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  • 1. Sound WavesOctober 20, 2014

2. Objectives1. Understand that a sound wave is acompressional wave2. Label compression, rarefaction, wavelength,3. Recognize how sound moves and therelated terms, loudness, pitch, frequency,and acoustics 3. Waves transfer energy not matter.Waves can only exist as they have energy to carry. 4. Compressional Wavesmatter in the wave moves back and forthparallel to the direction of the wave 5. Sound Waves Compressional wave travels as vibrations moving through the air 6. CompressionalLongitudinal wavethe area squeezedtogether - compression.area spread out rarefaction.The wavelength - onecompression next 7. What is sound?Sound - compressional wave which travels through theair through a series of compressions and rarefactions. 8. Sound travels through different media. We hear sound which usuallytravels through air. travels through other media andat different speeds travels faster in a solid than aliquid and a gas. 9. The denser the medium, the faster sound willtravel. The higher the temperature, the faster thesound travels. 10. How is frequency related to pitch? The pitch of a sound wave is directly relatedto frequency. A high-pitched sound has a high frequency (ascreaming girl). A low-pitched sound has a low frequency (afog-horn). 11. Using SoundWhat is Acoustics?Acoustics is the study of sound and ways to optimizethe hearing of sound inside various structures.