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To get them hooked early, a fun creature-themed coloring book for artistically-inclined or bored kids. Draw on it with crayons, pastels, pencils, or whatever. A small coloring book that uses some cute, kid-friendly characters based on those made with the PC game, SPORE. In honor of the newly announced Spore adaptations aimed towards younger audiences like Spore Hero.

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CreatureCOLORING BOOKVol. # 1















Professor bird






Creature BiosBroccoworry Broccoworry worry that no creature will want to eat them, because they are stringy, green, and not particularly tasty. Broccoworry worries are not unfounded. Quivell Quivells may appear sociable, but they are not to be trusted. Ever. These shifty-looking herbivores are up to something, we just know it. Stay vigilant. Crusteeclawer Never having quite escaped from their aquatic origins, the Crusteeclawers are a spacefaring civilization unlike any other. Because of their filter mouths, polite conversation tends to devolve into a disturbing mixture of mating dances, grunts, and hiccups. Bloogill The Bloogill were the some of the first spacefarers and sentient beings on record. If a bit helpless, Bloogill Colonists are generally very gracious, especially to others of their kind. Any latent testiness is likely from being shoved into InstaPaks. Dripfanoid Dripfanoids are amphibians characterized most conspicuously by the fanned-out fleshfin protruding from the head. Between each other, they can communicate a wide range of emotions based on the positioning of their headfins, which they can shake dry if wet. Ajiss The Ajiss are a tribal species with an emphasis on teamwork, balance, shields, and choosing the very best grass skirts. Their evolutionary development has balanced their social, attack, and ability aspects admirably. Melvorg Melvorg has spent so much time playing a particular RTS that he has grown a back-acne outbreak of tiberium. His many faceted fingers are conducive to a high WPM and he has a surplus of eyes, all of them nearsighted. He practically breathes Orange Soda. Khakicampre No need for a whistle, this camper just caws loudly when lost. Sporting a khaki uniform and a backpack, the Khakicampre is "Always Prepared ". The species likes arts and crafts and reveille but has a faulty sense of direction. Rootwret Rootwret are the consummate gardeners, keeping the underbrush under control by picking and eating at what they see fit. They may look a bit disgruntled with their low lot in life, but they keep their heads high and aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. Gaffe The Gaffe is a tall quadruped that believes that the best leaves are always on the tallest tree. Unfortunately, this is not true when the tallest tree happens to also be the most radioactive... Bessie The average alien cow, good for making galactic cheeseburgers. "I loves my Bessie but I loves my steak. Bessie, Steak, Steak, Bessie. Oh Lord, why do you make me choose!" [WARNING: THIS SPECIES PRONE TO ALIEN ABDUCTION ] Scorpybug Scorpybugs are cute little insectoid pests that are found on both seemingly desolate asteroids and more inhabited planets. While the tendency may understandably be to squish them, undoubtedly for every one you kill, two will take its place.

Beggarino Beggaarinos are notorious panhandlers. Their insatiable desire for "change" leaves them constantly crestfallen. Dragonpig Dragonpig is most often found heading up parades and eating fried rice. But when that is out of the question, he'll settle for making egg rolls out of your unhatched young. Glarrp Glaarp wants to give you a nice, warm hug. But first, he wants to scratch you and spit acid in your eyes while he looks on with his one big one. Hornigecko Hornigecko looks on in amusement as you leave your tasty eggs unguarded. Disturbafrog Disturbafrogs are disturbingly featured amphibians with protruding eyestalks and a large mouth with an elevated arm apparatus. They are a strange mix of duck, frog, crab, and generic Cartoonish boss characters. Eyeamble Eyeambles are bipeds who have a cycloptic apperance, owing to the fact they have only one eye. Their feeding habits are "unusual" and the placement of their spit tube is vestigial. Though adept at using their claws, they are unusually expressive. Quackerjac It's Quackerjac, an effective, if laughable predator. He's lumbering and waiting to nibble on your cute little creatures! Large, angry, and unwieldly duck monster whose carnivorous eating habits and rear fin makes it kind of creepy. It likes to jump from foot to foot and has an hilarious angry face animation sequence. Professor Bird This creature has completed its doctorate and is proud of it. It travels from biome to biome trying to lecture those ignorant animals who will pay to listen. This is complicated by the fact that it tends to drone on and can be quite absent-minded. MunchMunch MunchMunches are made only to munch, and be munched. Especially the latter, with one of the lowest attack ratings ever. To compensate, an ecosystem should be stocked with many MunchMunch for the munching to ensure a healthly lunchlunch for a bunch.

Notes I threw this thing together because I thought a coloring book might be a cool thing for younger SPORE fans. Gotta get em hooked early, right? This coloring book is free to use and distribute, as the characters and outline drawings are mine. However, since SPORE and its logo are the property of Maxis and Electronic Arts, commercial use is not permissable. If you like the coloring book or have any suggestions, my Spore page and all of the creatures included herein currently resides at:


Comments and rates on creatures is always appreciated!