Star Wars Original Trilogy Trivia (Episodes IV-VI)

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STAR WARS TRIVIA For the Original Trilogy (Episodes IV-VI) By Matthew Elton 1. What is the only Original Trilogy movie in which the word "lightsaber" is never said? 2. Who wrote the music for the Original Trilogy? 3. In which Original Trilogy movie is the Imperial March never played? 4. Does Darth Vader ever say "Luke, I am your father,"? 5. When the first TIE Fighter explodes in the astroid chase in The Empire Strikes Back, a small black object can be seen shooting out of the TIE Fighter and breaking apart. What is this object? 6. What is the only movie in the Star Wars saga in which the planet Tatooine is never seen? 7. What was Obi-Wan Kenobi's first line in Episode IV A New Hope? 8. Where did Princess Leia tell Darth Vader the Rebel Base was located? 9. What animals do Sand People ride? 10. What species is native to the forest moon of Endor? 11. What species is Chewbacca? 12. What type of farm did Luke Skywalker grow up on? 13. What is the only Star Wars movie without a single blue lightsaber? 14. What was Return of the Jedi originally titled? 15. What is the name of the Ewok Leia met on Endor? 16. The Star Wars Holiday Special takes place between which two Star Wars movies? 17. Who is Luke Skywalker's sister? 18. What planet did Luke Skywalker find Yoda on? 19. In what city was Han Solo frozen in carbonite? 20. What planet was that city on? 21. What type of starfighter did Luke Skywalker fly in Episode IV A New Hope? 22. What was Luke Skywalker's codename during the space battle in Episode IV A New Hope? 23. Who fired the shot that destroyed the first Death Star? 24. What were Darth Vader's last words?

25. What were Yoda's last words? 26. What was the name of the spaceport where Luke Skywalker met Han Solo? 27. Name the actor that played Luke Skywalker. 28. Name the person who did the voice of Darth Vader. 29. Name the actor who played Han Solo. 30. Where did Luke Skywalker get his lightsaber? 1. Episode V The Empire Strikes Back 2. John Williams 3. Episode IV A New Hope 4. Nope, he actually says "No, I am your father!" 5. A TIE Pilot 6. Episode V The Empire Strikes Back 7. "Hello there!" 8. Dantooine 9. Banthas 10. Ewoks 11. Wookiee 12. A moisture farm 13. Episode VI Return of the Jedi 14. Revenge of the Jedi 15. Wickett 16. Episode IV A New Hope and Episode V The Empire Strikes Back 17. Leia 18. Dagobah 19. Cloud City 20. Bespin 21. An X-Wing 22. Red Five 23. Luke Skywalker 24. "Tell your sister you were right." 25. "There is another skywalker." 26. Mos Eisley Spaceport 27. Mark Hamill 28. James Earl Jones 29. Harrisson Ford 30. He built it.