that he was as richer as </p><p>him. </p><p>Finally that day came when their Piggy Box was to be opened and they would get to buy a big item. </p><p>Dad called both Neha and Arun. Neha was excited as she had saved a lot of money and knew that a </p><p>mobile phone with basic features could be easily bought with that amount. However Arun was sad </p><p>and knew that he had been opening up Piggy box so often and spending hundreds of Rupees just </p><p>because he was eating out with Sammy. </p><p>Dad first asked Neha to open her Piggy box. Neha opened the box and her dad was pleasantly </p><p>surprised to count the money. It was more than his expectation. 4500 Rupees. </p><p>Dad Wow Neha, Im proud of you. You have saved more than my expectation. You would be </p><p>rewarded. Go and buy any mobile phone of your choice. Even if its expensive than 4500 rupees, I </p><p>will pay the remaining amount. </p><p>Dad (turning to Arun) Son, now lets see how much you have saved. </p><p>Arun fearfully opened his Piggy box. He knew money would be too less and Dad might shout at him. </p><p>Dad counted the money and was disheartened by seeing that he had only 500 Rupees in his box. </p><p>Dad- What is this Arun ? I give you 500 every month and I can see that your basic needs could be </p><p>met by 100 rupees per month. Where is your remaining money ? </p><p>Arun Im sorry Dad. I could not save any money. </p><p>Dad Son, In that case, its your loss. You will have to wait for your Cricket Set until next year. I </p><p>cannot pay for your expensive Cricket Set which would cost at least 3000 Rupees. Only if you had </p><p>shown little interest in saving, you could have saved at least 2500 Rupees. Remaining I would have </p><p>paid for you. </p><p>Neha noticed that situation is getting bad for Arun and he might burst out crying. She decided to </p><p>intervene and handle the situation for her brother. </p><p>Neha Dad, actually thats not that Arun has not saved anything. Whenever I needed any money, I </p><p>used to borrow from Arun and he used to generously give me his Piggy Bank. There have been many </p><p>instances where I have taken money from him and he never asks back after giving his money. He is </p><p>not spend thrift but a person with big heart. </p><p>Arun was totally surprised how Neha was lying to Dad in order to keep up his reputation in the </p><p>family. </p><p>Dad Oh is that the reason why your money count is good, just because you let Arun spend his </p><p>money for you ? </p><p>Neha Yeah Dad, thats correct. </p></li><li><p>Writer : Anand Sachdev Contact : </p><p> Dad Well in that case half of your money belongs to Arun. </p><p>Neha Yeah Dad, thats fine. </p><p>Dad Okay guys, so its clear now. 4500 plus 500 makes 5000 Rupees. Lets divide it into two of you. </p><p>Rs.2500 for Neha and Rs.2500 for Arun. This means that Neha, you must save more money till at </p><p>least next 3-4 monthds for your mobile phone. Arun can buy his Cricket Set tomorrow. Everybody is </p><p>fine ? </p><p>Neha yeah Dad, thats cool. </p><p>Arun (softly in a apologetic tone) No Dad, I would let Neha buy the Mobile phone. She needs it </p><p>more than me. </p><p>Neha (turning to Arun) No Brother, I know you have been waiting for that Cricket Set since pretty </p><p>long. You can go ahead and buy it now. </p><p>That evening Arun realised what a great sister he had. He also realised the importance of siblings, of </p><p>sharing, of family values. He went to her and apologised for his selfish behaviour, about every time </p><p>he used to avoid any work given by his sister. </p><p>That evening Sammy called him to meet at McDonalds. But Arun declined. He said he has better </p><p>things to do and would only meet him at the cricket ground tomorrow as he is going to buy a Cricket </p><p>set today. </p><p>Thus Arun limited his meetings with Sammy only till School and Cricket ground. Now he was also </p><p>able to save money just like Neha. He was determined that by his savings, he will soon be able to </p><p>help Neha buy a mobile phone of her choice. </p><p>Moral : </p><p>__________________________________________________________________________________</p><p>__________________________________________________________________________________</p><p>__________________________________________________________________________________ </p></li></ul>


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