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Speedy shrimps

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Speedy shrimps. How fast can they go?. Speedy shrimps. How fast can they go? Are bigger ones faster? Are males faster than females? Do mating pairs swim faster than individual shrimps?. Measuring your shrimps. Male and female size. 1 cm . Discussion questions. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Speedy shrimps

How fast can they go?

Speedy shrimpsHow fast can they go?Are bigger ones faster?Are males faster than females?Do mating pairs swim faster than individual shrimps?

Measuring your shrimps

Male and female size

1 cm

Discussion questions

Do all shrimps swim at the same speed?Are bigger shrimps faster?Are males faster than females?Is it a size difference or a gender difference that causes differences in speed?What are the advantages to shrimps of being able to swim away fast?Were the shrimps showing the escape response?Do you think the shrimps swam as fast as they can?Do the other groups in class agree with your results? How would you improve the experiment?

Our ResultsAverage time to swim 10cm

Adult malemmJuvenile mm

Adult femalemm secs secs secs