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Manual for sparking app

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    Lame manual

    For version x3j

    First of all I would like to recommend installing Cheat Engine ( ) to

    anyone which ever like to mess with his games, even if youre total newbie, you should be able to find

    many easy stuff by just passing tutorial included in CE, it has also decent community behind that will

    help you if you ever will need help with Cheat Engine and creating cheats. More than that, by properly

    installing Cheat Engine, youll be able to run the Sparking! trainer by the file with .CETRAINER extension,

    which executes much faster than the included .exe since the exe basically unpacks a portable CE app to

    a temporary folder. Itll also allow you to run other Cheat Engine tables and small size trainers which are

    generally much safer than other trainers floating around the net.

    Oh and most important thing! Sparking! absolutely requires PCSX2 in version 0.9.8 OR above, it will NOT

    work with some ancient builds that still float over the net. Always download your PCSX2 copy from the

    Official PCSX2 site ( ) using different plugins is ok through(:P).

    Second most important thing Sparking! will NOT work with Dolphin, dont ask me about it, I created

    loads of cheats for this game myself, but I dont have Wii nor Wii version of the game. Even if I would

    like to help I cant. Thats all.

    Oh and also understand,

    Ill not really create any tutorial or whatever, for f sake its just a trainer;p, this manual simply explains

    some of the options as I often name them strangely or simply cause its bloated with different features

    which I keep adding from time to time and can be hard to comprehend at first. If you dont understand

    something, simply try using it;p.

    Ok, lets start

  • Main Trainer Window:

    Lets go by colors, RED are some options youll use lesser or not at all, the only useful things there are

    potara editor and help aka shorter version of this manual, sometimes you might need to click attach to

    pcsx2 or do it manually by clicking detection problems if by some stupidity it fails.

    GREEN are all gameplay available cheats, meaning they will directly affect gameplay or add some kind

    of effect to it. They, like most of the cheats are divided for player 1 and player 2 since my trainer isnt

    just a simple god mode and 1 hit kill, but instead allows you easily make your game either easier or

    harder, simply speaking different in a way you could enjoy it more.

    BLUE are codes related to dragon sim on the left, widescreen and a timer control in the middle and

    some general unlocking cheats on the right. A small note: to actually control the timer, click on Set

    Timer first to make it green.

    YELLOW is THE thing;p, I created this trainer more or less with this in mind. Itll need a more in-deepth

    description, since its the only thing I keep on improving and trashing with loads of ways to customize.

  • Power Up profiler is centered over Limit Break II cheat(removed the first as it was obsolete) which

    allows you to create 5 different cheat combinations which will activate when player HP hits level range

    connected with it.

    You rise your HP based your effort during the fight which uses an implemented stamina system ~ that

    big green HP Pool thingie with selectable amount to the right. Basically the higher combo you make the

    faster you gain hp, keeping blue energy for longer time will also help in that. Ultimately you rise it

    fastest during energy collisions and by clashing with an opponent. It also speeds up with each level by

    itself. Make note however that the faster you gain hp, the faster you drain your stamina(unless ofc you

    set it on infinite).

    By default its set to make you very weak on first level, then constantly rising your power with each

    level ultimately making you very hard to kill in normal ways, hence if you run out of stamina your hp

    might* start dropping by itself, theres also a bonus for the opponent if you run out of stamina and he

    gains enough health to pull it off which will multiply the power of any ultimate attack allowing to drop

    even millions of hp at once, sometimes it can even 1 shot you since its very sensitive on timing, but

    generally it should always leave some off, especially if your hp is really high.

    And here we go about high HP, theres an option there called Multiplier it basically enables HP

    multiply from transformations, now those transformations actually have a reason to be there, but look

    out on my default settings. While some transformations can be really strong that way, as long as you use

    stamina they can also come at big cost. Generally speaking stamina/HP Pool usage allows for much more

    strategic concept in the fight. None of the fights is surely lost doesnt matter how overpowered the

    enemy gets, if youre good you can always win.

    If you dont like default settings you can change them. Basically you select profile number from the drop

    down list, select the gameplay cheats(green in previous pic) you want for this level and press Save and

    after being done with it, press Refresh or restart the trainer whatever easier. Yes its so easy. If you

    dont like Limit Break II cheat at all, you can even store your favorite sets of gameplay cheats under

    those 5 profiles and then easily restore them with Load button.

  • Like you probably saw, there are more options there. Well first of all the big blue sign actually changes

    to your character name and shows current hp, which can be useful while testing your settings for the

    LBII cheat or anything else, the list is pretty long and has entry for each character model, so if I missed

    any drop me some info at PCSX2 forums, where I release the trainer, even in this version I added Trunks

    (Sword) SSJ there which I accidently didnt earlier @_@.

    Now lets look at transformation bonus, there are 4 sliders there, Time, H, E, B. Time should be

    obvious, its the amount of time the bonus is applied directly after transformation. H/E/B are Hit Points,

    Energy and Blast, while Time starts at 0, other values have 0 in the middle and allow negative values as

    well, hence you can gain a debuff after transformation and actually it does so by default. I was kind of

    lazy on those sliders so to reset them to 0s you have to click their label, ie. click H to reset its

    corresponding slider to the center (0).

    Oh and when were about clicking at the labels, clicking on HP Pool label actually refills it to max.

    Lets have a look now at other things we can Customize by pressing the button of such name.

    Again with the colors:

  • RED keeps stamina decrease multipliers, you can set it for different kind of characters differently:

    - Normal - includes all characters not belonging to other group, including perm Sayan transformations

    like SSJ Gogeta,

    - SSJ/SSJ2 since the anime tells about those giving a strain on the body it drains stamina faster by


    - SSJ3 same like above, just taken to extremes,

    - Androids they are genetically enhanced, hence lower value seems better. Yes this means Cell is Super

    Duper Overpowered, just like in the anime.

    With GREEN we have transformations HP multipliers, you can gain some crazy values with it anyway:

    - Normal those are all normal transformations, I mean every transformation thats not listed below,

    - Fusion this is bonus for fusion which goes additionally to summing characters current hp,

    - Fusion SSJ/SSJ3/SSJ4 those are multiplying normal Fusion Value, if you for example get Goten and

    Trunks and make fusion directly to SSJ3 Gotenks, youll get Gotenks SSJ3 = (Goten hp+Trunk hp) x Fusion

    x Fusion SSJ3 at standard values this means (30k+30k)x4x4=960k hp. Quite a bit?:P But like I said

    overpowering an opponent has a huge downside in stamina system, youll drain your HP Pool really fast

    and if opponent will be good enough to stay alive until getting stronger while stil keeping some stamina,

    youll more likely to loose.

    BLUE sets on another reason why ending stamina is bad, basically if both players use Limit Break II cheat

    this sets an amount of hp needed for mentioned earlier overkill ultimate move. It works only against

    the opponent that lost all his finite stamina already or had it infinite from the start. For example if you

    have over 300k hp and your opponent runs out of stamina by reaching very high hp lvl, then your

    ultimate attacks will deplete his hp even faster than he got so strong, well as long as they hit, its not so

    easy with default settings as you can easily avoid any stupid beam spam, it needs some skills or a

    change of settings at least;p.

    Time for the YELLOW, this one basically gives you an ability to turn on or off hp gain from stamina and

    hp drain from depleting stamina. I liked the idea quite a bit hence messed a bit of default settings, still

    not tested much for enjoyability hence the default can change in the future, but anyway describing

    those, theyre mostly based on kind of transformations:

    - Non Transformable this includes all chars which does not have any transformation, good idea to give

    them beneficial setting since they lack other means of reaching high lvls,

    - At Will, Base Form this includes only first forms of all characters that can transform up and down,

    meaning they c