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This series of publications on Southeast Asia is designed to present significant research, translation, and opinion to area specialists and to a wide community of persons interested in world affairs. The editors seek manuscripts of quality in a wide range of disciplines.The editor works closely with authors to produce a high-quality book. The series, published in association with the Center for International Studies at Ohio University, appears in paperback format and is distributed worldwide.Series EditorsGillian BerchowitzOhio University PressExecutive EditorWilliam H. FrederickOhio UniversityConsultant

Text of Southeast Asia Series

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ReseaRch in inteRnational studies

southeast asia seRiesThis series of publications on Southeast Asia is designed to present significant research, translation, and opinion to area specialists and to a wide community of persons interested in world affairs. The editors seek manuscripts of quality in a wide range of disciplines and work closely with authors to produce high-quality books. The series, published in association with the Center for International Studies at Ohio University, appears in paperback format and is distributed worldwide. Gillian Berchowitz Ohio University Press Executive Editor William H. Frederick Ohio University Consultant

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SoutheaSt aSia SerieS

SinoMalay Trade and Diplomacy

Southeast Asian LivesPersonal Narratives and Historical ExperienceEdited by Roxana WatersonThese histories are from the period of European colonialism, through the wartime occupation by the Japanese, to the new nation states.No. 113 2007 320 pages, illus. 978-0-89680-250-6 pb $28.95

Locating Southeast AsiaGeographies of Knowledge and Politics of SpaceEdited by Paul H. Kratoska, Remco Raben, and Henk Schulte NordholtThis is a book brimming with important topics and new approaches to students of Southeast Asia to examine and debate. All of the essays will be useful in university courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels.IndonesiaNo. 111 2005 350 pages, illus. 978-0-89680-242-1 pb $28

Islam and the State in IndonesiaBahtiar EffendyBahtiars narrative and analysis is lucid, detailed and admirably balanced. . . . an authoritative and thoughtful contribution on Indonesian Islamic politics. Inside IndonesiaNo. 109 2004 250 pages 978-0-89680-238-4 pb $26

from the Tenth through the Fourteenth CenturyDerek HengA welcome and important addition to the literature on the history of maritime trade during the first age of global trade. Using a remarkably broad array of sources, from Chinese and Southeast Asian written accounts through the archaeological record (of shipwrecks in particular) to economic sources which he skillfully mines, Professor Heng offers the first comprehensive history of Sino-Malay trade in the pre-European period. This is a notable achievement.John W. Chaffee, author of Branches of Heaven: A History of the Imperial Clan of Sung ChinaNo. 121 2009 304 pages 978-0-89680-271-1 pb $28

Copublished by Nus press

The Komedie Stamboel

Winner of the 2008 harry J. Benda Prize

Tensions of EmpireJapan and Southeast Asia in the Colonial and Postcolonial WorldKenichi GotoEdited with an introduction by Paul H. Kratoska

Copublished by Nus press

Popular Theater in Colonial Indonesia, 18911903Matthew Isaac CohenThis book makes an important contribution to the literature both on Indonesian theater and on the cultural history of the Netherlands Indies around the turn of the twentieth century. It is meticulously and thoroughly researched and written in a clear, fluid, accessible style. Barbara HatleyNo. 112 2006 492 pages, illus. 978-0-89680-246-9 pb $30

Power PlaysWayang Golek Puppet Theater of West JavaAndrew N. WeintraubI know of no other study of contemporary performing arts in Indonesia that goes so deeply into the politics of meaning within such a complex genre. R. Anderson SuttonNo. 110 2004 320 pages CD-ROM, illus. 978-0-89680-240-7 pb $32

This is an excellent collection of articles written by Japans foremost historian of Japans evolving relations with Southeast Asia during the 20th century.The Japan TimesNo.108 2003 344 pages 978-0-89680-231-5 pb $29.95

Copublished by Nus press

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New Terrains in Southeast Asian HistoryEdited by Abu Talib Ahmad and Tan Liok EeNew Terrains in Southeast Asian History captures the richness and diversity of historical discourse among scholars.No. 107 2003 480 pages 978-0-89680-228-5 pb $35

Secrets Need WordsIndonesian Poetry, 19661998Edited and translated by Harry AvelingSecrets Need Words provides an intriguing glimpse into Indonesian poetry . . . this book succeeds in the best way possibleit leaves the reader wanting more.Pacific ReaderNo. 105 2001 328 pages 978-0-89680-216-2 pb $26 En face, English and Indonesian

Surabaya, City of WorkA Socioeconomic History, 19002000H. W. DickWith its explicit emphasis on longterm trends and the socio-political context, it is a readable book for the general student of Indonesia or urban history. At the same time the richness of the data presented, and the sophistication of his judgment, make it a rewarding source for the specialist.Heather SutherlandNo. 106 2002 480 pages, illus. 978-0-89680-221-6 pb $30

Copublished by Nus press

SoutheaSt aSia SerieSThe Memoir of a Chinese-Indonesian Family in the Twentieth Century


BitterSweetThe Memoir of a Chinese Indonesian Family in the Twentieth CenturyAn Utari SudibjoTold by Stuart Pearson

Burmas Mass Lay Meditation MovementBuddhism and the Cultural Construction of PowerIngrid JordtA subtle, sympathetic, and astute examination of lay piety in Burma and its political implications. Jordt combines an insiders comprehension of Buddhist meditation with a capacity to stand back and take a wider view. The result is a book rich in illuminating insights.James ScottNo. 115 2007 272 pages, illus. 978-0-89680-255-1 pb $28

Realizing the Dream of R. A. KartiniHer Sisters Letters from Colonial JavaEdited and translated by Joost CotCot presents what is probably the last of the Kartini-related letters extant . . . a precious and unique resource. The translations are firstclass, and the person who probably knows more about Kartini and her family than anyone else in the world has edited them.William H. FrederickNo. 114 2008 304 pages, illus. 978-0-89680-253-7 $28

Wartime in BurmaA Diary, January to June 1942By Theippan Maung WaEdited by L. E. Bagshawe and Anna Allott

An Sudibjos story stretches over the generations as her familys fortune waxed and waned through revolution, riots, war, depression, occupation, and finally emigration. It is a valuable resource for studying Indonesian history and the Chinese Diaspora.No. 117 2008 352 pages, illus. 978-0-89680-264-3 pb $28

Wartime in Burma is a stirring memoir that presents a personal account of Theippans feelings about the war, his anxiety for the safety of his family, the bombing of Rangoon, and what happened to them during the next six chaotic months of the British retreat.No. 120 2009 240 pages 978-0-89680-270-4 pb $24

Copublished by Nus press

Being dutch in the indiesA History of Creolisation and Empire, 1500 1920Ulbe Bosma and Remco RabenTranslated by Wendie Shaffer

Copublished by NKiTlV

In telling the story of the Creole empire, the authors draw on government archives, newspapers, and literary works as well as genealogical studies that follow the fortunes of individual families over generations.No. 116 2008 288 pages, illus. 978-0-89680-261-2 pb $28

Indonesian Exports, Peasant Agriculture and the World Economy, 1850 2000Economic Structures in a Southeast Asian StateHiroyoshi KanoKano identifies key actors and analyzes long-term changes in agricultural production and rural society, examining how they shaped the national Indonesian economy.No. 118 2008 442 pages 978-0-89680-268-1 pb $27

Silenced VoicesUncovering a Familys Colonial History in IndonesiaInez HollanderHollanders story comes to grips with her familys past by weaving together personal records with historical and literary accounts of the period.No. 119 2008 312 pages 978-0-89680-269-8 pb $28

Copublished by Nus press

Television, Nation, and Culture in IndonesiaPhilip KitleyThis book is much more than the mere translation of a representative work: it reveals a too well hidden culture, its refinement and its depth. Denise BernotNo. 104 2000 426 pages, illus. 978-0-89680-212-4 pb $30

Copublished by Nus press

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Also in the seriesNot Out of HateA Novel of Burma Ma Ma LayTranslated by Margaret Aung-Thwin Edited by William H. Frederick No. 88 1991 260 pages, illus. 978-0-89680-167-7 pb $22

Imagining IndonesiaCultural Politics and Political Culture Jim Schiller and Barbara Martin-SchillerNo. 97 1997 384 pages 978-0-89680-190-5 pb $34

Memoirs of an Indo WomanTwentieth Century Life in the East Indies and Abroad Margurite SchenkhuizenEdited by Lizelot Stout van Balgooy No. 92 1994 248 pages, illus. 978-0-89680-178-3 pb $32

Text/Politics in Island Southeast AsiaEssays in Interpretation Edited by D. M. E. RoskiesNo. 91 1993 330 pages 978-0-89680-175-2 pb $30

The Return of the Galon KingMaitrii AungThwin

Theater and Martial Arts in West SumatraRandai and Silek of the Minangkabau Kirstin PaukaNo. 103 1998 288 pages, illus. 978-0-89680-205-6 pb $28

Military Ascendancy and Political CultureA Study of Indonesias Golkar Leo SuryadinataNo. 85 1989 235 pages 978-0-89680-154-7 pb $24

History, Law, and Rebellion in Colonial BurmaAn important contribution to Myanmar studies, historiography, and social science methodology. Robert H. Taylor, author of The State in Burma and Burma: Political Economy under Military RuleNo. 124 2010 216 pages 978-0-89680-276-6 pb $28

From Jail to JailTan MalakaTranslated by Helen Jarvis No. 83 1991 (3 vol.) 1209 pages 978-0-89680-150-9 pb $60

Myth and History in the Historiography of Early BurmaParadigms, Primary Sources, and Prejudices Michael A. Aung-ThwinNo. 102 1998 210 pages 978-0-89680-201-8 pb $28

History of the Malay Kingdom of PataniIbrahim SyukriTranslated by Conner Bailey and John N. Miksic No. 68 1985 135 pages