Spongeslice, swinging sponges in the swimming pool

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"Connect and Combine" assignment / A Crash Course on Creativity, Prof. Tina Seelig.


  • 1.Swinging sponges in the swimming pool A Crash Course on CreativityProf. Tina Seelig

2. Spongeslice is the gamethat you will be eager to play.How it goes and basic rulesHere Im going to tell. 3. Net-bags (used intoSponges and fish sliceswashing machines) 4. Similar to the water-poloswimming pools, but also witha net like the net used in "watervolleyball."Spongeslicefield 5. Players wear swimsuitsand all complementsused in waterpolo likeeyes protection, cap, etc.Besides, the equipmentof the spongeslice playerincludes: a fish slice. a net-bag (nets used forputting clothing into the washingmachine).A escale model of aplayer. 6. There are two teams.The teams are composed by 3 regular players and 5 extra-players.Each team will dispose of30 sponges in thegame.A escale model of aplayer 7. In the game each team will use 30sponges.The sponges must be placed intothe players net bag before starting the game. Each team decides the spongedistribution among its players.All the sponges can be carried byone player. This one or any other distribution is allowed. 8. At starting the game eachteam has 30 sponges, all inone colour, different coloursfor each team.The team target in the game isto cross the goal-line of therival team with its sponges.The gaming time is the samethan in water-polo.The team that gets morepoints wins the game. 9. POINTS Each sponge put intothe goal line of the rivalThe sponges into the team counts as 1 point. goal line score according to its Each sponge put into its colour. own goal line by a teamtakes one point awayfrom its score. 30 points is the highest possible score for ateam. It means that the team was able to put all its sponges into the rival goal line. 10. The players cannot get inside the rival part of the field.The sponges can only be thrown to the rival field using the fish slice.The players can handle directly sponges, without using the fishing slice for: catching sponges in the water. catching sponges in the air. passing sponges to their teammates. putting out sponges from their net bags. putting sponges into their net bags. 11. Spongeslice description isover.Now let me saysomething to you: If you start Spongeslice playingyou will never give it up! 12. TThanks!HEENDGloria BesadaConnect and combine assignment.