Springs School Summer Reading 2014. Summer reading is a fun way for children to escape to different times and places, learn new things, explore topics.

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Springs School Summer Reading2014</p> <p>Summer reading is a fun way for children to escape to different times and places, learn new things, explore topics of interest, and feed their curiosity during the vacation months. </p> <p>Summer reading encourages great reading habits while maintaining reading stamina and comprehension skills. </p> <p>Although school may be over for the year, it is important to encourage your child to read daily. </p> <p>Children can actually increase their reading levels before September by reading every day for a minimum of 30 minutes! </p> <p>Studies have also shown, however, that when children do not read often during the summer months, they can slip as many as two to three reading levels!</p> <p>In 2012, 41% of the students in grades 1 through 6 participated. Our goal this summer is to increase that percentage. In 2013 this percentage increased to 46.7%. Our goal this year is to reach 100%!With the increased expectations of the Common Core Standards, we are looking to support each child and start the year moving forward rather than trying to catch up. </p> <p>For this reason, we want to make books readily available to kids all year long.As in the past, we would like to provide the students with a suggested reading list for summer reading. The list is organized according to guided reading levels, using the leveling system students understand. </p> <p>Therefore, children are able to continue to read on their appropriate independent reading level, found on their report card, throughout the summer months.</p> <p>It is important that students are encouraged to read additional books that reflect their interests.</p> <p>Our summer reading link will be available on the Springs School Websites homepage (www.springsschool.org). Click on the link to find our reading lists and suggestions. The list will be available by the end of the week.</p> <p>We strongly suggest that you try to have your child read at his/her level EVERYDAY.</p> <p> Also, remember that all children benefit from being read to and sharing the stories with you. Its a great way to spend time with your family and it creates a love of learning. </p> <p>Additionally, your child is encouraged to participate in the East Hampton Library summer reading program, which your child can include his/her Springs School readings as a part of the librarys summer reading club quota. All of our information from the summer reading packet was sent to the East Hampton Library. </p> <p>Please note that your child should be reading books on his/her level as listed below:Levels A I8 - 10 books each week</p> <p>Levels J L4 - 6 books each week</p> <p>Levels M P2 3 books each week</p> <p>Levels Q T 1 2 books each week</p> <p>Levels U - Z 1 book each weekHere are some other tips to help promote good reading habits:Set aside a special time to read when you and your family are relaxed. </p> <p>Engage your child in conversation about their books.</p> <p>Show kids that you love books too! Keep books and magazines at home. Let them catch you reading!</p> <p>Be sure you child has a library card and try to visit your local library at least once a week.</p> <p>We have come together as a community to provide support for your child/children in accomplishing their goals for summer reading. </p> <p>Everything they need is gathered in a Book Baggie. All you have to do is add the books! </p> <p>Teachers and families across the school have gathered books for children to borrow and return throughout the summer. These books are leveled and will be here at school, right outside our library by Mrs. McCallys office. We encourage you and your family to borrow books and exchange ALL SUMMER LONG!</p> <p>Have a wonderful summer!</p>


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