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Stereotypes in Commercials

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Stereotypes in Commercials . Dana Schlosser and Laura Sinopoli CAN463MA April 2 nd , 2013. Background Information. What is your gender?. Do you pay attention to commercials?. Gender Portrayal Balance. Do you think there is a balance in genders seen in commercials?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Stereotypes in Commercials

Sexism in Commercials

Stereotypes in Commercials Dana Schlosser and Laura Sinopoli


April 2nd, 2013

Background InformationWhat is your gender?Do you pay attention to commercials?Gender Portrayal BalanceDo you think there is a balance in genders seen in commercials?If no, what do you think the ratio between men and women should be?I DONT KNOW ABOUT THE IF NO QUESTIONI MAY CHANGE THE CHART FORMAT3Are Commercials Sexist?DO YOU THINK COMMERCIALS ARE SEXIST?4Who is Targeted by Sexism?DO YOU THINK MEN OR WOMEN ARE MORE TARGETED IN SEXIST ROLES IN COMMERCIALS?5Products That Genders SellMATCH THE GENDERS TO THE PRODUCTS THEY SELL IN COMMERCIALS?6Endorsements & Buying BehaviourDoes the gender of the person endorsing a product effect your purchasing decision?Would you buy a product sold by the opposite gender?Perceived Gender RolesHOW OFTEN DO YOU BASE GENDER ROLES ON WHAT YOU SEE ON TV?8Depiction of WomenIn your opinion how are women depicted in commercials?9Mother (Nurturer)Bulimic Low livesGold diggersIndependent womenNot like real lifeOther Depiction of Women

Can put pictures of how women are depicted here?10Depiction of MenIn your opinion how are men depicted in commercials?11Are Advertisements Offending?HAVE YOU EVER BEEN OFFENDED BY AN ADVERTISMENT?12Kinder Surprise for GirlsDiet CommercialsSkinny WendyOreo Commercial

Offending Advertisements?

Can put pictures of the ads here?13Sexism As a Social ProblemIS SEXISM A SOCIAL PROBLEM IN COMMERICALS?14Gender BiasDOES GENDER BIASED STILL EXIST TODAY?15Stereotyping Gender RolesIN GENERAL ARE ROLES IN COMMERCIALS STEREOTYPICAL OF THAT GENDER?16Women Belong In The KitchenWomen Do The CleaningFamily Travel TogetherMen Buy CondomsMen Do The Yard WorkMen Love CarsWomen Are Concerned With Their AppearanceStereotypes in CommericalsCAN PUT PICTURES OF THE STEREOTYPES HERE17Change in Gender RolesDO YOU SEE CHANGE IN GENDER ROLES IN COMMERCIALS?18

Seneca students do believe they is change with gender roles in commercials but commercials are not 100% sexist free, or stereotype free. Here are some commercials from years ago till now. This shows the range of commercials from good to bad, to offence. 19

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