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  • 7/30/2019 somany project create by karan patel


    S.V. College of commerce, Kadi 1

  • 7/30/2019 somany project create by karan patel


    S.V. College of commerce, Kadi 2


    In 1983 SCL Ltd. set up a Second unit at KADI for the production of ceramic glazed was tiles with

    and installed capacity of 6000tpa with financial help from ICICI & GIIC BANK. An achievement

    that is not surprising in the face of our raising turnover from Rs. 136 Crore in 1998-99 to Rs. 175

    Crore in 1999-2000. SCL Ltd. Is First Company in India which are honored with both the

    prestigious ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 certifications for its manufacturing set up.

    To Day two plants an installed capacity of 36000 sq. the aggregate production capacity of that

    plant is 6.00 million square meter. SCL reaches our to millions through a formidable rut work of

    nationwide dealers in India abroad.

    The year 1990 saw a new floor tile plant at kassar. In 1996 the R&D department of SOMANY

    CERAMIC got government re cognition. This was a great ac divalent considering that SOMANY

    CERAMIC ltd. was the first in tile in the industry to achieve this.

    Considering the ever-growing demand of SOMANY CERAMIC limited tiles in south and west

    region, a second unit of SOMANY CERAMIC limited was set up in Gujarat in 1981. SOMANY

    CERAMIC limited, original SOMANY CERAMICS LIMITED, was started by sheer hire somany

    (founder and c Harman) on20th January 1968. The name of the said company changed somany

    ceramics limited on 13th

    October 1995. In 1971, first unit of somany ceramic limited was

    established of kassar, hariyana, in technical collaboration with Pilkingtons tile holdings. UK.

    In 1998, SOMANY CERAMIC limited got ISO 9002 certification for its manufacturing facilities.

    1999 witnessed a huge demand for vitrified tiles in the Indian market and the company decided

    to put up a new lent to cater to it.

  • 7/30/2019 somany project create by karan patel


    S.V. College of commerce, Kadi 3

    History of the company

    Somany is a leading manufacturing of wall & floor tiles. It also imports and markets certain tilesand other related products under the brand name Missoni, Ballesermar etc. but truly speaking ,

    brand somany is not just about quality wall & floor tiles but it is a story of grift, determination

    and accomplishments.

    Somany success story started way back in 1936 with a broking venture in kolkata. Later on

    moving into industrial projects, today group has market leadership in Tiles & sanitary ware.

    Somany operations in 1968 at kassar in technical collaboration with pilkington tiles of UK. The

    company changed to present name in11995 is somany ceramic ltd. The second plant at kadi in

    Gujarat came in to existece 1981 to cater to the needs of western and southern regions.

    The company went to achived one after another milestone like:

    1. Floor tiles plant at kassar in 1990.2. R & D department gat Govt. recognition in 1996.3. First company in the tiles industry to receive ISO 9002 & ISO 14001 for manufacturing

    facilities in 1998.

    4. New floor tiles plant of kadi is 20005. Up graded both the plants in 2002

  • 7/30/2019 somany project create by karan patel


    S.V. College of commerce, Kadi 4





    TEL: 02764-242153/54/242630

  • 7/30/2019 somany project create by karan patel


    S.V. College of commerce, Kadi 5




    TEL : 01276-241001/0005

  • 7/30/2019 somany project create by karan patel


    S.V. College of commerce, Kadi 6


    The company shall provide total customer satisfaction and achieve leadership in compatible

    market, product & services across global though excellence in the technology based on world-

    class research and development. The company has also responsible to the society and shell be a

    good, corporate, utilizing and will be driven by high ethical standards in are practices.


    To manufacture, market and services product of international standard. Ensure that all company processes are geared to deliver the highest levels of

    customer satisfaction.

    Keep an employee-centric focus in all the operation. Foster Innovation and creativity at all levels. Deliver value to all stakeholder of the company.


    To emerge as Indias finest manufacturer of ceramic tiles using the latest technology,delighting customer and enhancing shareholder value on a consistent and

    sustainable basis.

  • 7/30/2019 somany project create by karan patel


    S.V. College of commerce, Kadi 7


    1971- Kassar plants established. 1981 Kadi plants established. 1990 floor tile plants established at kassar 1996 R&D recognized by govt. of Indian. 1998 ISO 9002 awarded. 1999 New vitrified plant at kassar in technical collaboration with Leonardo ceramic


    1999 ISO 14001 awarded. 2002 floor tiles plant kadi established. 2003 _ rectified line added at both kassar & kadi plant. 2004 _ ISO 9001: 2000 awarded. Export house award. Capsize award for 03 consecutive years. 2010 got powerbrands award

  • 7/30/2019 somany project create by karan patel


    S.V. College of commerce, Kadi 8


    A visionary and the grounder direction of SOMANY CERAMIC limited, (formerly knew as

    SOMANY CERAMIC limited Pilkingtons) he is also credited with setting up mega brands like

    Hindustan sanitary ware & industry limited and m\s Hindustan national glass limited. With

    more thorn 60years experience in business, Mr. Somany is member of institute of ceramics.

    During the illustrious career, he has held various positions with the government and

    nongovernmental agencies and was the chairman of capexil in 1969, and a member of the

    eastern regional committee of IDBI.

    His social committee and saw him being instrument in setting up and running several schools

    and colleges in Rajasthan and harridan. His faced personality makes him a keen patron of arts

    and the chairman of the sangeet kala mandir trust & samagam

    Board of directors: Mr. Shreekant somany

    Chairman and managing director was trained at foundry practices and machine shop, Geneva.

    He set up soma bumbling and fixtures in 1975. Later, he moved on to head the glass division of

    Hindustan sanitary ware, a turn around venture. Two year after joining SOMANY CERAMIC

    limited in 1992, he took over as managing director. Since the he has spearheaded the company

    growth and foray into the future. He is the chairman of the Indian council of ceramic tiles and

    sanitary (ictus) and holds key position with managing and committees of ASSOC HAM and thePHD chamber of comers and industry amd also a member of national council of confederation

    of Indian industry (cii).

  • 7/30/2019 somany project create by karan patel


    S.V. College of commerce, Kadi 9

    Mr. Abhishek somanyAn MBA from Richmond university with specialization in accounts and Finance, he is joint

    managing director of SOMANY CERAMIC limited. Before charting a new success coerce for the

    company: which has taken SOMANY CERAMIC to new heights, he has undergone intensive

    training at M\S Pilkingtons tiles U.K. Manchester plant in manufacturing of glazed ceramic wall

    & floor tiles and has attended advance management course at Ridge Park, o.k. In course of his

    association with the c company in various capacities, Mr. SOMANY CERAM,IClimited has gained

    wide knowledge and experience e in all aspects of ceramic and tiles industry and also acquired

    valued experience and knowledge in varied aspects of corporate affairs.

    Directors Mr. Shrikant Somany, chairman and managing director Mr. Ahisheck Somany, joint managing director Mr. E.G. Trivedi, executive director Mr. G.L.Sultania, director Mr. R.L.Gaggar, director Mr. R.K. Dagha, director Mr. Sail Singhal, director Mr. Revinder Nath, director Mr. Sunil Trikha, nominee director

    R.K.Daga is postgraduate in business management from England. He has his ownengineering firm in kolkata, engaged in precision tailor-made jobs and also in the

    business of financial service and training.

  • 7/30/2019 somany project create by karan patel


    S.V. College of commerce, Kadi 10

    G.L. Sultania has been with the company for over 28 years and has been a director since1997. Mr. Sultania is a fellow member of the institute of chartered ac content and

    company secretary of India. He is the executive director and secretary of Hindustan

    sanitary ware and industrylimited.

    Bankers: Punjab national bank HDFC bank Auditors: Lodha and co.

  • 7/30/2019 somany project create by karan patel


    S.V. College of commerce, Kadi 11