STEPHEN HAMBLIN Executive Director, American Junior Golf Association Junior Golf Executive Director, American Junior Golf Association Junior Golf.

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  • STEPHEN HAMBLINExecutive Director, American Junior Golf AssociationJunior Golf

  • THE COMPLEXITY OF JUNIOR GOLFThe strength of junior golf in America is that it is not organized under one umbrella group, but rather it is organized and supported by a variety of highly committed individuals, groups and associations that are passionate about developing the interests of young men and women in golf.

  • THE COMPLEXITY OF JUNIOR GOLFClubsParks and RecreationCommunitySchoolCity(Continued)Where we can find junior golf programming:CountySectionalStateRegionalNational

  • JUNIOR GOLF MODELS OF SUCCESSModels of Success are programs that not only work; they are programs that have creatively solved problems that challenge most junior programs.

  • JUNIOR GOLF MODELS OF SUCCESSAccessDemandEquipmentInstructionRetention(Continued)These problems include:VolunteersStaffingTransportationFunding


  • STATE BY STATE REVIEW OF NATIONAL CALIBER JUNIOR GOLFERSTexas689California548Florida340Illinois229Ohio217Georgia176New York175Pennsylvania160North Carolina151Arizona145Canada135Massachusetts129Washington129Colorado128Oklahoma117Tennessee107Michigan104Arkansas33Wisconsin27Mississippi26West Virginia25North Dakota22Nebraska24Utah20South Dakota18New Hampshire16Hawaii15Rhode Island14Montana14Delaware13Wyoming13Maine8D.C.5Vermont4Source: Based on 2000 AJGA MembershipSouth Carolina96New Jersey95Connecticut85Minnesota82Indiana80Virginia76Kansas74Kentucky73International64Missouri62Oregon62Maryland55Nevada52Louisiana49Idaho49Alabama47Iowa40New Mexico362000

  • ISSUES FOR DISCUSSIONBegin a national database of all junior golf programmingResearch and identify Models of SuccessCreate national format for exchange of information and ideas Research needs of junior golf organizations and share with industryCreate on-going vehicle for communication between junior golf organizationsDesignate a task force to initiate these ideasConcepts to consider:

  • Sunday Wrap-upSlides 11-16

  • STEPHEN HAMBLINExecutive Director, American Junior Golf AssociationJunior Golf

  • STATEWIDE JUNIOR GOLF AUDITState golf associationsPGA sectionsLocal golf associationsGoal: National database of junior golf programs

  • CREATION OF NATIONAL JUNIOR GOLF INTERNET SITEThe First TeeLinks to state, regional and national programsGoal: Provide an ongoing communication vehicle for junior golf organizations

  • EXECUTE NATIONAL JUNIOR GOLF FORUM IN 2002AJGA assumes facilitator roleGoal: National sharing of information/ideas

  • CREATE JUNIOR GOLF TASK FORCEResearch critical success factorsParental involvementEducation/instruction/ programmingFacilitiesResearch school-based programmingGoal: Catalyst of junior golf initiatives


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