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Spring Celebrations From Around the World ... Jewish individuals celebrate the holi-day of Passover during the spring. This celebration typically spans seven to eight days, depending

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Text of Spring Celebrations From Around the World ... Jewish individuals celebrate the holi-day of Passover...

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    Reedley College Reading & Writing

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    Spring, April 2019

    Spring Celebrations By Ronnie Coates


    Earth Day By Paola Valenciano


    Titanic Remembrance By Evelyn Felipe


    Librarian Day By Maddie Dominguez


    Memoir By Iman Alamri


    Grammar Corner By Elizabeth Kleinkramer


    Comic Con By Stephanie Duarte


    Creative Non-Fiction By Savanna Duncan


    Memoir By Lucio Rodriguez



    CalWORKS By Brandon Cooper



    Fiction By Rosa Corocles


    Crossword 15

    Poetry By Laura Hand


    RC Men’s Golf By Isaiah Tigler


    Safari Days By Monse Hernandez


    Clubs, Services, &

    Calendar 18-


    Table of Contents

    By Ronnie Coates

    Spring Celebrations From Around the World

    March 20th, 2019 is the date that

    marks the end of winter and the begin-

    ning of spring. The weather is becoming

    warmer, and flowers are beginning to

    bloom. People are embarking upon ad-

    ventures with friends and family mem-

    bers ranging from road tripping across the

    state to hiking to the top of Yosemite

    Falls. Some are cleaning their homes and

    are getting rid of unused items to honor

    the tradition that is spring cleaning. Chil-

    dren are looking forward to decorating

    hard boiled eggs and going on egg hunts

    with their families. While spring cleaning

    and egg decorating are common in the

    United States, other cultures and religions

    have their own unique celebrations to

    mark the beginning of the spring season.

    It is common for people of Catholic

    and Protestant faiths to celebrate Easter

    during this time. For them, the holiday of

    Easter represents the day in which Jesus

    Christ was resurrected. The Catholic

    Church and some Protestant denomina-

    tions will reenact Christ’s death and res-

    urrection during the early hours of Easter

    day. Some individuals even choose to

    give up something sentimental to them

    for a tradition called Lent. Lent is a way

    to pay remembrance to the forty days Je-

    sus fasted in the wilderness before begin-

    ning his ministry.

    Jewish individuals celebrate the holi-

    day of Passover during the spring. This

    celebration typically spans seven to eight

    days, depending on the branch of Judaism

    that is practiced. Passover is a time where

    Jewish people pay remembrance to the

    Hebrew people that were freed from slav-

    ery in Egypt, a movement thought to have

    been led by the biblical figure Moses.

    Jewish individuals share a meal with their

    families and recall stories of the struggles

    their ancestors faced while being held

    captive in Egypt.

    In India, people of the Hindu faith

    have a spring celebration known as Holi.

    Participants of this celebration will splash

    each other with water and coat each other

    with colored powder to signify the idea

    that good supersedes evil. In addition,

    participants will consume sweets and

    dance to folk music. Holi takes place on

    the day of the last full moon of the Hindi

    Lunisolar calendar month, which usually

    falls in March.

    Many people living in the Middle

    East and parts of Asia celebrate the holi-

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    day Nowruz, or what is sometimes referred to as the

    Persian New Year. Typically, celebrators of Nowruz

    will clean and declutter their houses and will proceed

    to eat a meal with their families. The meal consists of

    seven foods, all of which start with the letter “s” in the

    Persian language. Each of the seven foods are symbol-

    ic for a specific value, such as rebirth, that Nowruz

    celebrators hold dear. Some families will exchange

    gifts with one another or attend festivals as a means of


    People residing in Thailand ring in the Thai New

    Year by celebrating Songkran. Celebrations of

    Songkran begin on April 13th and typically span three

    days, but the length of the celebrations may vary de-

    pending on local customs. Thai people also place em-

    phasis on renewal and cleansing during Songkran cel-

    ebrations; the cleansing is represented symbolically

    using water. Water is poured over statues of Buddha,

    in the hands of seniors, and may also be used for

    house cleaning or water fights.

    These are just a few examples of celebrations that

    occur in the spring. Spring celebrations are common

    across the world, but the customs that are practiced

    vary greatly depending on the region. No matter how

    you plan to celebrate, we can all look forward to

    warmer weather and spending time with our families!

    Spring Celebrations Continued...


    “Only when the last tree has died, the last river

    has been poisoned, and the last fish been caught will

    we realize we cannot eat money” -Native American


    Earth Day is held on April 22nd every year. The

    purpose of this event is to promote environmental

    awareness and to advocate for the protection of our

    planet. One can celebrate this day by being outdoors

    and performing acts of service to the earth. Such ac-

    tivities include planting a tree, picking up garbage,

    conducting programs to recycle and conserve, and

    even petitioning our representatives to take action to

    lessen the pace of global warming through regulation.

    However, people caring about their actions to-

    wards the earth’s preservation for just a single day is

    not effective. For example, Valentine’s Day consists

    of people in relationships treating each other extra

    ‘special’ for just one day and are less appreciative the

    rest of the year. Universally, partners should treat each

    other with respect, care, and love year round and thus,

    it must be this way with how we treat our earth. We are

    living in this planet and simultaneously destroying it. It

    is important for everyone to be aware of how we are

    destroying it. Did you know that something as simple

    as lighting a candle for whatever purpose causes small

    amounts of air pollution? Beyond that, there are also

    pollutants from vehicles, fires, and even water waste

    that deteriorates the ozone layer. This is why Earth Day

    should actually be every day. We should not do some-

    thing just for one day and ignore these problems for the

    rest of the year.

    This day should ultimately remind us that we are

    only here for a short amount of time, and we should be

    the generation that takes control and responsibility over

    the treatment of our planet.

    We need to show political leaders that we care

    about our earth, what is being done to it, and that we

    want mindful behavior to stop. We need new policies

    and legislation to be passed that lessen our footprint on

    the planet that we should be cherishing.

    By Paola Valenciano

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    Earth Day should bring everyone together. Race, gender, age, or economic

    status does not matter when it comes to giving life back to our planet. One should

    come in this life with a purpose and leave with it, and this purpose should be to

    keep our beloved planet habitable for the future generations to come.

    Whenever you are about to litter, light a candle, or even just go for a drive for

    fun, you should consider the impact your actions can have on the enviornment. Do

    you want to live in a planet filled with air, soil, and water pollution? If not, then

    remember: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.


    Titanic Remembrance Day By Evelyn Felipe

    Titanic Remembrance Day is celebrated on April

    15th. This ship is very memorable because of its size

    and the unfortunate event that took place. This day is

    dedicated to the 1,500 individuals who lost their lives

    on the Titanic.

    The builders of the Titanic took pride in the interi-

    or and exterior look of the ship. It was the largest

    ship built at that point of time. It reached almost 900

    feet in length. In total, it carried 2,240 passengers and

    crew members. To board the Titanic, the price of the

    ticket ranged from $2,500 for first class passengers to

    $40 dollars for the third class. The Titanic gained a

    lot of attention, which led a lot of people to buy a

    ticket to board the ship. The inside of the ship was

    known to be luxurious for first class passengers be-

    cause it included a grand staircase, contained the Ritz

    Restaurant, and had many more features. The ship


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