SSUSH2b – Identify Benjamin Franklin as a symbol of social mobility and individualism. Ben Franklin.

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Ben Franklin

SSUSH2b Identify Benjamin Franklin as a symbol of social mobility and individualism.Ben Franklin

Enlightenment in AmericaMajor influence on colonists.One reason the colonists could readPuritans & others importance of reading the BibleLiteracy rates 85% of men, 50% of womenBy far the highest in the worldNew colleges Harvard, Yale, William and Mary

Example - Benjamin Franklin Intellectually inquisitive - Wanted to understand everything.

IndividualismIndividualism is all about taking care of yourself; it is the belief and practice that every person is unique and self-reliant. A belief in individualism also implies that you believe that the government should bud out of your individual affairs.Social mobilitySocial mobility is a persons movement over time from one class to another.Ben FranklinPublished Poor Richards Almanac (1732-57)

Almanac combination calendar, astrological guide, and medical and farming tipsPromoted useful, practical, and diverse knowledgeBrought Enlightenment ideas to the common people

Inventor, scientist, philosopher, politician.TaskLook at the 2 primary source excerpts and determine if Franklin is referring to individualism or social mobility. Support your answer with evidence. DefineMediocrity PrevailsPatronageSecurelyProfits Industry

Information to Those Who Would Remove to America B. Franklin 1782The Truth is, that though there are in that Country few People so miserable as the Poor of Europe, there are also very few that in Europe would be called rich; it is rather a general happy Mediocrity that prevails. they have no need of the Patronage of Great Men; and every one will enjoy securely the Profits of his Industry.DefinePovertyObscurityAffluenceReputation

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin- Benjamin Franklin writes to his son William: I emerged from the poverty and obscurity in which I was born and bred, to a state of affluence and some degree of reputation in the world. Exit Quiz 1.) Which of the following would NOT likely be included in an almanac?Weather forecastsBible versesAstrological calendarMedical advice

2.) How is Benjamin Franklin a symbol of individualism and social mobility?SSUSH2c Explain the significance of the Great Awakening.The Great AwakeningDecline of ReligionEarly 1700s only 1/5 Northerners belonged to a Church & only 1/15 Southerners.Increasing tolerance Enlightenment conflicts with predestinationHumans were not just Gods pawns; they had choice Deism - a belief in God based on reason rather than revelation and involving the view that God has set the universe in motion but does not interfere with how it runs.Ben Franklin major proponentGreat AwakeningChurches would welcome anyoneEven without evidence of conversionCondemned establishment church officialsCalled for piety and purity.Appealed to emotions; abandoned spiritual coldnessFire and brimstoneBased on fear and hopeJonathan Edwards Sinners in the Hands in an Angry God ( Awakening (cont)Jonathan Edwards Sinners in the Hands in an Angry God (

In your notes, write at least 5 images/pictures that Edwards uses.Also, write any strong emotions you feel at any point throughout the sermon (at least 5).Great Awakening (cont) Travelling revivalists

One of the first national events in American history

Converted many slaves to ChristianitySome whites and blacks worshipped togetherGreat Awakening (cont)Number of churches more than doubled from 1740-1780BUT the colonial population nearly tripled in this time period

Biggest impact young peopleExit Quiz3.) With which of the following statements would a Deist be most likely to agree?God has chosen some people to go to Heaven, and others to go to hell.God does not exist.Organized religion cannot explain God.We can understand God by reading the Bible directly.

4.) Define the Great Awakening.

5.) Who wrote Poor Richards Almanac?


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