Spreadsheet ADE100- Computer Literacy Lecture 16.

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Spreadsheet ADE100- Computer LiteracyLecture 16Knowledge testWhat is spreadsheet?Differentiate between Save and Save As.Why formula bar is used?What is a cell address?

2Topics covered Adding and working with information Formatting cellsAdding commentsInserting hyperlinksChanging the look of information with spreadsheetCell alignmentChanging font face and sizeAdding background color to cells and rowsInserting pictures33Entering data in the cellsEntering data in a cellSelect the cell where you want to insert dataType the dataPress Enter from keyboard


Types of dataTextAlso called Labels because it is often used to identify the information in columns or rowsInclude any letters, numbers and symbols on the keyboardUp to 32,000 characters may be entered in a cellValuesNumeric entries; used in calculationsNumbers can be displayed in different formats like with or without currency symbolNumbers that contain too many digits for the width of column are displayed as hash symbols (####)This problem can be solved by resizing the width of column5Types of dataDatesThe values that can be used in calculations to calculate time interval like your age.May be displayed in different formatsFor example, dd-mm-yy, mm-dd-yyyyFormulaThe instructions that perform calculationsMay be very simple or complexThe result may be a number, date or a messageBegins with equal (=) signFor example, =A1+A2, =a1/a3, =Sum(a1,a2) and =sum(a1:a100)

6Types of data7

Fill HandleFill handleA time saving tool that automatically fills a series of words like days, number patterns and formulasAutoFill feature makes data entry fast and efficientFilling in a common seriesSelect the initial cell for the seriesPlace the mouse over the fill handle, your mouse pointer appears like a black plus sign (called crosshairs)Drag the handle over the cells that are to be filledRelease the mouse button. Excel fills the cells.8

Examples of Fill handle seriesInitial selectionExtended seriesMonTue, Wed, Thu..MondayTuesday, Wednesday,..JanFeb, Mar, Apr, .1,23,4,5,6,7,8,..1997,19981999,2000,2001,.1,35,7,9,11,..2,46,8,10,12,9Editing dataEditing dataEditing is very easy in excelEdit your entries using formula bar or cell itselfFirst you must active the desired cellYou may use any of these methods for editingDouble click on the cell containing the data you want to editClick once on the formula barPress F2

10Find and Replace dataA search can locate specific information on the worksheetFinding dataClick Home>>Find OR Press CTRL+FThe Find dialog box will appearType the data in Find What textboxClick Find Next, excel will go to the next occurrence11

Find and Replace dataFind and Replace dataOpen Find dialog box from Home>>FindClick Replace button in the dialog boxEnter data in Find What and Replace With textbox click Replace All button to replace all occurrencesWhen finished then press Close button


Formatting cellsChanging FontSelect the cell for formattingHome>>FontClick the arrow on the Font boxFrom the menu select the Font to applyChanging Font sizeOn the Formatting toolbar, click the arrow on Font size boxFrom the menu list, select the size to apply or type the number if not listed and press Enter

13Changing Font

14Changing Font styleFont styleRefers to font effects but not the font itself Bold, italic, underline styles are usedMethod Select the cellChoose Home>>Font From the Formatting toolbar click the enhancement buttons i.e. B, I, U OR press CTRL+B, CTRL+I, CTRL+U 15Changing Font colorChanging Font colorSelect the cell to formatOn the formatting toolbar, click Font Color to apply the color displayed on the button OR On the formatting toolbar click the arrow on the Font Color button and select a color from the menu


Cell AlignmentText is aligned automatically on the left of column and values on the right.This can be changed if required.Text AlignmentSelect the data with the mouseClick the align left/center/right/justify icon17

Merge and centerMerge and centers Selects data across multiple cellsMerge and center functions are combined on this iconMethod Select the series of cells in columnsClick on the merge and center iconPress Enter from keyboard18

Rotating textRotating textAllows to change the direction of text at different angles diagonally or verticallyGreat way to adjust text in narrow columnsMethod Select the desired cell or range of cells Choose Home>>Format>>Format cellsClick Alignment tab. Under Orientation , Red Diamond will be at position zero degreesNow click and drag Red Diamond to the desired degree level like 90, 45, etc.19

Wrapping text in a cellWrap textThe text automatically move to the next line when touches the margin boundary without pressing Enter keyMethodSelect the cells for wrapping textChoose Home>>Format>>Format cellsSelect the Alignment tab from Format Cell dialog boxUnder Text control, select Wrap text and click OK


Number formatNumbers formattingNumeric data is displayed in different stylesFor example, general, number, currency, date, time, percentage, etc.Applying currency style select the cells Click Home>>Format>>Format cellsSelect Number tab from the dialog boxClick on the Currency from category listSelect a currency symbol from Symbol box and click OK


Borders Applying cell borders and shadingSelect the cell or range of cellsClicking Borders icon on the formatting toolbar will apply the most recently selected border styleTo apply a different border style, click the arrow on the Borders button and then choose style from the palette For more choices, choose Border tab from Format Cells dialog boxAdd shading by clicking Fill Color button on the toolbar in Home tab22Borders


Inserting a hyperlinkHyperlinkA connection between an element in a hypertext document, such as a different element in the document, another document, a fileThe user activates the link by clicking on the linked elementUsually underlined or in a color different from the rest of the document to indicate that the element is linkedMethodChoose Insert>>HyperlinkInsert Hyperlink dialog box will appearSelect a file you want to link with this textEmail and URLs are inserted in the form of hyperlinks24Hyperlinks


Adding commentsCommentsSimilar to sticky notes on which you can write reminders and attach to a paperMay explain the limitations on the input values Applying commentsSelect a cell Right click on the cellSelect insert comment from the menuA comment box will appear near the cell, write some text inside the comment boxTo close & store the comment, click on any other cell26Insert comments

27Inserting a pictureMethodSelect the initial cell where you want to insert a pictureChoose Insert>>picturesInsert Picture dialog box will appearSearch and select the desired file and click Insert button28Insert pictures

29Activity 1 Create a contacts directory of your personal and professional contacts. Give a title of Contacts Directory on the top.Insert at least five records in the sheet.The directory will include column headings:Serial numberName, AddressPhone number, Cell numberEmail address30Activity 2 Enter data using Fill Handle feature.Apply formatting on your cells or sheet.Change number formats, borders, Change background color, foreground color, font, font size, font styleChange cell alignment, wrap text, rotate text, merge and centerInsert a picture from you computer in the sheet.Insert a hyperlink to open a file.Insert a comment on the cell.

31Further readingComputer Applications in Business by Tasleem MustafaChapter 14: Data entry tips and tricksChapter 15: Formatting in excel

32Thanks End of Lecture 1633Allah Hafiz34


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