SRM Newspaper Volume 2 Issue 1
SRM Newspaper Volume 2 Issue 1
SRM Newspaper Volume 2 Issue 1
SRM Newspaper Volume 2 Issue 1
SRM Newspaper Volume 2 Issue 1

SRM Newspaper Volume 2 Issue 1

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Our Soule Road Middle School student newspaper publication is totally online

Text of SRM Newspaper Volume 2 Issue 1

  • V olume 2, Issue 1

    Oc tob er 2010

    Highlights in this Issue: Ch e rrydale winne rs! Me e t you r T e ach e r Orang e & Blu e Book Re v ie ws


    David P flan z

    Sus ie Lu

    Ais hwar ya

    Sur es h

    R achel Klin e

    Kels ey Aus tin

    Adam R eed

    P aul Os os kalo

    Alicia Han s en

    Fun- Raising

    SNAPSHOT OF THE MONTH Members of the boys soccer team take a moment to goof off in front of the camera. The team has not lost a game yet!

    834 0 S oule Road Liverpool, NY 1 3 03 9

    Were only on the Web!

    S ee us a t:



    Soule Road Middle School

    Cherrydale Winning Homerooms Announced

    By: Kelsey Austin

    Welcome to The Heart of

    Soule Online

    Student Newspaper!


    The Cherrydale fundraiser is the biggest of the year here at Soule Road, and has been, for over ten years. Many students participated this year, even if they sold only a few items. These contributions, even the small ones, led to a great sale. The fundraiser overall and the money raised is significantly higher than last year, stated PTO president, Nadine Austin. However, there were a number of students who went above and beyond with the sale. The schools top seller, as well as the top seventh grade seller, was Jordan Zeppetello, who sold sixty two items. Also recognized are Jamie Zolik and Tom Karins, the top eighth grade sellers. These students, as well as the other top sellers, will receive a number of prizes at the Cherrydale dance on November 23rd. Students who sold five or more items are eligible to attend the dance. They get to skip class and enjoy an afternoon of dancing, prizes and fun. Prizes include a number of things. Students who sold fifteen or more items get to play basketball cash. For every basket you make you are rewarded five dollars. In addition, those who sold twenty five or more items, also get to spin the money wheel, for a chance to win fifty dollars. The money machine will be open for those who sold thirty or more items. And students who sold forty or more items will receive an envelope containing cash. Students who will receive these prizes sold for a number of different reasons. Brendan Stace, a seventh grader in the S pod, sold thirty items. I wanted to get into the money machine! he said. Others, like Augie Holekamp, also a seventh grader in the S pod, just sold to help the school. Several students, like Michaela Valentino sold fewer items. I just sold to my family and they got what they wanted. But I wanted to go to the dance, she said. But even five items is great participation. Last but not least, every student who participated will get the chance to win the brand new ipod touch at the dance. As well as the prizes at the dance, the seventh and eighth grade homerooms with the highest percentage of participation with get to watch a movie and enjoy a pizza party as a homeroom. The winning seventh grade homeroom is Mrs. Logees homeroom, and the winning eighth graders, are those in Mrs. Danquers homeroom. With the sale over and the dance on its way, students are getting excited. Brendan Stace also said, You get to win money, get free food, and get to miss class! Everyone get ready for November 23rd and congratulations on a great sale.

  • Heart & Soule/ Volume 2, Is s ue 1 / Page 2 of 3

    BREAKING NEWS! The morning news at Soule Road Middle wont be like anything you have ever seen or heard before, according to Mr. MacDuff, 8th grade math teacher. Mr. Mac will be replacing Ms. Demperio as the director of the morning news. Ms. Demperio left last year to fill another teaching assistant position at Liverpool Elementary. Some of the interesting changes you may notice during the morning news are the addition of a green screen which will provide background images during certain segments. You may also be hearing different genres of music instead of the same song we usually hear during morning announcements. The crew also aims to add more video footage than ever seen before on SRM News. Morning news anchors are currently 8th graders who also anchored a couple shows as 7th graders last year. Mr. MacDuff and the crew kicked off their first broadcast on October 13. Aside from a few minor technical issues, the show was a welcome start to the day.

    3-2-1- Action SRM News is On By: Adam Reed

    To SUM it up Our new AIS

    teacher makes learning math

    skills fun

    Look for weekly You Tube

    segments on the new SRM News


    M e e t M r s . M e e t M r s . W h i t n e yW h i t n e y by Rachel Kline

    Welcome the new ADDition to our school!

    Mrs. Whitney is the new Math A.I.S. Teacher, here at Soule Road Middle School. She is a graduate of SUNY Oswego, and loves math. Additionally, she helps many students who struggle with math, and has fun activities for them. The students at Soule are great to teach, and very polite. I definitely enjoy teaching here, it is very fun, says Mrs. Whitney. From her point of view, Soule Road Middle School provides a friendly learning environment, with the learning and schedules being student centered.

    This is what I expected. I had been told this school was great to teach at. The people who told me were correct. This is a wonderful place to teach, she said. A.I.S. Math (Academic Intervention Service) is fun to teach because there is more one on one time.I am definitely looking forward to teaching the rest of the school year. Before Mrs. Whitney came to Soule Road Middle School, she taught seventh grade math for three years at Gillette Road Middle School, in North Syracuse School District. She is very excited about being part of Soule Road Middle School and enjoys all of her students. To sum it all up, I look forward to teaching the rest of the school year.

    A. Curtis

  • Past meets present. The typical science fiction story, right? Wrong! A sci. fi. Nerds greatest fantasy? Nope, not even close. Schooled by Gordon Korman tells the tale of a teenage hippie. Well, sort of. Thirteen year old Capricorn Anderson has lived in a farm commune for most of his life, being homeschooled by his hippie grandmother, Rain. He knows so little about the outside world, its almost funny. After Rain breaks her hip falling out of a tree, Cap is sent to live with a guidance counselor and her cranky

    Heart of Soule/ V olume 2, Is s ue 1 / Page 3 of 5

    Orange & Blue Book Reviews

    Schooled By Gordon Korman Reviewed By: Susie Lu

    teenage daughter. Hes shoved into one of the most terrifying places hes ever been. Public school. None of his skills or homeschooling could ever prepare him for this jungle. None at all. The big man on campus, Zach Powers, orchestrates an elaborate plot to make Cap the biggest loser on loser on campus. True to tradition, they nominate the biggest loser in eighth grade, Cap, for class president, and of course, wins. So whats next for poor Capricorn Anderson? No, the aliens dont take over, they werent here in the first place. And no, they dont take out his brain, that would be stupid and pointless. No, youll have to read this book to find out whether Cap sinks, or swims.


    Past meets present. Typical Sci-Fi story? WRONG!

    Nick of Time by Tim Bell

    Reviewed by Aishwarya Suresh

    The summer has passed, and so has my craving for novels about intense summer romances and carefree days of vacation. Now I am hungry for a wild ride full of mind boggling mystery, exhilarating adventure, unbearable suspense, and deep dark secrets. Nick of Time by Ted Bell without a doubt satisfied my desire for such an epic work of fiction. The story is about 12 year old, Nick McIver and his younger sister Kate who live in a lighthouse on a little island. It takes place in England in 1939, just days before the start of WWII. The story opens with a thrilling and calamitous ship ride through a brutal storm. It displays how brave and fearless Nick is, although just a boy, and foreshadows the greater life threatening situations to come. After his death defying excursion, Nick soon finds out a life changing secret about his father. He discovers that his father is espionage for Winston Churchill and is spying on the German U-boats that are near their island. Nick and Kate agree to help the father provide the government with vital information to protect their country from an inevitable Nazi invasion. One day, the siblings come across an old sea chest, containing a golden glowing orb, which turns out to be a time machine made by Leonardo da Vinci! The device causes all sorts of pandemonium and escapades for Nick. He soon finds himself back in 1805, on a mission to save Captain McIver, his ancestor, and his fleet from French perfidy and a mutinous leader, Billy Blood. Along the journey through time, Nick is also trying to escape pirates, and also help prevent the Nazi assault in present day!

    This book is a roller coaster

    ride that keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole

    time, and in the end, you might just go flying off! It is a great read for all ages. It

    is so well written and descriptive that by the end

    of the book you feel like you have just been saving

    the world!

  • Elections recently took place and as you know, I, Alicia Hansen, am the president, Brendan Corp is the vice president, Tyler Popp is the treasurer, Amanda Gibbs is the secretary, and Marissa Lombard is the parliamentarian. After our first student council meeting together, we decided th