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The community newspaper of record for Sooke and region.

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  • THE MUSEUM MAN Lee Boyko is the new execu-toive director at the Sooke

    Region Museum. Page 21

    Your community, your classifi eds P24 75Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 21, 2011

    Editorial Page 8 Entertainment Page 23Sports/stats Page 28



    Pirjo Raits photo

    Those interested in running for municipal council gathered to get a few tips from consultant Roy Roycroft.

    Running for public office? What you need to know if you plan to run for council

    Pirjo RaitsSooke News Mirror

    About 18 people filled the gallery at the District of Sooke council chambers on Thursday, Sept. 15 to listen to consultant Rob Roycroft explain what it means to run for public office.

    The two-hour session covered such topics as why people run for council, the challenges, what they need to be aware of and the upside as well as the pit-falls.

    The vast majority have a deep desire to make their community the best it can be, the electorate want and expect a good council, said Roycroft.

    He said everyone who runs is an independent and because they are out in the

    community everyday they are open to criticism and praise and have to be aware of their actions and stances on issues even before they seek a council seat.

    People with self-interest, specific issues, business or professional interests simi-lar to those of the district are likely not the best can-didates.

    The time commitment is a tedious one and candidates can expect to spend more time on council business than they ever thought. Council meets four times a month and then there are the committee and board commitments.

    There are demands dur-ing the day, evenings, week-ends and at the worst possi-ble times, stated Roycroft. It can impact your personal and employment life.

    The compensation is not much but Roycroft said that should not deter or pre-clude someone from run-

    ning for council.Expect to spend a lot of

    time on district business. The community is best served by a body represent-ing the broadest range of interest and abilities. He said that once elected a council member could expect to be available 24/7, nothing is off the record and confron-tation and arguments are commonplace.

    Its a dirty world out there, Roycroft warned.

    The mayors position pays a stipend of $20,100 plus expenses and councillors get $10,050 plus expenses. Conferences and travel are covered by the district.

    The longest discussion involved conflict of interest.

    Its the only thing that can get you fired, stated Rycroft.

    He said that you alone decide if you are in a posi-tion of conflict of interest

    CRD to lobby province to purchase JDF landsPirjo RaitsSooke News Mirror

    The development proposal put forth by Ender Ilkay and Marine Trail Holdings may be dead in the water after the zoning was turned down by the Capital Regional Dis-trict (CRD) Land Use Committee A but the game isnt quite over.

    On Wednesday, Sept. 14, after the vote to deny the rezoning applica-tion, JDF Electoral Area Director Mike Hicks put forth a motion to petition the province to purchase the lands from Ilkay.

    I made the motion, coming from the comments (at the public hear-ings) it was very clear that the peo-ple in the Juan de Fuca joined the people in the CRD, to purchase the land from Mr. Ilkay, said Hicks.

    The development application would have seen 257 cabins, one resort lodge, two recreation build-ings, six caretaker residences and a public park constructed adjacent to the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail. Three days of public hearings showed almost unanimous public opposition to the proposal.

    There was very little support for a resort development of any size, said Hicks.

    Hicks stated that there were only three options for the lands in question: zone it, log it or buy it.

    Now were down to log it or buy it. Ive given it a lot of thought and not everyone is grasping the reality.

    He said he is supporting the CRD using some of their parks allocation funds to help the provincial government purchase these lands.

    Hicks said Ender Ilkay can now sell the property in seven separate parcels and each owner can log it or extract resources from it without the CRD having any power to stop it.

    We have to accept that, said Hicks. I feel content, in my heart I did the right thing for the Juan de Fuca constituents, now the onus is on the province. It is (close to) a

    provincial park and I hope they step up, its important to protect that land and move on.

    We are very much hoping that the prov-ince will work to intervene for the sake of the Marine Trail parklands, said CRD Board Chair Geoff Young in a media release. Release of the Tree Farm License lands in 2007 created an unprecedented situation

    for the CRD and for planning in the JDF Rural Resource area. The fallout from this decision could be partially mitigated by preserving the Marine Trail Holdings lands as parkland, which would prevent resource extraction in an area bor-dering the park. This is something that the CRD does not have the ability to achieve.

    In 2009, the CRD was unsuc-cessful in an appeal of the B.C. Supreme Courts December 2008 decision regarding Juan de Fuca Electoral Area (JDFEA) local area planning bylaws and the voting arrangement in the area. The

    appeals decision rendered a number of interim bylaws invalid, which were passed in response to the release of 28,000 hectares of land, owned by Western Forest Products (WFP) from Tree Farm Licenses 6, 19 and 25 on Vancouver Island by the B.C. Minister of Forests. The CRD bylaws were passed in order to give more time for planning and development decisions by the JDF commu-nity Land Use Committee and in consulta-tion with the community. The Marine Trail Holdings development application was sub-mitted before subsequent bylaws could be put into place.

    Following the development application denial, the CRD will also work to more clearly define development and protec-tion goals under the Regional Sustainability Strategy (RSS), clarify roles and responsi-bilities for governments and adopt proto-col that will ensure greater consistency in Board decisions.


    ceSudeMike Hicks

    JdFEA Director

    Continued on page 5


    Professional golfer returns home after a lengthy stint on

    the road.Page 28 250.642.6361



    Shelly Davis

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  • Benjamin YongSooke News Mirror

    From the Sept. 15, 2011 regular council meeting.

    Public HearingsNo one opposed the

    recommendation of amending Bylaw No. 493, Official Commu-nity Plan Amendment, for Atwater Landing (Grouse Nest) at 1424 Gillespie Rd. Council gave third reading and moved to approve the amendment.

    The applicant applied to change the designation of the property from Rural Residential to Compre-hensive Development. The proposed rezon-ing will primarily be for residential housing with limited local com-mercial space including a park designation, as well as access to the water for things like canoeing and kayaking, said municipal planner Gerard LeBlanc.

    They are looking at a full range of mixed multi-family residences from duplexes to apart-ments, he said.

    Coun. Ron Dumont said there was a need for some road improve-ment to the area, and Atwater president Doug Regelous replied there will be a lengthy pro-cess before doing any work.

    The development

    will be adjunct to Sooke, and will benefit the community, said Regelous.

    No speakers opposed the amendment of Bylaw No. 504, Zon-ing Amendment Bylaw (270-91) and Bylaw No. 505, 6826 Grant Road West Phased Develop-ment Agreement Autho-rization Bylaw 2011. Council gave third read-ing and the motion to pass the amendments was carried unani-mously.

    The applicant requested 6826 Grant Road West be rezoned from Village Residen-tial 1 Zone (R-1) to a Medium Density Multi-Family Residential Zone (RM-3). Approximately 20 units are proposed subject to a Phased Development Agree-ment.

    SubdivisionCouncil approved an

    applicants proposal to the Agricultural Land Commission with a rec-ommendation of sup-port for the subdivision of two houses at 1810 and 1820 Connie Road into a strata conver-sion.

    The application is required because the proposal would sever the ALR land which runs along Veitch Creek, with a house on either side.

    Development Vari-ance Permit

    Council approved the issuance of Devel-opment Variance Per-mit PLN000906 to allow living space on the ground level of a one-storey commercial building at 6580 Sooke Road. It was originally purchased by the own-ers in 1999 to be used as a chiropractors office with living quar-ters behind the office. At the time, the zoning bylaw allowed a resi-dence to be attached to a commercial building. In 2002, the bylaw was amended to only allow residential use above the first floor in the C-2 zone.

    The building was put up for sale last year and a potential buyer has made an offer to purchase the property with the condition that

    the living quarters be allowed to remain on ground level. The vari-ance permit is to mod-ify the required loca-tion of residential use on an upper floor.

    Sooke resident Gail Hall said she doesnt believe the district should make it easier for people to sell their property, and that it is not allowed to vary the use of the original intention of the prop-erty. LeBlanc replied were not varying use, were varying the loca-tion of use. We permit upper floor residential use, were just moving it to the ground floor.

    Sign BylawCouncil gave third

    reading and moved to amend Bylaw No. 480, Sign Regulation Bylaw.

    During the public

    input portion, Ellen Lewers asked whether a farm was permit-ted to display sand-wich boards under the amended bylaw.

    Mayor Janet Evans asked council and staff whether farm was clas-sified as a home-based business. LeBlanc said a development vari-ance permit should be required for a farm, but the issue was raised that a DVP costs sev-eral hundred dollars and that there should be some kind of excep-tion depending on what the permit is for. Coun. Maja Tait said a perma-nent sign doesnt make sense for some home businesses and farms that are seasonal, since they wouldnt want cus-tomers potentially visit-ing during off-season.

    Coun. Dumont inquired about whether illuminated signs were permitted. Tait said they are not encour-aged but would be allowed for businesses like a bed and breakfast off the main road that would otherwise not be visible at night.

    Lewers spoke again, and said that business is tough enough for farms as is, and there is no other alternative to attract business besides sandwich boards.

    The proliferation of signs are a a sign of the times, she said.

    Evans said sandwich boards for farms are still permitted until the bylaw is adopted, at which point farm own-ers should apply for a


    Up Sooke

    Thumbs Up!


    Contd on page 5

    Bennett, Kasper

    and Evans announce

    their political


    David Bennett, a resi-dent of the District of Sooke since 1993, and a current councillor, for-mally announced his intention today to seek the position of mayor in the upcoming munic-ipal elections on Satur-day, Nov. 19 (with the pending retirement of Sookes second Mayor, Janet Evans).

    I am extremely hon-oured that the citizens of Sooke put their con-fidence in my abilities and my potential to contribute to the well-

    being of our commu-nity as a councillor in 2008. I hope that I may continue to serve our dynamic, wonderful community for the next three years as mayor.

    Saying its time to restore trust in local government, Rick Kasper made it offi-cial and announced he is running for Sooke council in the Novem-ber election.

    Lets work together to bring back trust and transparency to our local government.

    For me, its about doing whats right for the community as a whole, Kasper said. That means reasoned decisions in the best interests of our com-munity, with fair and respectful treatment for everyone.

    With 20+ years expe-rience in provincial and local government, Kasper is well versed in the rules and proce-dures.

    Kasper served on District of Sooke Coun-cil from 2005 to 2008.

    Before that, he served as MLA for Malahat Juan de Fuca for 10 years, and as CRD director for nine years. He has no political party ties, and no affiliation with any special interest.

    Mayor Janet Evans announced she will be running for School Trustee in the Milnes Landing Zone of Sooke School District #62.

    Although I am step-ping away from local government I would still like to be involved in the greater commu-

    nity of Sooke and Juan de Fuca. I feel I have the time, energy and ability to contribute to pub-lic service as a school board trustee.

    Our school district is the fastest growing on the island and we need to plan and deliver the best facilities and edu-cation for our youth. I look forward to hear-ing from parents and staff on their issues as we move forward to November 19, she said.


    THE STAFF AT the Sooke News Mirror will be putting on their gloves and packing their bags and heading to Billings Spit to clean it up, as part of the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup from Sept. 17-25.

    ALTHOUGH THE TEAM is not official they are going ahead and participating.


    THE CHARTERS CREEK Salmon Interpretive Centre will be holding its grand opening and dedication ceremony this Sunday at 1:30 p.m.

    PARKING IS NOT available on site, but shuttle buses will be running at 12 noon from Edward Milne Road.


    THE RIDERS WILL be riding into Sooke on Wednesday, Oct. 5. Lets be sure to give them a special Sooke welcome.

    THUMBS UP TO all of those local residents who are considering running for public office. It is a demanding and often frustrating position and at times thankless.

    SO THANK YOU for considering giving your time to Sooke.


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    Council Briefs continue

    DVP. Leblanc said, A sign

    legally in existence at the time the bylaw is adopted, even if it doesnt conform, is per-mitted as long as its kept tidy.

    Dave Mallett asked about homes that arent businesses but just have a display sign, for instance with a family name. Evans said depends on if its on the home or at the front its something we can look into, those kind of things can come later.

    EPCORCouncil approved a

    five-year wastewater management agree-ment with EPCOR Water Services and authorized the mayor and the chief administrative officer to go ahead.

    CAO Even Parliament said there had been a lot of questions about the increased operat-ing and maintenance cost of the agreement over the previous con-tract, and that every-thing is attributed to growth and protecting the asset. Approxi-mately $300,000 of the new contract goes toward tipping fees (charges imposed by the waste process-ing facility), hauling, chemicals and opera-tional performance; another $100,000 is for asset protection and growth planning; and an additional $30,000 for enhanced customer service.

    All capital, of course, will be paid for and directed by the dis-trict in the future as we

    move forward, mean-ing council can deter-mine where the system wants to expand based on petitions or govern-ment grant or the will of the council of the day to use reserves or any other sources of fund-ing, said Parliament.

    Coun, Herb Haldane asked how the district can pay for increased costs if projected rev-enue growth doesnt occur. He pointed out last year the district ran a deficit in the budget, and wondered what will happen if a deficit occurs again. Parlia-ment said in that sce-nario the district would have to increase parcel taxes and slash expendi-tures. Haldane opposed the agreement.

    Agricultural PlanCouncil unanimously

    recommended staff prepare an Agricultural Plan for the District of Sooke.

    LeBlanc said there isnt a lot of agricultural land available, but there are a lot of people farm-ing. The plan, which will cost $7,500 to prepare, is being headed by Elis-abeth Nelson, district municipal engineer.

    Coun. Haldane he hopes it will take into account the road net-working that will be required.

    Mutual Aid Agree-ment

    Council temporarily tabled the endorsement of a five-year Mutual Aid Agreement with the City of Colwood and the Colwood Fire Res-cue Service.

    and if you have to ask the question, you likely are in conflict, either real or perceived.

    If you have a pecuniary interest in an item on the agenda, you cannot participate in discussion with staff and council and you cannot vote. You are obligated to remove yourself from the council table.

    A reasonable expectation of bias is also problematic, he said. Coun-cil must always approach an issue with an open mind and listen.

    Pecuniary interest is difficult to access and it is not black and white.

    You need to be guarded by both your head and your heart if you think you are, you are. The gover-nance function itself has to remain neutral.

    Roycroft said one of the best ways to figure out if one is in a conflict of interest is to ask the common per-son. if you ask, do you think I would be in a conflict of interest, if they say yes you would not pass the test.

    He stated that once a charge is lev-ied in a conflict situation a person pays a huge price and the corpora-tion (District of Sooke) pays a really huge price if it goes to court. He said a bylaw can be tossed out if a biased decision is made and it will cost the municipality a lot of money.

    Care has to be taken in ones pub-lic life as well as ones personal life when they are on council.

    Embarrassment can be long last-ing.

    Carrying on Roycroft said that the first year on council was the least influential as current issues, con-tractual obligations and such were already ongoing. Effecting change takes time and at times it can be overwhelming due to demands, pres-sures, sensitivity.

    There are decision-making con-straints and you will find yourself in a legislative straight jacket, said Roy-croft.

    I guarantee a newly-elected offi-cial will get frustrated.

    He spoke of a code of conduct and the necessity to run a clean cam-paign.

    Once elected you are now part of the system and you are all on the same team. When a decision is made, it becomes a corporate decision and it is the responsibility of all to sup-port it.

    Healthy debate is positive but it is important to stick to the issues and avoid personalities. He said the com-munity elects the entire council to work for positive outcomes.

    Roycroft went on to talk about in-camera meeting and the importance of knowing that what was carried on behind closed doors stayed behind closed doors.

    There is no such things as legisla-tive immunity at the local level.

    If a councillor does end up in court, the district indemnifies the council-lor when they act in good faith, but some actions can attract organiza-tion and personal liability.

    You have to be careful what you say, Roycroft emphasized. He said this applied to ones personal com-ments as well as public ones.

    As everything is on public record, with the exception of issues of land, labour or law, a councillor or mayors notes, files, emails, correspondence are open to inspection.

    The seminar ended with discus-sion on budgets and decision mak-ing processes. For more information a council hopeful can go to:, as well the District of Sooke has a lot of information on the website:

    Contd from page 3

    Running for public officeContinued from page 1

    Pirjo Raits photo

    Consultant Rob Roycroft spoke to council hopefuls about the good, the bad and the ugly of running for local public office.

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    LOOKING BACKA trip back through

    the Sooke News Mirror time machine...

    Sept. 22, 2010 Hello, Port Renfrew

    Residents in Port Renfrew are finally get-ting a secure phonesystem.

    Thanks to an infu-sion of funds from Capi-tal Regional Emergency Services Telecommuni-cations Inc., the Prov-ince of B.C. and Telus, an emergency phonesystem is going to be installed.

    Mike Hicks, JDF director, had beenseeking funding earlier this year and a July 1 deadline had come and gone without a secure funding source for the $100,000 price tag.

    The proposed switch system allows Port Ren-frew to become a closed service with 911 access which is diverted to the ambulance service. The one satellite system can then be used to bring inhelp in an emergency, if required.

    Sept. 20, 2006 Remembering Jeso-kah

    A small memorial onthe side of Sooke Road serves as a reminderthat it has now been five years since JesokahAdkens was last seen.

    It is every parents worst nightmare a missing child. Scan-ning the Missing Chil-dren Society of Canada, one is astounded at the hundreds of children reported missing.

    Jesokah is one ofthem. Five years ago, on Sept. 6, 2001, shevanished while walking to the bus stop at thecorner of Sooke Road and Idlemore Road. Shenever got on the bus and hasnt been seensince.

    Jesokah is describedas being 55 tall, 100 lbs. with long, straight blonde hair. She has a scar on her chin and is right handed. She would now be 22 years old.

    Anyone with infor-mation about Jesokah Adkens should call theSooke RCMP at 250-642-5241 or the MissingChildren Society of Can-

    ada at 1-800-661-6160.

    Sept. 19, 2001 Terrorism strikes theUnited States

    No place in the world was untouched by theevents of Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001. Not evenSooke.

    I was absolutely dev-astated its hard to articulate, said Larry Malmgren, visiting from Eugene, Oregon on theday of the tragedy. My wife and I feel numb.

    Malmgren was suf-fering from a doublewhammy that black day. He suspected hisson-in-laws best friend was probably gone.The man worked in the World Trade Cen-tre. Also, a son-in-laws nephew had just beenkilled in Mexico and the father could not return to the United States with the body.

    Our situation has been compounded, Malmgren said. Theres an extra layer of pain.

    Sept. 18, 1996 Local hockey cream of the crop

    The Sooke Minor Hockey Association cel-ebrated a major victory last week.

    They were named Minor Hockey Associa-tion of the Year by the B.C. Amateur HockeyAssociation.

    SMHS edged outother larger associa-tions in the running forthe Frank Spring Tro-phy, named in honour of Frank Spring, past president and life mem-ber of the BCAHA.

    An average of 10 or11 of the provinces 135 associations are nomi-nated for the award each year.

    The award recog-nizes the organizationwhich best develops and fosters the growthof kids in a community setting, said BCAHAproject coordinator Johnny Misley.

    Sept. 18, 1991 No no to doo doo

    Parks commissioner Paulette Batt is on a crusade to eliminate dog poop on WhiffinSpit.

    Met with support from her colleagues

    at last weeks meet-ing, Whiffin Spit parkand other Sooke parks will be outfitted withsquatting dog signs to remind pet owners thatthey should not permit their pets to do theirbusiness in parks.

    Ms. Batt reported tocommissioners on a survey she had made ofGreater Victoria munic-ipalities to find out how they handled the prob-lem.

    She said Saanich has developed a very expen-sive system of provid-ing plastic bags for dogdroppings in parks with the request that thebags be dropped off in garbage containers.

    Sooke Philharmonic

    AGMSun, Oct 16,

    Sooke Harbour HousePot Latch Room

    2 P.M.

    Capital Regional District

    Regular MeetingJuan de Fuca Electoral Area Ofce#2 6868 West Coast RoadThursday, September 29, 2011 at 5:00 PM

    Public Welcome to AttendFor meeting conrmation or for further information, please contact the JdFEA Planning Services Ofce at 250.642.1500.

    Notice ofJuan de Fuca Electoral Area Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission

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    How times have changed in Sooke

    At the corner of Otter Point and Eustace Road today, a walker might be heading towards a morning coffee. In the late 1940s when this photo was taken, there was no coffee, and it was two gas pumps that dominated the scene in front of the McMillan General Store.

    If the camera lens had been aimed a bit to the right, the view would have taken in Otter Point Road, up the hill. The little cottage seen here at the northwest corner of Eustace and

    Otter Point was at that time the home of Bill and Ruth Lindley. Right after World War II, Bill Lindley had established the first machine shop to serve the commu-nity, further along Otter Point Road. (Today the building he erected would be recognized as The Tin Grotto or as Sooke Trading.)

    In this photo, propri-etor Jenny McMillan is posed with her friend Madeleine Soule. For a decade, Ken and Jenny McMillan oper-ated this corner retail shop and raised their

    two daughters, Phyllis and Mary. In the 1950s they sold their busi-ness to the Frank and Marge Bowles family, who added a coffee bar, catering to the young crowd.

    In the late 1960s, Dick Davidge and Don Roberts purchased the machine shop after Bill Lindleys passing. The Sooke Legion Housing was later established on the site of the Lind-ley cottage, on the cor-ner behind the white picket fence.

    Madeleine Soule, a Sooke artist and wife of

    pioneer Rupert Soule, passed away a few years after this photo. The Soule house stood on West Coast Road, at the site of todays Ed Macgregor Park. Rupert Soule and his second wife, Gladys Graignic enjoyed many years at their water-view property, tending the beautiful gardens that later became part of the civic park.

    Elida Peers, Historian

    Sooke Region Museum

    SRHS photo

    Jenny McMillan and her friend Madeleine Soule at the gas pumps along Otter Point and Eustace Roads in the 1940s. | 26716 West Coast Road, Sooke | t: 250-642-3240

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    EDITORIAL Rod Sluggett PublisherPirjo Raits EditorBenjamin Yong ReporterThe Sooke News Mirror is published every Wednesday by Black Press Ltd. | 112-6660 Sooke Road, Sooke, B.C. V9Z 0A5 | Phone: 250-642-5752 WEB: WWW.SOOKENEWSMIRROR.COM

    B.C. Views The Americanization of Canadian

    and B.C. politics is gathering speed now that legislated four-year terms are finally settling in at the federal and provincial level.

    Scheduled elections are an important reform, but the downside is that they seem to lead inexorably to constant campaigning. The latest example is the B.C. Liberal Partys website and radio campaign directed at upstart B.C. Conservative leader John Cummins.

    Strange days indeed, NDP leader Adrian Dix mused on his Facebook page. The Liberals, after a week of nasty attacks on the NDP, launched an anti-John Cummins website. Absent a policy agenda, the Liberals seem to want to blame others for their problems. This too will backfire as Ms. Clark is again misreading the public mood. People are demanding substance in politics these days, not photo ops and negative attacks.

    I see nothing strange in Dix rushing to the defence of Cummins, who represents the NDPs best hope for a move into the legislatures west wing. It is a bit odd for Dix to accuse others of lacking policy, as he leads a party that has been distinguished by little other than negative political tactics since its near-death experience in 2001.

    This is almost as strange as the B.C. Liberals damning Cummins as a politician who says one thing and does another. Yeah, that can really come back to bite you.

    There hasnt been much of an anti-Dix effort yet, but you can be sure there is one sitting on the shelf, prepared for Clarks recently-abandoned fall election plan. The nasty attacks Dix complained about were focused on his federal partys sudden preference for Quebec seats in the House of Commons, and sniping about which Premier Clark hired more political staff Christy or Glen?

    And it was the NDP who started the negative cycle with their own TV ad, featuring Campbell Crunch and Christy Crunch cereals, both loaded with HST.

    (I can put to rest the ghastly rumour that the B.C. Liberal war room will soon unleash a gang of angry, unemployed HST stick-men.)

    The U.S. tactic of going negative early, to define your rivals before they can define themselves, has worked spectacularly for Stephen Harpers Conservatives. They scorched federal Liberal leaders Stphane Dion and Michael Ignatieff, and public distaste for these methods does not seem to have hurt them. The anti-Cummins campaign has a similar style, and there are indications that it may have been produced in Toronto.

    The website, canttrustcummins.

    ca, uses a bug-eyed photo of the former fisherman-MP that makes him look like a ray gun-wielding alien from the movie Mars Attacks. In fact our whole political scene is starting to look like a rerun of a bad 1990s movie.

    It was Reform BC that rose from the ashes of Social Credit, and inspired a desperate Gordon Campbell to sing country music and take a hard line on aboriginal relations, to stitch the ruptured right back together.

    Cummins defined himself as a Reform-Alliance-Conservative MP by railing against treaties, and that continues to be the core of his thin policy book. His other two main ideas are also pure rural populism. He vows to scrap the carbon tax and suggests that municipalities should cut their costs to fund transit.

    Voters will have a better idea by the end of this week if Clarks plan for defending and creating jobs is really new policy, or merely more photo ops.

    B.C. has had its first taste of California-style tax revolt. Now we have two years ahead that will be dominated by relentlessly negative, continuous campaigning.

    Tom Fletcher is legislative reporter and columnist for Black Press and

    [email protected]

    B.C. imports American-style politics

    Pay heed to letters policy


    The letters page is an expression of opinion, a forum for issues in the community. But, it is not a soapbox for extolling the virtues of political candidates.

    As of this edition, we will not be printing any letters by declared candidates running in the municipal and school board elections, until after the Nov. 19 election.

    We have been very fortunate to receive letters from a wide array of residents and interested

    readers. The Sooke News Mirror, over the past 40 years has been the voice of the community and the readers have never disappointed us. The Sooke News Mirror has always received many letters because our readers are involved, aware and

    outspoken on topics of current interest. This has helped make the Sooke News Mirror a multi award-winning newspaper across the province and the country.

    To reiterate, please confine your comments to 300 words. If you have trouble getting your point across, then your letter needs some editing. We ask that you provide your full name and address as well as your telephone number so we can clarify the letters to ensure they are legitimate. Names will be withheld only in cases where retribution is likely should an identity be revealed. The editor and publisher will however know who the writer is.

    We do not publish poetry, thank you letters or announcements from non-profit groups, especially when they contain long lists of names.

    We are responsible for libel and slander if such a letter or article is printed. So, keep it clean, honest and valid.

    Our readers are involved, aware and outspoken...

    How to reach us:Phone 250-642-5752; fax 250-642-4767

    Rod Sluggett [email protected]

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    Agreement #40110541

    What would you like to ask the mayoral candidates?

    How will they manage to set a positive tone for

    the new council?

    Vivien, Erin Sterling and Ciaran

    Are there any plans to widen the road to loosen

    up some of the conges-tion?

    Cheryl Feneran

    Are you going to keep it nice and peaceful?

    Michael Diment

    How will you make down-town Sooke nicer?

    Agnes Wansink



  • Loose dogs unsafe

    I want to comment about all the canine owners in Sooke. I am tired of dealing with an all too common prob-lem.

    It is great that Sooke seems to be a dog town. No huge breed issue, no huge stamina issue. But what it does have is a huge loose dog issue.

    I cannot walk my dog off his property without encountering a loose dog, at least three times a week. I/we dont care if your dog is friendly and wont bite. Mine will. Not because he is naturally aggres-sive, but because loose dogs in the past have attacked him and he was hurt. As was I. So, now, he will protect me and himself at all costs.

    I do not wish for other dogs to get hurt for something careless on the owners side. Leash your dogs, or contain them in your house, in a secure yard/pen and look after your dog. We seem to manage to keep our dog safe... why cant you? Its really not that hard. Honest.

    I can 100 per cent guarantee the safety of your dog if it walks by us while on leash and under control. But I can-not guarantee its safety if it approaches us off leash. It will not be our fault. My dog does not need more train-ing, nor do I need to be more calm. You need to ensure the safety of your dog, not me.

    Just today, my dog and I just got off our street and a loose dog approached us. We just narrowly escaped a dog fight, if it wasnt for a bystander seeing the issue and helping me out (thank you whom-ever you are). Then, the loose dog narrowly escaped getting hit by a vehicle. It is not safe to have your dog run loose. There is more than just my dog out there that is a potential hazard.

    Please Sooke dog owners make sure your dog is secure at all times. Go check their yards for dug out holes, loose boards in the fence, anything that can get your dog out. Make sure it has its collar, and a leash when you walk it. Licensing is a great way to insure your dog, if it gets loose, it gets returned. Heck, even a name and number on a tag helps. Lets make Sooke a safe place for all its residents.

    Also, please refresh your memory of the towns bylaws concern-ing animal control here:

    Kathie DierkSooke

    Who loses?Im trying to wrap my

    head around this. The uber-NIMBYs of

    the Dogwood Initiative prefer a clear cut to a resort. Do they really believe that the prov-ince is going to give them $5 million so they can have their own pri-vate park?

    It was made abun-dantly clear when Western Forest Prod-ucts sold the land that the B.C. government wasnt going to buy it. Now, when theres a global economic down-turn and the BCTF just got over two billion rea-sons why they wont be getting their raise, Mike Hicks thinks that theyre going to give him $5 million to buy land that they already rejected. Stridency and arrogance win out again.

    Thankfully China is buying softwood lum-ber so at least our local loggers will have employment for a few years. I guess theres something of a silver lining to this after all. Just not for the local trades, the local First Nations, the local busi-nesses or anybody that would have benefitted over the long term.

    Jason KittSooke

    Loose dogs are dangerous

    I am writing as a visi-tor from Alberta. The topic: loose household pets, in particular, your family pet dog. We have had several incidents of close encounters with loose dogs, with no owner in sight, while visiting your beautiful area.

    We noticed that there are pet parks in your area where you can take your pets for a friendly walk and meet other families with their pets. Most of the time, your pets have to be on a leash, why? Because they can attack any thing or per-son at any time. There are good reasons why bylaws are instituted but mostly for the safety of others.

    When your pet dog is loose throughout town, it makes it dangerous for your pet as well as those who come upon the animal in question. People will respond to loose aggressive ani-mals in different ways and running away is not one of them. Also with the amount of vehicle traffic in your town, your animal is not safe. They are like children and need to be watched and cared for at all times.

    I know that most pet owners are responsi-ble, take care of their animals, take them to obedience school, and willingly own up to any incidents. How-ever, lets not have an

    incident where people will be hospitalized or the animal sent to be destroyed. There are many ways to avoid a heartbreak in the fam-ily. One of those take care of your animal by making sure they are at home with you.

    Thank you for your consideration of others in your neighbourhood and visitors in your beautiful town.

    Elaine McDermidWhitecourt, Alberta

    Trespassing on park property

    To the person that is accessing Harbourview Road off of the power-lines with their full-size vehicle.

    It might be a good idea not to be doing multiple 50 metre-long burnouts on Harbour-view Road. Not only are you bringing unneces-sary attention to your-self and others like yourself that are tres-passing, but the ero-sion to the road will be significant when the rains come.

    The OHV crowd cant figure out why CRD will not let them into the parks? Just take a walk up Harbourview Road and you will see why.

    Mike RobinsonSooke

    Poor parking/bike rack decision

    Theres a new bike rack down on Whiffin Spit parking lot.

    What genius thought that one up?

    Its bad enough you took away most of the parking spots with those No Parking yel-low lines and an exces-sive number of handi-capped spots that will see little use but why lose another parking space to a bike rack?

    It could easily have been placed in the yel-low No Parking zone and still leave plenty of room for service vehi-cles to pass through the blue gate.

    And another thing... be sure and leave the bike rack painted black so one dark and stormy night someone can back their vehicle into it and sue the municipality.

    William SlimSooke

    More scoop on the poop

    Two concerned dog owners, in last weeks letters, expressed their outrage about the num-ber of people who are failing to scoop the poop of their dogs in public venues around Sooke. The amount of dog feces deposited, especially along our wonderful trails, is becoming intolerable, unsightly and danger-ous.

    As a member of a Sooke walking group, we are very aware of the problem, e.g. along the iconic Whiffin Spit, parts of the Gallop-ing Goose trail and even small Ella Beach. Nowhere seems to escape the behaviour of a number of dog own-ers who fail to clean up after their pets. Then the same people won-der why others may become hostile to them and dogs.

    On Sunday, Sept. 11, the sculpture competi-tion was held at Wiffin

    Deliver by mail or hand to our office, or e-mail [email protected]

    Letters should be 300 words or less, and we may edit for length, tone and accuracy. Please include contact information.



    Run for the cure

    Benjamin Yong photo

    Employees at CIBC help to find a cure for cancer by setting up a tent to barbecue and fundraise on a windy Friday afternoon. From left, Danielle Evans, Marina Howlett, branch manager Les Lewco and Katherine Williams looked after the grill and collected donations for the five-kilometre run at the UVic set for Oct. 2.

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    Spit in conjunction with the annual fall fair. For participants the col-lecting of materials on the beach for the sculp-tures was made more difficult and unpleasant as the sculptors tried to circumvent the pools of dog poo. Visitors from Orlando, Florida, after coming to dine at one of Sookes fine restau-rants, decided to have a stroll to view the sculptures and scenery along the path strewn with dog feces, some in the free brown bags (supplied free by the municipality). What a memory to take away how Sooke residents care for their environ-ment and other people.

    The municipality has posted notices to remind dog owners of their responsibilities, and even provided waste disposal facilities in heavily frequented places. Where notices or provision are not offered, this should not be used as an excuse to fail to collect ones dogs feces.

    If there continues to be a wanton disregard by some dog owners to clean up after their pets, the only course the municipality will have is to ban all peo-

    ple walking with dogs on trails and public places. As a previous dog owner, this loss of enjoyment and exercise by humans and their pets is indeed a high price to pay for the irre-sponsibility of some very selfish dog owners who fail to scoop the poop of their pets. M. Trouton


    Preserve and protect

    The Public Hearing for Marine Trail Resort was truly awareness-raising. Perhaps most of all, for residents of Juan de Fuca. How many of us knew just how much the Juan de Fuca Trail is loved and valued by people from all over? This is something that I, for one, learned from the experience.

    I also learned that many of us locals whether we came there for or against the proposal shared the same essential con-cerns. We want the trail to be protected and

    maintained. But we also want the same for our communities. We know that this is a very spe-cial but fragile place. And that its about the people, no less than the superlative geography. We agree that we need to preserve, protect, grow and sustain all at the same time.

    We citizens must increase our participa-tion in decision-making, governance and stew-ardsip of Juan de Fuca.

    I hope we will con-tinue speaking up and coming together about this. Now is the time; not only in the wake of such a transformative Public Hearing, but also in preparation for the November elections.

    Kara Middleton- White

    East Sooke

    Mistake in numbers

    Controversial words from members of the community relative to my statement in the Sooke News Mir-ror, Aug. 31, 2011, are meant to make it seem as if I cant count. I can

    count and I can under-stand just fine. I will always ask questions and make proper inves-tigations. I can also clarify things that seem murky or questionable. So sometimes after say-ing things and hearing things more questions need to be asked.

    I invite you to see money amounts bro-ken down into proper portions so you can understand. Tax rev-enues, grants and park reserve funds are of great importance in openly discussing proj-ect costs in and with the community. Casino funds are grants from the province to the Dis-trict of Sooke. These were indeed awarded by the B.C. Ministry of Public Safety and Solici-tor General.

    After all grants, including a casino grant of $235,000 and in kind monies are calculated, District of Sooke taxes are paying $300,000, out of $1.74 million for the boat launch.

    I was mistaken in reporting park reserve funds had been used in our land purchase. They were to be used and this changed, so there would be no con-

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    september 24 & 25Saturday 10am - 5pm

    Sunday 10am - 4pm

    pearkes rec centre3100 tillicum road



    er Jon

    ker P




    DS MUSIC 12PM & 2PM


    D S




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    5th annual




    G R







    NG SU




    $7/Person Add $1 for weekend pass

    Kids 12 & under free

    Dr. John H. Duncan D.D.S.4632 Rocky Point Road Metchosin


    Metchosin Dental ClinicFamily Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry

    Root Canal Therapy Crown & Bridge Oral Surgery Porcelain Veneers Hygiene Services

    Zoom! Whitening Simple Orthodontics Full & Partial Dentures Emergency Cases

    Accepting New Patients

  • flict on property of com-mon use with Prestige. The Park Reserve Fund is where some amenity contributions go and all monies from selling park land go.

    I was not mistaken in my use of the term grant relative to the purchase of land for our boat launch. A casino grant of $325,000 was awarded. We paid $600,000 from our tax base to equal $925,000, $900,000 is our total cost to Sooke taxpay-ers for land, dock and boat launch, worth $2,665,000.

    I do not mind being corrected, there is no misery in not being right. Proper is honest and we honestly need as much as we can get to make our commu-nity strong.

    To claim that taxpay-ers are paying for every-thing every time there is a payment no mat-ter where the money comes from is confus-ing. Clarity is what we need in our society and here it is listen to who you want to. Enough of the bad mouthing of responsible people.

    Ive done the mea-suring of the park-

    ing spots. All of these spots exceed expecta-tions and are up to par with the exception of a 29 spot that measured 28. The rest are bang on or over.

    Moonfist-Myke Colbert


    Housing and the homeless

    I cant help noting a certain irony about the Prestige Hotel being held as the venue for the District of Sookes recent forum on home-lessness and affordable housing, however, the sound system didnt work and they couldnt seem to control the air conditioning, so I sup-pose even the affluent have their problems.

    The district posed the question to the charitable minded room, what do you need from us? My ini-tial thoughts were, gov-ernments cant touch anything without mak-ing at least two more

    problems for every one they propose to fix, and the road to hell is paved with good intentions. While some hands were out, the answer that resonated best with me was get out of our way, in respect to a rezoning application by one organization planning to provide a facility on Church Road. It was also sug-gested not to let per-fection stand in the way of good enough, which I thought was a great line.

    the poor you have with you always, and there is a valid place for government in our affairs, so long as it is kept in mind that the government takes from us by force that which would otherwise be given charitably, then wastes most of it.

    The morning rant off my chest, I have some suggestions:

    1) The sewer tax is charged on vacant properties, which is patently unreasonable. To balance things out, the district could off-set sewer charges to chari-table developments,

    particularly if laundry and public shower facil-ities are offered.

    2) Poor people have children, and housing is but one of a host of problems caused by lack of money, not nec-essarily any deficiency of character. Children are expensive. Pro-grams like Strong Start cannot be run without a place. Schools could be given an offset in sewer charges to make space and facilities available for childrens programs.

    3) Every other Tues-day we have literally thousands of dollars in blue-box money sitting by the curb, protected with an enforced CRD no-scavenging bylaw. Apparently the recy-cling program really needs the money. I think if anyone is will-ing to humble them-selves to pick through the garbage, they prob-ably need it more than the CRD does, and we should give them a per-mit to do so.

    4) The typical response by the district to a complex problem like this is to charter an expensive consul-tant. This issue is nei-

    ther novel nor new, and a good start for Sooke would be to go to this web site and down-load The Municipal Role in Meeting Ontar-ios Affordable Hous-ing Needs.

    Terrance MartinSooke

    As of this issue the Sooke News Mirror will discontinue printing letters from council candidates until after the upcoming election.


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