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Sports and Entertainment Marketing. Ken Kaser University of Houston Conrad Hilton College. Sports and Entertainment Marketing History. Today - popular course in many school districts across the country Schools offer the course for a semester and the entire year. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Sports and Entertainment MarketingKen KaserUniversity of HoustonConrad Hilton College

  • Sports and Entertainment MarketingHistoryToday - popular course in many school districts across the countrySchools offer the course for a semester and the entire year

  • Sports and Entertainment MarketingRationaleCommunities of all sizes count heavily on tourism dollars.U.S. sports equipment manufactures export to over 125 countries.Tourism is the number 1 or 2 industry for just about every state.Sports-related travel and tourism is a huge industry.

  • Sports and Entertainment MarketingRationale (continued)Little league sports bring large sums of money to communities of all sizes.In 2006, a family of four could expect to pay an average of $352 to attend one Chicago Cubs baseball game.Sports and Entertainment brings money to the hotel, restaurant, retail, and service station industries

  • Sports and Entertainment MarketingRationale (continued)Sports and Entertainment Marketing = an exciting strategy to teach all of the essential Marketing concepts!

  • Concepts Covered in Sports and Entertainment MarketingProduct/Service ManagementPromotionSellingPricingMarketing Information ManagementDistribution

  • Sports and Entertainment MarketingCurriculumImportance of S & E Marketing/Overview of Sports, Entertainment, and Recreation MarketingEconomic and Social Impact of College athletesBig League Professional Sports Complete with Agents, Managers, Landing a Team, and EthicsMarketing Athletics through public speaking, Public Relations, Book Publishing, and Fan ClubsAssociating Athlete of Special events (Charities, Camps, One-Day seminars Role, Operation, and Cast of a Sports Marketing FirmEntertainment Industry Including Movies, Television, Concerts, the Arts, Annual Events, and Entertainment AwardsCustomized Entertainment, Information Technology,and Marketing Entertainment to the world

  • Sports and Entertainment MarketingCurriculumRecreation Marketing including Travel and Tourism, Resorts, Theme Parks, and CareersMarketing Plans for Sports and Entertainment -Marketing Research -Developing a Marketing Plan -Advertising and Promotions - The Bottom LineProduct Research and DevelopmentLegal Issues for Sports and Entertainment -Laws and Contracts -Unions -LicensingSports Marketing CareersTrends in the Global Market for sportsPromotion, Advertising, SalesPublic RelationsEconomicsCommunication

  • Sports and Entertainment MarketingResourcesMagazinesNewspapersSoftwareInternetTelevisionTextbooksReference BooksConferencesAthletic DirectorProfessional Sports FranchisesMovie and Stage TheatersTheme Park marketing staffTelevision and Radio StationsRetailers/Manufacturers

  • Sports and Entertainment MarketingProjectsBig Stadium/Professional Football Team ProjectSteps in order to complete projectQuestions and AnswersDesign a Stadium and Determine other Businesses

  • Sports and Entertainment MarketingProjects Music/Concert AssignmentLook up your favorite singer or group using any reliable source, and write a one page report about the singer or group.Write two paragraphs explaining the type of music your singer or group producesDesign a T-Shirt for your singer or groupHow much would you be willing to pay for a concert to see your singer or group?Design the front and back of a ticket for the concertWhat items will you make available to purchase from a fan club?Present your creation to the class

  • Sports and Entertainment MarketingProjects Project Using a NewspaperPlay Jeopardy by asking questions from different color-coded sections of the newspaperStudents summarize articles from Sports and Entertainment sectionStudents design a news collage using the newspaper highlighting current eventsTeams of students study the newspaper sections and give a newscast highlighting newsworthy eventsEach student makes up current event questions for sports and entertainment using the newspaper or Internet

  • State Tourism ProjectResearch a state and determine which characteristics of that state will be advertised for tourismDesign a bumper sticker, coffee mug, T-Shirt, or other item to use for state promotional purposes.Give a presentation that focuses on reasons for tourists to visit their state.Design a brochure to advertise their state TIME: 3-5 class periods Group Size: 2-4 students Materials: Brochures from travel agencies, road atlases, vacation guides, 800 numbers for state tourism, state resource materialsBackground: Tourism is big business for many states. Advertising for tourist dollars has become very creative and intense.

    Sports and Entertainment MarketingProjects

  • Sports and Entertainment MarketingProjects (continued)Preparation: Gather atlases and tourism materials from travel agencies. Gather 800 numbers from students to call for state tourism info. Possibly have a travel agent speak to the class about tourism for different states.Procedure:Group decides on a stateGroup develops a promotional item, brochure, and a presentation for class to advertise their stateGather resource materials to use when preparing their presentationsStudents give presentations to the class in which they highlight info about the state they have chosen, show their promotional items, and hand out their brochures.Assessment: Groups will receive three grades for this project

  • Sports and Entertainment MarketingWeb SitesSites for for Music and

  • Sports and Entertainment MarketingTV/Newspapers/MagazinesTV Programs:CNBC20/20Dateline60 MinutesHBOs Outside the Lines

    NewspapersUSA TodayWall Street Journal

    MagazinesStreet & Smiths Sports BusinessThe Sporting NewsESPNVarietyPremiereAd WeekBrand Week

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