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Getting the first round of investment for startups outside Silicon Valley is a huge distraction and uphill battle. In the same time, a lot of companies realize the amazing potential of working with great startups. These companies also have certain available (or otherwise unused) resources. But whats in it for them if they choose to help a startup? The risks involved usually prevent them from engaging wholeheartedly. This is the point where Startcelerate bridges the gap between startups and solution providers, by enabling them to work together towards a common goal, in a predictable and efficient manner, connecting them in a unique way and changing the paradigms of classical startup funding. Through a customized security that doesnt prematurely dilute founders, Startcelerate helps solution providers to effectively invest their available resources in startups while insuring that solution providers get better terms than future investors and a clear return on their investment.


<ul><li><p>1 </p><p> </p><p>What Startcelerate does </p><p>Startcelerate is a London-based startup that launched a new framework for startup </p><p>investments, where different companies can allocate internal resources to chosen startups in </p><p>exchange for equity. </p><p>The project was founded in the autumn of 2013 by Gabriel Dombri and Tudor Birlea, two </p><p>Romanian entrepreneurs established in London. The project has both an online platform </p><p>( - the main platform for matching startups and investors and monitoring </p><p>the startups development) and offline, local event (3 days event, in two weekends and 5 </p><p>days in between, where selected startups pitch, learn and are matched with investment </p><p>companies; see for example In 2014, the event takes place in </p><p>Cluj, Bucharest (Romania), London (United Kingdom), and Tel Aviv (Israel). </p><p>How it works </p><p>Using Startcelerate, an investment company (we are limited to software, design and </p><p>marketing companies for now) can allocate internal resources to startup projects as direct </p><p>investments in exchange for equity. Conversely, a startup can avoid the usual issues with </p><p>fundraising and still cover its development needs by directly benefiting from development </p><p>resources from established companies, giving equity in exchange. </p><p>Startcelerate facilitates the entire investment process by providing a matching protocol between </p><p>startups and investment companies, a flexible and effective contractual framework and (once </p><p>the online platform is launched) a monitoring environment where the partners can see the </p><p>evolution of their project and the efficiency of their investment. </p><p>Startcelerate Pitch &amp; Match Event takes the basic functionalities in and </p><p>implements them offline, where a number of selected startups and software companies are put </p><p>together in an intensive 3 days event where they go through 3 rounds of pitching, an intensive </p><p>learning day and a final pitch &amp; match day. </p></li><li><p>2 </p><p>Who can participate in Startcelerate </p><p>Startup projects: </p><p> established startups in need of further development either to create technology </p><p>demos or scale their business </p><p> founders without technology capabilities but who have a strong idea for a market </p><p>where they have a relevant experience </p><p> tech enabled startups in need of developing the technology side </p><p>Investment companies: </p><p> software companies in Europe that can allocate at least 200 man-hours of product </p><p>development on a minimum two years timeframe (software, product management etc) </p><p>and have a commitment to manage resource-based investments </p><p> design agencies in Europe that can allocate at least 200 man-hours of design on a </p><p>minimum two years timeframe </p><p> marketing agencies that can allocate at least 300 hours of marketing services (digital, </p><p>branding etc) on a minimum two years timeframe </p><p>Contact </p><p>Tudor Birlea / co-founder Startcelerate </p><p>+ 040 742 121 345 </p><p> </p><p>Gabriel Dombri / co-founder Startcelerate </p><p>+ 44 (0) 7936 827 598 </p><p> </p><p>Web: &amp; </p><p>Facebook: </p><p>Twitter: </p><p>Google Plus: </p><p>Angel List: </p></li></ul>