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    Journal of Intellectual and Developmental DisabilityPublication details, including instructions for authors and subscription information:http://www.tandfonline.com/loi/cjid20

    Special Issue: Journal of Intellectual & DevelopmentalDisabilityPublished online: 30 Jan 2014.

    To cite this article: (2005) Special Issue: Journal of Intellectual & Developmental Disability, Journal of Intellectual andDevelopmental Disability, 30:4, 247-247

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    Special Issue:Journal of Intellectual & Developmental Disability


    We are seeking submissions for a special issue of the

    Journal that will emphasise communication. The

    particular focus of this issue will be on the need for

    effective communication to enhance community

    participation and inclusion. Articles are solicited

    that include communication partners, for example

    educators, health professionals, family members and

    others in the general community.

    The aim of this special issue is to explore

    communication in the broadest terms. The emphasis

    will not be on the communication disorder of the

    person with disability, but rather on how best to

    foster their engagement and participation in every-

    day contexts. Papers that express the points of view

    of people with disabilities and/or their families are

    particularly welcome. This includes having those

    with disabilities and their families serve as research-

    ers and/or co-authors as well as participants in the

    research. This topic is appropriate for both qualita-

    tive and quantitative methodologies.

    The closing date for submission is 30 June 2006.

    The anticipated date for publication is 2007. The

    Guest Editors, Susan Balandin and Judith Duchan,

    will manage the editorial process. Enquiries and

    papers for consideration should be directed to Dr

    Susan Balandin (S.Balandin@fhs.usyd.edu.au), with

    a copy to JIDDs Editorial Assistant (pcrino@

    med.usyd.edu.au), clearly identified as a Special

    Issue submission. Electronic submission is pre-

    ferred. Submissions by mail should be sent to Dr

    Susan Balandin, School of Communication

    Sciences and Disorders, The University of Sydney,

    PO Box 170, East Street, Lidcombe, NSW 1825,

    Australia, also with a copy to the JIDD Editorial

    office clearly marked for the attention of the Special

    Issue Editors.

    Susan Balandin

    The University of Sydney, Australia

    Judith Duchan

    University of Buffalo, USA

    Journal of Intellectual & Developmental Disability, December 2005; 30(4): 247

    ISSN 1366-8250 print/ISSN 1469-9532 online # 2005 Australasian Society for the Study of Intellectual Disability Inc.DOI: 10.1080/13668250500375040




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