Staff: Mrs McKinlay(G4 staffroom) Ms Nisha (G4 staffroom) Mr Cat Nguyen(G4

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  • Staff:

    Mrs McKinlay(G4 staffroom)

    Ms Nisha (G4 staffroom)

    Mr Cat Nguyen(G4 staffroom)

  • Textbook Jacaranda Chemistry 1 (VCE units 1&2):- Try to get the online version or the CD if possible.

    Resource handouts throughout the term:Unit 1Unit 2

  • How to enrol in Chem 1 & 2:Go to Moodle2Click on all courses (top LH side)Click on Chemistry Unit 1 & 2Enrol me

  • 1. HOW CAN KNOWLEDGE OF ELEMENTS EXPLAIN THE PROPERTIES OF MATTER?Elements and the periodic tableMetalsIonic CompoundsQuantifying atoms and compounds

    2. HOW CAN THE VERSATILITY OF NON-METALS BE EXPLAINED?Materials from moleculesCarbon lattices and carbon nano-materialsOrganic compoundsPolymers


  • 1. HOW DO SUBSTANCES INTERACT WITH WATER?Properties of waterWater as a solventAcid base (proton transfer) reactions in waterRedox( electron transfer) reactions in water

    2. HOW ARE SUBSTANCES IN WATER MEASURED AND ANALYSED?Water sample analysisMeasurement of solubility and concentrationAnalysis for salts in waterAnalysis for organic compounds in waterAnalysis for acids and bases in water


  • Grades A to UG will be awarded for:

    Extended Investigations, Scientific Poster Practical Reports & Assignments(includes online JAC plus content)Topic Tests (

  • Mid-year Exam Unit 1 (1.5 hrs)

    End-of-year Exam Unit 2 (2.5 hrs)

    Exams consist of Multiple Choice & Short Answer QuestionsData booklet/sheet providedScientific calculators only!

  • Work must be of a required standard & authenticatedDeadlines must be met, otherwise Non-completion forms will be sent home. Negotiate with your teacher for an extension prior the due date.>80% attendance is requiredMedical certificates are required for absences on assessment & practical days

  • Constantly revise throughout the course of the semesterTalk or communicate with your teachers if you are unsure and want further clarification

  • Complete the homework handout provided, to be submitted in your first class back!Questions

  • Any questions????