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  • 1. By SpencerTrouton andAidan ConwayANCIENTEGYPT

2. MAP AND TIME FRAMEAncient Egypt had an The time odd map. Lowerframe for Egypt was ancient actually locatedegypt was higher in the from 3150 region whileBC to 30 Upper Egypt was BC. lower in Egypt. The river in the middle is called the Nile. The map is kind of blurry but if you look closely you can see some labels. 3. BACKGROUNDThe Ancient Egyptians are known for mostly because of their unique form of writing called hieroglyphics which is an extremely complex form of writing. An interesting artifact of their culture is the Rosetta Stone. The Rosetta Stone was a stone that had hieroglyphics and Greek writing. Jean-Francois Champollion deciphered the Greek and showed how to read the Hieroglyphics. They also have very interesting gods. They usually have animal heads but human bodies. The front cover shows Anubis the god of funerals and mummification (on the left). On the right is Ra the pharaoh of the gods and the god of sun. Ra in Hieroglyphicsis. Rosetta Stone 4. SOCIAL STRUCTUREPharaohs were called thegods on earth. They were thekings of Egypt exceptThe vizier was a veryprobably more honoured thanPharaoh important person.kings of lets say, Greece. They run the country as a president. TheyNobles were as were not as importantimportant as priests. Vizier as the pharaohThey had equal power.though.Priests ran theCraftsmen slaves,churches and and farmers areworships. Nobles werethe lowest.law makers of Egypt. NoblesPriests Farmers farm the fields to get food for the people. TheScribes wroteslaves work fornotes and also their masters.translated notes. ScribesSoldiers Craftsmen makeSolders worked things for thefor the king and kingdoms.fought enemies.Craftsmen Farmers Slaves 5. HOUSING The Egyptians used stone blocks or mud bricks to create their houses and tombs. People when they think of Egyptian buildings they think of pyramids. Only honoured kings were in pyramids and they had to be dead to be in the tomb. Ordinary houses were made by the workers and were also made of stones and bricks.Most of the Egyptian houseshad around four rooms. Onebigger one in the middle and 3others attaching onto it. Theydo not carry more than onefamily. People slept in thecentral middle room. The otherrooms were the kitchen, anentry room that goes into thecentral room, and astorage/extra bedroom. 6. FOOD Egyptians a lot of the time ate fish that they caught in the lake. They also ate things that were around like berries and things. They had farmers that made grains and wheat to make meals like bread and things like that. This picture shows some things that they could eat for meals and snacks and stuff. They did not eat the kind of things that we eat now. They would not eat fast food and other varieties of food from other places. Ex Sushi, Mexican food etc. 7. FAMILY LIFEFamilies in ancient Egyptoften had kids. The kids wereusually taken care of theFamily praying to gods. parents but when they werenot they were taken care of byservants or slaves. Unlikemany places in ancient times,women had just as manyrights. In now times womenhave rights because it iswrong for them not to, but inplaces like Ancient Greek theycould not vote or anything likethat. Sometimes but not all ofthe time in Ancient Egypt thewomen worked and the menstayed at home. Manyfamilies that were rich hadmany slaves doing things for 8. Divorces in Ancient Egypt are easy to do except they cost a lot. Pharaohs marriages wereMARRIAGE very different. The pharaohs wife is called the Great Royal Wife. Nobles can be married to more than one person at a time. But ordinary marriages are not really much different than the marriages now.Marriage in Ancient Egyptwas very important. It was avery big deal to the familyexcept, like the marriagesnow, it is only important tothem and their families.Marriages links to family lifebecause once they aremarried they are a family,they can have kids etc. 9. CHILDHOODIn ancient Egypt the peopleChildren in school. wrote on one of the first kinds of(Drawn on sheet ofpapers called papyrus. It is kindpapyrus.of paper but is slightly like cloth. Ancient Egyptian ChildrenImagine printing that out of a did not go to school or getcomputer if you are a kid now. another kind of good education unless they were very rich or powerful. For entertainment a lot of children played a board game called senet. Children were treated well and were not hurt or tortured like most places. A lot of people in Egypt that were rich had a lot of servants and slaves to look after their children. 10. Childhood in Ancient Egyptwould be very different thanCOMPARING CHILDHOODSchildhood in Vancouver now.We have all the technologythat they dont. If I was growingup in Ancient Egypt I would notThe children in Egypt be able to learn withwould not have thecomputers, play video games,chance to travelwatch TV, get rides in a car, goanywhere. Theyon trips on a plane etc. I thinktravel by foot or if an Ancient Egyptian kid grewcamels and otherup here he/she would like it Egyptanimals. We travel by much more than Egypt. Wecars, bikes, trains,have tall buildings and weplanes etc. We canhave more structured housesgo places that wouldwith more advancedtake them weeks technology. If we get really coldand weeks to get to in our house we flick a switchin less than a day. to turn on an electric fireplaceWe can get across while they would have to gooceans as easy as through a bunch of work towe get across land. make a fire or put on extra CanadaUSA clothing. 11. EDUCATION Being educated was a great honour in Ancient Egypt. Only the rich orEgyptroyal people get a good education. In Vancouver you would never get a job if you never went to school. When you went to school in ancient Egypt you usually became a noble or another important person. The people who did not get an education could still become an important person but less likely. If you were the son of a pharaoh than you could become the pharaoh without an education. The schools looked much different from ours now though. Now 12. RELIGION The Ancient Egyptian gods were veryNephthys important to their lives. As you see in the pictures some have the heads of animals. They had temples that they worshipped the gods in. They worshipped the pharaoh just as much because he was a god on the earth. Set Some of the most important gods are Horus, Isis, Set, Nephthys and Osiris. They were all good except Set. Horus, the most important one, was the god of war, protection and the sky. He had the head of a falcon. Osiris, almost equally important, was the lord of the dead. Isis was the goddess of motherhood Osirisand magic. Nephthys was the wife of Horus Set. Set was the god of chaos and terror and Nephthys was the goddess of assistance and partly death becauseIsis of her courtship with Set. 13. Ra is also associated with the god Amun. Not a lot of people know a god namedCOMMON GOD the ancient EgyptianOne of the most common gods from Amun-Ra. Amun-Ra is also the god of the wind notreligions is Ra. Ra is the god of the sun. Ra has three forms of just the sun. Unlike othera god. The falcon headed god is the god of sun. He was that gods, Amun or Amun-Raform in around the middle of the day. Khepri the scarab form was not born. He createdwas in the morning. Khepra is now a scientific word for the himself. He also did notbeetle. Khnum, his last form was in the evening. He is said to show himself as much.create people with his teardrops. Ra is a very important god That is why not manyfrom Egyptian Mythology. Ra was also the king of the gods. people knowRa Amun-Ra instead ofKhepri just Ra. Khnum Amun-Ra 14. FESTIVALSAncient Egyptians had manyfestivals. Most of them werereligious festivals to celebratethe gods and goddesses butthere are a couple that arenot. The celebrations hadhuge feasts too. One had somuch food it was crazy.11,341 loaves of bread and385 barrels of beer tocelebrate Rameses III victoryover the Libyans. A religiousfestival in Ancient Egypt waswhen they celebrated theBeautiful Feast of the Valley.They celebrated the linksbetween the living and dead. 15. WEALTHY LIVING Rich families in Ancient Egypt had slaves or servants to look after their children and also do the houses chores. It would like one of us getting a bunch of maids. Many rich families can also afford for their children to go to school. Like now, the rich people would usually have more things and a bigger house. They might also wear jewellery like amulets and earrings. Many people who were not rich also wore stuff like that. The rich, to be different, sometimes wore things like diamond necklaces. 16. CLOTHING People in ancient Women in ancient Egypt a lot of the time Egypt wore mostly wore a variety of the same things as things. Men usually each other. A linen wore short skirts dress that is around their wastes strapped by the like in the pictures of shoulders. The god the gods. They do not pictures I saved usually wear shirts also wear the because of the heat.same dresses as People in ancient ordinary women. Egypt sometimes Women also wore wore wigs for fashion wigs for the same and also to keep thereasons. Both men sun off of theirand women in heads. (Especiallyancient Egypt wore when they are bald).jewellery. 17. ART AND MUSICArt in ancient Egypt was Music in ancient Egyptvery good. It waswas worshipped. A lot ofcreated to have aEgyptian music waspurpose. The pottery associated with the gods.was usually made out Like now they hadof soapstone and instruments likecoated in enamel topercussion, woodwinds,help preserve it so it and strings. They usuallydoes not break overmade their instrumentstime as easily. Theirthemselves or got friendssculptures were really to make them for them.cool. Most sculpturesThere was not justand statues were madeinstruments and tools toto look like the godsmake music. They hadand honour them. singing and dancing andOthers were of the other things that we stillpha