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  • Spare Parts Book

    Reference: 7711129406Date: 06/07/2015


    - Competition do not carry any specific contractual warranty

    - Moreover, we would like to point out that the fitting of RenaultSport competition parts to RENAULT cars may render them illegal for use on public highways.

    - RENAULT SPORT parts intended for competition use could modify the standard specification of road vehicules, as specified by the component authoritiesgoverning the technical roadworthiness of vehicules ("mines"). This applies to factors such as noise, pollution, tyre sizes, performance, etc.


    - Competition parts cannot be retourned or exchanged.

    - Pricing of parts distributed by RENAULT SPORT is reviewed periodically. Please refer to the date of the part prices catalogue.

    Reference: 7711129406Date: 06/07/2015

  • A AAC Echappement srie 11.44Adaptator 3/8x24-M10x100 37.82Agrafe panneau de porte 50.61Air pressure sensor 17.00Alternator 110A 16.00Alternator 120A - Ragnotti 16.00Amortisseur AR D - Asphalte - 3 voies 34.02Amortisseur AR G - Asphalte - 3 voies 34.02Anchor nut 40.06

    B Backing plate-Pull cable 90.00Ballast 81.00Banjo bolt 37.82Battery mounting-reinforced 19.81

    19.82Bearing 20.00


    Bell housing 21.15Bilstein bearing 32.01

    32.02Blanking plate-Radio 90.00Blanking plug 12.54Bleed screw 37.82Bonnet catches (alloy) 48.00Bonnet catches (red) 48.00Brake fluid AP600 (0.5 L) 08.00Brake limiter 37.82

    37.85Brake pads- Front 3000 32.50Brake pads-Front DS2500 32.50Brake pads-Front Mintex M1166 32.50Brake pads-Front Mintex M1177 32.50Brake pads-Rear - DS 2500 32.50Brake pads-Rear - Ferodo 451 32.50Brake pads-Rear Mintex M 1166 32.50Brake pads-Rear Mintex M 1177 32.50Breather hose-Canister to fuel tank 12.54Bulkhead fitting-Rear wheel arch 37.82Bump stop-Ohlins 34.01

    34.02Bush 38.00Bush-steering rack 36.60Bute de choc - cartouche 3 voies 32.02

    34.02Butterfly housing-electrically driven 17.00Button head socket screw M5 37.85BV GrN avec couple 11x52 - Ph2 &Ragnotti


    BV GrN avec couple 11X56 - Ph2 &Ragnotti


    BV GrN avec couple 12x58 - Ph1 21.00

    BV GrN avec couple 12x63 - Ph1 21.00C Camshaft-production-Inlet 11.44

    Cap 12.54Capteur temprature air 17.00Cartouche AVD 3 voies "Terre" 32.02Cartouche AV D - Asphalte - 3 voies 32.02Cartouche AVG 3 voies "Terre" 32.02Cartouche AV G - Asphalte - 3 voies 32.02Catalyst - Ph 2 / Ragnotti 19.50Centralising bush 31.01Chape verrouillage 37.85CHS Bolt M10-80 19.81

    19.82CHS Bolt M10x150-20 31.01CHS Bolt M6-20 33.04


    CHS Bolt M6-20 Cl 12.9 37.85CHS Bolt M6-30 cl:12.9 37.85CHS Bolt M8-25 cl:10.9 37.85Circlip 29.06Circlips 37.85Circlips 24 29.06Circuit de frein complet avec FAMhydraulique


    Clamp 19.50Clamp 33 29.06Clamp 93.5 29.06Clevis-Handbrake lever lock-Upper 37.85Clip 37.85Clutch thrust bearing 20.00Coil loom 17.00Collar screw Hexagonal M6-20 86.00Collar screw Hexagonal M8-25 86.00Collection anti-vibratoire rotules 81.00Concave washer-Wide 19.81

    19.82Convex washer 19.81

    19.82Coolant (5L) 08.00Corps biellette 37.85Coupelle NTN 29.06

    D Damper insert Front 50 tarage : 240/200 32.01Diffuser-Roof vent 40.06Dirt shield 33.43Disc 280 p:24mm 31.40Door handle mounting-LH 50.61Door handle mounting-RH 50.61Door LH 48.00Door panel-LH 50.61Door panel-RH 50.61Door RH 48.00

    Door window-Front LH 54.00Door window-Front RH 54.00Drivesaft nut 29.01

    29.06Driveshaft-LH 29.01Driveshaft-LH-Ragnotti 29.01Driveshaft RH 29.01Driveshaft-RH-Ragnotti 29.01

    E Ecrou emb. crant M6 37.85Ecrou Frein Simmonds M5 5PH135M 37.85Ecrou frein Simmonds M6 6PH135M 37.85Electronic box F4R 730 17.00Electronic box F4R 732 17.00Electronic box F4R 736 17.00Electronic box F4R 736 avec AAC GrN 17.00Engine torque stay Ph1 19.81Engine torque stay-semi rigid 19.82Equerre fixation tuyau frein souple entreMC FAM et tuyau rigide ARG / ARD


    F Film anti-dflagrant 54.00Filtre "Green" 40.06Fire Extinquisher-Mechanicallyoperated-Steel


    fire extinquisher mounting 90.00Fitting 12.54Fitting 90 12.54

    90.00Flanged hub Spindle Ph1 / Ragnotti 33.43Flanged hub Spindle Ph2 33.43Flexible hose-Bulkhead to LH rear wheel 37.82Flexible hose-Bulkhead to RH rear wheel 37.82Flexible hose-Front wheel 37.82Flexible hose-Handbrake M/Cyl to floorbracket-Rear wheel


    Flexible joint production 33.04Flexible joint-reinforced 33.04Flexible mounting-Modified 19.81

    19.82Flexible mounting ring 34.01

    34.02Flywheel 52 dents - Ph2 21.20Flywheel 56 dents - Ph2 21.20Flywheel 58 dents - Ph1 21.20Flywheel 63 dents - Ph1 21.20Fork 50.61Front bonnet-Phase 2 48.00Front pipe Ph2 / Ragnotti 19.50Front Wing-LH - Ph2 46.01Front Wing-RH - Ph2 46.01Fuel non-return valve 12.54Fuel pump modified 12.54Fuel rail-modified 12.54

    PARTS ALPHABATIC INDEXDescription Boards Description Boards Description Boards

  • Fuse 29.06G Gaitor-Gearbox side Ph2 29.06

    Gaitor-Wheel side 29.06Gas discharge bulb 81.00Gearbox casing 21.10Gearbox oil RED LINE (0.946 L) 08.00Grease 29.06


    H Halfshaft Ph1 21.20Halfshaft Ph2 21.20

    29.06Handbrake lever 37.85Hand held. Fire Extinquisher-Alum. 2,4L 90.00Hose clip 29.5x16 12.54Hose lg:170mm 12.54Hose lg:2730mm 12.54Hose lg:280mm 12.54housing 5 me 21.10Housing reinforced-Engine support-FrontRH


    19.82I Inlet valve 11.44

    Insert-Threaded M6 molet/borgne 86.00Insert 50 32.01Intermediate pipe -Ph2 / Ragnotti 19.50

    K Kit-Cambelt and pullies 11.44Kit-Clutch assy 20.00Kit-Engine and Gearbox mountings 19.81

    19.82Kit FAM + limiteur 37.85Kit-Fuel hoses 12.54Kit-Wiring harness-Light pod 80.00

    L Lampe Dcharge 81.00LH Rear damper 3 voies "Terre" 34.02Light pod 81.00Light pod assembly-Gas discharge lamps 81.00Locknut 8PH135M 37.85Locknut H M6 37.85Locknut M12x125 31.02Locknut M4 Simmonds 37.85Lock washer 29.06

    32.02Lower support bracket-Windscreen washerliquid container


    M Main shaft 11 dents (pour couronne 52 dts) 21.31Main shaft 11 dents (pour couronne 56 dts) 21.31Main shaft 12 dents (pour couronne 58dents


    Main shaft 12 dents (pour couronne 63dents


    Matre cylindre 12.7 "BERINGER" 37.85

    modifiMounting bracket-Light pod 81.00Mounting bracket-Windscreen washercontainer


    Mounting-Brake mechanism-LH 33.43Mounting-Brake mechanism-RH 33.43Mounting-Flexibloc-Alum. 4 me pointavec embase


    19.82Mounting-Gearbox-Front LH 4me point 19.81

    19.82Mounting-Upper - Gearbox 19.81

    19.82Moyeu disque 33.43

    N Nut 12.54nut FIH M10 19.81

    19.82nut FIH RDL M10 19.81

    19.82nut FIH RDL M6 33.04


    Nut FIH-underneath M10 19.8119.82

    nut HRDL M8 86.00Nut M10x100 32.01Nut M16x100 32.02Nut M6 50.61

    81.00Nut-Strut leg M62x1,5 32.01

    32.02O Optique 160 "Le Mans" LD 81.00

    Outlet vent-Type bouche 40.06P Pin 37.85

    Pipe-Bulkhead to rear LH limiter 37.82Pipe-Bulkhead to rear RH limiter 37.82Pipe-Master vac M/Cyl to front LH 37.82Pipe-Master vac M/Cyl to front wheel RH 37.82Pipe-Master vac to bulkhead 37.82Pipe-Rear floor to bulkhead rear LH 37.82Pipe-Rear floor to bulkhead rear RH 37.82Pivot spindle-Lower - Rear hand brakeM/Cyl


    Plate-Travel restricter-Engine support 19.8119.82

    Pommeau levier FAM 37.85pull control 90.00

    R Rear quarter panel-LH-Assembled 50.61Rear quarter panel-RH 50.61Rear quarter window LH 54.00Rear quarter window RH 54.00Reinforced bodyshell with rollcage 40.025

    Relay mounting block 29.06Repair kit-M/Cyl 37.85Ressort NTN 29.06Retainer-Moulded in place 81.00Retaining clip 37.82Retaining clip-Damper reservoir 32.02

    34.02RH Rear damper 3 voies "Terre" 34.02Rod end bearing-SKF 37.85Rod end bearing-UNIBAL 37.85Rollcage plus set of chassis reinforcementsand seat supports


    Roof vent 40.06Roof vent assembly 40.06Rotule d'angle ressort M6 81.00

    S sadev 21.1021.2021.3021.31

    Screw 1/4 de tour 81.00Screw FX M10-65 33.43Screw FX M8-65 33.43Screw HM 12 X 125 Lg 40 mm 31.40

    33.43Screw HRDL M6-16 50.61Screw UPS 8 M6-40 37.85Screw 12x125 31.02Screw 12X125 molete fixation rotul 31.02Seal Bilstein 32.01

    32.02Sealing ring 50.61Seal washer 12.54Seal 10 12.54Seal 10x14x2 37.82Seal 14x20.5 12.54Set of fuel rail brackets 81.00Set of seat belts 59.30Set of seat retainers-RH 75.00Set of shockabsorbers-Front-Bilstein-Ragnotti


    Set of shockabsorbers-Rear-Tarmac-Bilstein-Ragnotti


    Shock absorber-Rear 34.01Shoulder bearing bush 37.85Shouldered washer-Enginemounting-Mounting Front RH


    19.82Shouldered washer-Enginemounting-Mounting Front RH


    19.82Silencer 19.50Silentbloc 19.81

    PARTS ALPHABATIC INDEXDescription Boards Description Boards Description Boards

  • 19.8231.0234.01

    Snap retainer 12.54Soupape chappement 11.44Spacer 19.81


    Spacer-Bump rubber 10 mm 32.01Spacer-Bump rubber 15 mm 32.01Spacer-Bump rubber 20 mm 32.01Spacer-Bump rubber 2 mm 32.01Spacer-Bump rubber 5 mm 32.01Spacer-Bump rubber p:10mm 32.02


    Spacer-Bump rubber p:15mm 32.0234.02

    Spacer-Bump rubber p:1mm 34.01Spacer-Bump rubber p:20mm 32.02

    34.02Spacer-Bump rubber p:2mm 32.02


    Spacer-Bump rubber p:5mm 32.0234.0134.02

    Spacer-Filter housing 34.0134.02

    Spacer-Flexible mounting 19.8119.82

    Spacer-Gearshift rod-Gearbox 19.82Spacer-Shaft 37.85Spacer-Spherical bearing 38.00Spacer thickness 10mm 86.00Spacer-Torque reaction rod-semi rigid 19.82Spark plug NGK PFR6E-10 17.00Spherical bearing-Pt E 31.02Spring Front Gravel - Blue 5 BandesVertes - R=5.5 Kg


    32.02Spring Front Tarmac - Black 6 BandesRouges - R=