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The essential guide to interactive entertainment agencies and service companies

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  • Contentscreative and promotional SErvices 4

    customer Services 56

    gaming accessories 60

    international distribution 76

    legal services 98

    localisation, qa and testing 102

    manufacturing services 118

    recruitment 126

    software development 140

    uk distribution and logistics 148

    company a-z 152

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  • 01

  • 01creative andpromotional


    Adotomi agency 6AGI world 8

    AN.X 10BASTION 12

    Bezier and hicksville 14buzz 16

    studio diva 18Fink 20FLUID 22 24frontroom 26

    gem 28INDIGO PEARL 30

    keef creative 32Mi 34oM 36

    peppermint p 38PMA digital 40premier PR 42

    realtime uk 44side and sidelines 46

    sjs london 48studio co2 50


  • Established in 2007, Adotomi is a specialistagency providing customised marketingsolutions to the video games industry. With ourexpertise and passion for games, we providetailored solutions to fit your game. From playeracquisition to brand localisation, we listen to ourpartners' visions and convert them into realitywith specialist marketing solutions.

    With our great reputation, professionalism andindustry expertise we have partnered with someof the most reputable publishers and developersin the gaming world; Bigpoint, Jagex and AeriaGames, just to name a few, to target the rightplayerbase for their games.


    Adotomi AgencyTel: +972 (0)37 915 300Fax: +972 (0)36 39 2577Email: hello@adotomi.comWebsite:

    Key contacts:Joe McCormack,

    Stephen CafferyPartner Development Manager

    Address: 90 Menachem Begin Road

    2nd FloorTel Aviv 67138


    Employees: 20-50

    Established: 2007


    01creative &promotional seRvices

  • AGI is a world leader in end-to-endcommunication solutions, creating anddelivering everything from the most effectivemarketing campaigns, eye-catching packagingdesign, trade marketing communications,advertising and interactive media.

    With creative teams in London, Paris, LosAngeles, San Francisco and Sydney, we candeliver design, digital, localisation and prepressservices on a global scale in addition to specialpackaging, print, and marketing collateral.

    AGI have the capability to handle projects fromconcept to marketplace, including creativeproduction allowing you to streamline yourinternal processes, remove the middleman, andreduce both your costs and speed to market.

    We have a long serving client list that includesDisney, Fox, Paramount, Universal, Sony, EA,Activision, Microsoft, Take Two Interactive,Nordic Games and many more...


    AGI World LtdTel: 0207 602 9119Email: info@agi-world.comWebsite:

    Key contacts:Graham Hargreaves

    John Hyslop

    Stuart Hobbs

    Clare Godson

    Address: Berghem Mews

    Blythe RoadLondon W14 0HN

    Employees: 1,500

    Established: 1968


    01creative &promotional seRvices

  • Specialists in content creation, design, brandingand strategy for the leisure and entertainmentindustries.

    Were an advertising agency that offers much morethan youd expect. As well as the usual design forprint, POS, packaging and broadcast, weve workedwith many publishers to help them develop theirexisting IPs, through both strategic advice andcontent creation, including scriptwriting.

    Our team has experience on your side of thefence, holding senior roles at publishers in the UK,France and America, so we understand theprocesses and structures you operate within.

    Whatever stage your product is at, we can helpensure that it is planted firmly in the minds of yourtarget audience via sharp positioning, strategicpromotions, relevant advertising and stand-outpackaging and POS.

    Content creation and IP development Scriptwriting Comic creation and publishing from sister

    company com.x Game greenlight processes Design Strategy Marketing communications Copywriting Advertising Point of Sale Packaging First party print submissions Video/TV production


    AN.XTel: 020 7785 7156Email: jay@anxagency.comWebsite:

    Key contacts:Jon Sloan



    Address: 1 Quality CourtChancery Lane

    LondonWC2A 1HR

    Employees: 10

    Established: 1996


    01creative &promotional seRvices

  • bastion is a longtime leader in creating market-making campaigns for interactive entertainmentbrands and companies.

    Now two new divisions are part of the bastionfamily. is harnessing the power of the socialmedia space for our clients and deliveringamazing results. If youre sceptical about howthis medium can work for you give us a call.

    b.on is helping our clients shape and build theironline presence. From website creation anddelivery through to day-to-day management,our teams ensure that your online presence isengaging at every level.

    bastion is also one of the founding partners ofthe onevovice network, a global network of like-minded agencies who lead their field within theircountry. With offices in New York, Los Angeles,Frankfurt, Paris, Milan, Madrid and London, wereable to take your message global: quickly,efficiently and effectively.


    BastionTel: +44 (0)20 7421 7600Fax: +44 (0)20 7421 7601Email:

    Key contacts:Dean Barrett

    Charlotte Le



    Address: 32-38 Saffron Hill

    London, EC1N 8FH

    Employees: 9

    Established: 1992


    01creative &promotional seRvices

  • Bezier is Europes leading Retail MarketingCompany. We work with our global brand andretail clients to help them gain a greater share oftheir markets through a dynamic range of below-the-line services, including POS and retail displays,shopper marketing, fulfillment and distribution.

    We recently acquired Hicksville, a full-service,above-the-line design agency that specialises inproducing cut-through creative for prestigiousentertainment clients including Sony Pictures,Paramount, Disney, Universal and Warner Music.This award-winning team* has producedmemorable creative across a range of platformsand media including AV, press, print, outdoor,experiential marketing, branding, key art originationand digital formats.

    With Hicksvilles cutting edge above-the-line andcreative skills and Beziers unsurpassed production,planning and below-the-line expertise, ourdedicated Entertainment Division offers clients intheatrical, home ents, publishing and video gamesa service which seamlessly meets their customerand marketing needs right through-the-line.

    *(Winners of two British Video Association Awards in 2010 - Agency of the Year

    and Creative Initiative of the Year)

    Key ServicesKey Art Origination, Branding, Advertising (Print,Press, Online, Out-of-Home, Experiential, AV, TV,Radio), Point of Sale, Retail Activation, PanEuropean Production, Digital Shopper Marketing,Procurement, Retail Displays (Perm & Semi-Perm),Installations, Distribution, Structural Engineering,Fulfilment, Stock Management


    Bezier & HicksvilleTel: 0207 534 8800Fax: 0207 453 8805Website:

    Key contacts:Allison Grant

    Commercial/Clients Services Director

    Rennie MitchellCreative Director

    Address: Golden House

    30 Great Pulteney StreetLondon, W1F 9NN

    Employees: 900

    Established: 1975


    01creative &promotional seRvices

    a Bezier company

  • Buzz is a global creative agency that solvesmarketing challenges through product designsolutions.

    We work across a range of categories fromspecial edition packaging, products andfigurines, to sales kits, point of sale and gamingaccessories.

    Our aim is to increase our clients pre-ordersales and build their customers loyalty bydelivering innovative, custom designed productthat excites gamers and retailers alike.

    We take the drama of the in-game world andembody it in a tangible product that creates apowerful, positive association and lasts longafter the campaign has been run and won.

    Buzz provides a full service encompassing;ideation, design, prototyping, manufacturing,testing and logistics. We manage the entireprocess and deliver worldwide.

    Dont release your next title with just another t-shirt or art card, give the fans what theydeserve product thats truly special and doesjustice to the title it supports!

    Lets create something

    Check out our website to learn


    BuzzTel: +61 3 8412 9000Fax: +61 3 8412 9001Email: info@buzzproducts.comWebsite:

    Key contacts:Daniel Stabb


    Address: 18 Studley Street

    AbbotsfordVictoria 3067


    Employees: 50+

    Established: 1999


    01creative &promotional seRvices

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