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Starting Your Shop Nicole Engdahl JJ van Haelewyn

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Text of Starting Your Shop Nicole Engdahl JJ van Haelewyn

  • Starting Your Shop

    Nicole EngdahlJJ van Haelewyn

  • OverviewGetting Started Setting It UpMaking the AskOvercoming PitfallsMarketing/StewardshipAppendix - Samples

  • Getting StartedBankPlanned Giving SoftwareDatabase800 numberSome simple planned giving materials

  • Basic Building Blocks - BequestsInclude language anywhere/everywhereHave you included us in your will? Heres howPlease consider including us in your will or bequestPeople who put you into their will think of your organization as part of their family.

  • Basic Building Blocks - AnnuitiesCharitable Gift AnnuitiesFollow ACGA guidelinesState Registrations Deferred Gift AnnuitiesDo you want to have them?If yes, do you want to cap them?

  • Making the AskInitial Phone CallSample Questions (Appendix A)What to SendFollow-up Phone Call TipsVisits

  • Tips on Initial Phone CallWhat inspired you to call today?What is your connection to us?What do you like most about our work?Have you ever set up an annuity (of any kind) before?Describe CGA in laymans terms.Do you have a sense of how this will impact our organization?Are there any family members that you would like to take care of and still support us?Do you have any CDs coming due and what rate are you currently earning?Heres what other people are in your situation are doing

  • What to SendSend SIMPLE letter and basic illustrationDescribe what they will receive, what it will do for your organization and encourage them to review with their advisorInclude personal illustration (PG Calc)Include profile of individual who has set up an annuity (ABC)

  • Follow-up Phone Call TipsCall 7-10 days after sending materialsI am an officer from NGS who has confidential conversations with people about estate planning.Confirm that they received materialsAvoid questions with yes/no answersWhat aspect of the CGA most appeals to you?If they say no ask: Is it the timing? Is it the amount of the gift? Is it the type of asset?

  • VisitsIf possible invite them to your headquarters because thats where the action isSecure anchor visits first and then fill in with prospectsIm going to be in your areaPick a neutral spot for the first meetingWant to give you an updateWont ask you for more moneyDrop by with gift

  • VisitsAsk if you can take notes/take photosShare one or two recent success storiesLearn more about their life and interest in your organizationFind out if they have created a willAsk them to consider leaving a bequestAsk them to help us spread the word and share their story to inspire others

  • Overcoming PitfallsPut it in writing document everythingUrgency follow up and follow throughSpace give them time to considerGatekeepers encourage them to go over with everyone who might be involved with the giftAdvisorsOther FamilyOther Organizations were all in this together

  • Marketing IdeasLanguageAdFlyers/Leave BehindsStewardship

  • LanguageInclude PG language in anything and everythingReceiptsHave you included us in your will?Would you like to learn more about a charitable gift that gives back?NewslettersDonor stories next to mission storiesPress ReleasesA portion of this project was made possible by the Estate of...Email tag line

  • Sample LanguageI have already included you in my will or other estate plans. I would consider including you in my will. Would you like to know how to increase your income, get a tax deduction and help your favorite charity at the same time?

  • Donor AdsHaving any ad is better than having no adGet the word out thereHaving a donor ad is better than a generic adPeople relate to other peopleHaving a donor ad with a return is bestHighest response came when they could send it in rather than just call (anonymity)

  • Flyers & Leave BehindsABCs of program with basics on one side and donor story on the backOverview of Legacy SocietyFocus on your orgs history and legacyApplication/Membership FormsSometimes you leave right away, sometimes you send later

  • StewardshipBirthday CardsValentinesThanksgiving Thank-a-thonHoliday CardsLegacy Society Certificate (or other exclusive item; sculpture, paperweight, etc.

  • Stewardship other basicsFree Subscription to Your Orgs Magazine or NewsletterInvitations to Lectures, Events and TripsBehind the Scenes eventMail/Email Updates with Insider InformationInclude Legacy Society in mailing of press releases or quarterly stewardship report

  • AppendixSample QuestionsSample LetterABC BequestABC AnnuitiesLegacy Society OverviewCGA Application FormLegacy Society Membership FormDonor AdLegacy Society Certificate

  • A. Sample QuestionsHow did you first come to know National Geographic?What about our work do you find the most compelling? Why? What have you read from us that you have enjoyed, found helpful or informative?What do you like to accomplish with your philanthropy?What factors go into your philanthropic decisions?Tell us a little about your background.How and why have you settled on your lifes work?What are the guiding principles that have helped you achieve in your business life? (Personal life?) (Philanthropic life?) (Volunteer life?)To what extent does our work/mission dovetail with your beliefs? How so?If you could pass along a lesson to (the next generation / children / grandchildren) what would that be?What is it about NGS that led you to consider putting us in your estate plans?What would you say to others who are considering making a gift to National Geographic?

  • B. Sample Letter

  • C. ABC - Bequests

  • D. ABC Gift Annuity

  • E. Legacy Society Overview

  • F. CGA Application Form

  • G. Legacy Society Membership Form

  • H. Donor Ad

  • I. Legacy Society Certificate

  • Thank You!Please feel free to contact us with any questions:

    JJ van [email protected](202) 862-8664

    Nicole [email protected](202) 775-6597

    Introductions. Overview of National Geographic and age of our program. We learned in the school of hard knocks and hopefully we can save you a few as you get going.

    This is an introductory primer based on what we have learned from the school of hard knocks what not to do and we hope some of these tips will help you develop the tools you need to be successful. We certainly find that the continuing education opportunities at Planned Giving Days as well as our local regional planned giving roundtable (NCGPC) to be very helpful and would encourage others to get involved. Its great to have good contacts that you can turn to for guidance.We use PNC Bank in Baltimore, PGCalc, Raisers Edge. Our materials are prepared by Stelter and Sharpe.CGAs are the most popular planned gift. Gift annuities have been around since the 1930s and they are an important starting point with donors. When discussing deferred CGAs with people, focus on the importance of diversifying the portfolio so that all investments arent just in 401K or IRA but are also spread into a DCGA which gives them a great tax advantage upfront. Our CGAs start at 65 45 for DCGAs with payout at 65. Minimum amount is $10K. They are easy to establish and once someone sets one up they are likely to do another in the future. Insert Bachem story. Bequests work especially well in a tough economy. People mind parting with actual money during hard times, but putting you in their will for a specific amount or a percentage of their estate is virtually painless. Bequests represent the largest single source of unrestricted cash each year In the initial conversation you get a real sense of whether the person is philanthropically minded or just shopping around for rates. When describing a CGA. Get them to tell you what they like most about National Geographic (an explorer or scientist, an article that impressed them) Say right off the bat that we cant compete with a commercial annuity. A CGA appeals to someone who is philanthropically minded who is interested in the kinds of things that National Geographic does. Speak slowly and clearly some of the older donors are hard of hearing.Give example of son of man in Florida who called and threatened us with legal action for taking advantage of his father with Alzheimer's. We could prove that we were not giving him investment advice but askingIf you state in the letter that you will be calling them, make sure you do in a timely manner because older people especially will hold you to your promise. Did you get the materials is the only yes/no question I will ask. Everything else is going to require a more extended answer from them so that you can get a conversation going. Tell Bachem Story only going to do one CGA and now they have eight with National Geographic. Drop by visit where you bring them a gift and then if they are home you say sorry we didnt have an appointment but I couldnt be this close and not make an effort to leave this for you. How about meeting next time? (Valentine example) If they arent home leave a card with the gift.Encourage them to write a will if they do not already have one. Wills are important to put your house in order, otherwise if something happens there is no roadmap for family. Seven out of ten people pass away without a will. Ask attorney what it will cost to write a simple will. Also encourage them to write a durable power of attorney that takes over if they are incapacitated. Prepare both instruments, the will and the durable power of attorney, at the same time. Will is totally revocable at any time. People are usually flattered if you want to take notes and it will be good for your call reports later.