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Stay and playJaime Zaman

Jaime Zaman1On slide 3 I put the word fun in the centre .I have added bullets to slide 5 and also lowered the boxes .Changed font size and copy and paste my pictures on slide 6 once I added a clip art .I went ahead of myself and added a timer to my slides at 15 seconds apart .Slide 1 I added animation smiley face shapes.Changed Bullets slide3Cropped image slide 4

1Stay and play

Jaime Zaman2Fun Come stay and play From birth to 3 years.Child safe and friendly.Meet new friends.Tea and coffee available for free.

Jaime Zaman3Stay and play

Jaime Zaman4Benenfits of stay and play.Great for ChildrenGreat for AdultsYour children will learn to interact with other children.Learn to share.Learn nursery rhymes.Touch and feel different materials.Meet new friends.Watch and play with your children in new surroundings.Free tea, coffee and soft drinks available.Relax in a safe environment by just letting your children explore the settings.

Jaime Zaman5Feel free to come along Mondays 9.15 am till 11.30 am.Tuesdays 1pm till 3 pm.Wednesdays Thursdays 9.15am am till 11.30 am Fridays 1pm till 3pm

Children's centre123 Merridan Road.QuintonBirmingham B32 2jy0121 303 1212

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