Spanish Greetings

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  • 1. Domingo 31 de MarzoDomingo Treinta y uno MarzoLO: To be able to greet each other inSpanish.

2. How do we greet each other? Repeat everything I say! What do they mean? We are going to have a small test at the end.So listen well 3. Hasta maana 4. Hasta Pronto See you soon 5. DID YOU SEENSOMETHING!? 6. TRANSLATE ENGLISH SPANISH Hello Hola Good Morning Buenos Dias Good Afternoon Buenas Tardes See you tomorrow Hasta Manana See you soon Hasta Pronto Good Night Buenas Noches 7. BUENASTARDES?GOODAFTERNOON! 8. ADIOS! BYE! 9. HOMEWORKLearn by heart the Colours:RedBlueBlackWhitePurpleGreenBrown In SpanishMake sure you remember them!