Startcelerate redefining startup investment

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Getting the first round of investment for startups outside Silicon Valley is a huge distraction and uphill battle. In the same time, a lot of companies realize the amazing potential of working with great startups. These companies also have certain available (or otherwise unused) resources. But whats in it for them if they choose to help a startup? The risks involved usually prevent them from engaging wholeheartedly. This is the point where Startcelerate bridges the gap between startups and solution providers, by enabling them to work together towards a common goal, in a predictable and efficient manner, connecting them in a unique way and changing the paradigms of classical startup funding. Through a customized security that doesnt prematurely dilute founders, Startcelerate helps solution providers to effectively invest their available resources in startups while insuring that solution providers get better terms than future investors and a clear return on their investment.


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