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SpoNS or Ship oppor TuNiTieS - · PDF file in addition to supporting CCnM with a College-wide sponsorship contribution to the turning point Campaign, your organization may

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  • Educating naturopathic doctors for over 40 years The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine

    SpoNSorShip opporTuNiTieS

  • 83% of all NDs in Canada are CCNM graduates. our graduates practise across Canada, the u.S. and around the world.

    Nearly 550 current CCNM students studying at the College.

    500 practising NDs join our continuing medical education courses each year.

    83% 550 500

  • CCNM sponsorship opportunitiEs 1

    We’re at a turNiNg poiNt. We Need your support.

    CCnM and the practice of naturopathic medicine are at a critical turning point. recent scientific advances, new technologies and inspired research mean that we understand more about the human body than ever before, including its relationship to our environment and the complex factors that contribute to wellness. naturopathic doctors are working collaboratively with a variety of health care professionals to improve health outcomes and reduce costs to the health-care system.

    We’ve accomplished a great deal, yet there is still much more work to be done. this is our impetus for the launch of the CCnM turning point Campaign. We aim to raise $7 million in charitable and sponsorship contributions to advance evidence-driven research, attract and support more students and grow our collaborations with the health-care community.

    By partnering with companies like you, we will take important steps toward realizing our shared vision of a world where naturopathic medicine is an integral part of health care.

    in this publication, we detail the sponsorship opportunities available, along with the many benefits of an investment in CCnM, including the ability to raise awareness about your organization among our students, faculty and alumni.

    i thank you for your consideration and look forward to receiving news of your commitment.

    Bob Bernhardt, phD president/CEo

    over the span of 40 years, the Canadian College of naturopathic Medicine (CCnM) has emerged as Canada’s leading provider of education in naturopathic medicine. We offer the only Doctor of naturopathy degree in Canada and the first-ever bridge delivery to prepare international medical graduates for naturopathic practice. in changing how health care is practiced, we are changing lives.

    thanks to our graduates and partners like you, naturopathic medicine is becoming an integral part of health care in Canada. With your help, we can continue to grow our profession, our reputation and our impact, graduate even more qualified naturopathic doctors, advance research and create a world where an integrative approach to health care is the norm, not the exception.

    We invite you to join us as a valued sponsor of our important work.

  • 2 CCNM sponsorship opportunitiEs

    BeCoMe a CCNM spoNsor

    through the turning point Campaign, CCnM is developing the next generation of innovative health care practitioners ready to practise an integrative approach to health. We receive no direct funding from the federal or provincial governments. through investment in our campaign sponsorship program, organizations will be recognized through the following CCnM activities, programs and events. You will gain unique opportunities to advertise or promote your brand, products and services to our College community.

    Lunch ‘n Learn presentations CCnM’s Lunch ‘n Learn presentations are offered on Mondays throughout the academic year in the main lecture theatre on campus. Each event is available to the student body of nearly 550 and includes a sponsored lunch and unique opportunity for you to identify a topic and speaker of your choosing. You may also promote your products and/or services through on-site signage, displays and hand-outs.

    Offered to one sponsor per presentation at the Board of Governors’ Club, President’s Circle and Dean’s Corner levels

    alumni Magazine insert CCnM’s alumni magazine, MinD | BoDY | spirit, is the only publication in Canada that reaches nearly 2,200 naturopathic doctors, all graduates of CCnM, three times a year. the magazine is also distributed online, to students and in high-traffi c areas at the College. CCnM’s top sponsors will receive a complimentary insert in the magazine. this is your opportunity to deliver compelling, targeted content promoting your products and services.

    Offered to one Board of Governors’ Club sponsor per issue

  • CCNM sponsorship opportunitiEs 3



    annual health Fair For more than 15 years, CCnM’s annual health Fair has showcased health products and services of interest to our students. the fair’s nearly 60 display booths are hosted by corporate representatives and sell out each year. Board of Governors’ Club, president’s Circle and Dean’s Corner sponsors will receive a complimentary booth in the campus lobby. partner sponsors will be recognized with a complimentary booth in the cafeteria or multi-purpose room.

    Offered in specifi ed locations to all Board of Governors’ Club, President’s Circle, Dean’s Corner and Partner sponsors

    Brown Bag presentations a scaled down version of the Lunch ‘n Learn presentations, CCnM’s Brown Bag presentations involve up to 20 students, a bring-your-own-lunch, and a sponsor-selected topic and speaker. in addition to the opportunity to interact with a small group of students, the weekly presentations — offered on Wednesdays with multiple presentations some weeks — offer sponsorship event signage, displays and handouts.

    Offered to one sponsor per presentation at all contribution levels

    Early-Morning Energizers this early-morning pop-up event in the College lobby is a unique opportunity for you to align your brand with a fun, high-energy event that features complimentary “energizers,” such as smoothies, granola bars and herbal teas, for students. sponsors also have an opportunity to partner with the College’s thrive initiative to host relaxation activities, such as yoga and massages, around the exam periods throughout the year. thrive inspires students to practise skills that support optimal health, resiliency and a shared sense of community.

    Offered to one sponsor per event at the following levels: Board of Governor’s Club, President’s Circle, Dean’s Corner and Partner


    BAG Presentations

  • 4 CCNM sponsorship opportunitiEs

    BeCoMe a CCNM spoNsor

    on-Campus student representatives Campaign sponsors at all levels will receive an exclusive opportunity to participate in CCnM’s on-Campus student representative program. only those who have made a turning point sponsorship contribution will be invited to retain a student to be their “feet on the ground” on campus. Your student representative will help to educate and drive awareness about your organization at eligible events throughout the academic year. on-Campus student representatives may also coordinate the following sponsored events on behalf of your corporate team: Lunch ‘n Learn presentations, Friday Morning Energizers, Exam De-stress Events, Brown Bag presentations and student-run Educational Fairs.

    Offered to CCNM sponsors at all contribution levels

    Community Dispensary in teaching Clinics CCnM naturopathic doctors and students provide free naturopathic health care to patients in 11 teaching clinics located in Community health Centres across toronto. sponsors can join this unique teaching and service program by providing complimentary natural health products for the community dispensary. offered exclusively to CCnM sponsors, this partnership opportunity will help students learn first-hand how these products help meet the health and wellness objectives of their patients.

    Offered to CCNM sponsors at all contribution levels

    student-run Educational Fairs Educational Fairs are an exclusive opportunity to showcase your organization. the fairs take place twice annually in the College lobby.

    Offered twice annually to CCNM sponsors at all contribution levels

  • CCNM sponsorship opportunitiEs 5

    CCnM naming opportunity CCnM sponsors at all levels will each receive a unique campus naming opportunity at a level refl ective of your sponsorship contribution.

    Offered to CCNM sponsors at all contribution levels Your

    Company Name Here

    annual report, Website and sponsor Wall We are pleased to recognize all sponsors on our website, in CCnM’s annual report to the Community and on the sponsor Wall prominently displayed in the campus lobby.

    Offered to CCNM sponsors at all contribution levels

  • 6 CCNM sponsorship opportunitiEs

    spoNsorship opportuNities

    CCnM is seeking College-wide sponsors at five distinct levels of contribution. Depending on the contribution level, sponsors will be recognized at a select number of CCnM programs, activities and events over a period of five years.

    BoarD oF GovErnors’ CLuB

    prEsiDEnt’s CirCLE

    DEan’s CornEr



    $ 500,000 and above

    $ 250,000 – $ 499,999

    $ 150,000 – $ 249,999

    $ 100,000 – $ 149,999

    $ 50,000 – $ 99,999

    the BeNefits of spoNsorship

    profile sponsorship of CCnM will align your organization with Canada’s leading naturopathic medicine education provider and source of the only Doctor of naturopathy degree in Canada. through recognition at programs, activities and events, you will expose your organization to a significant target market of near

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