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  • Solway Buzz local news - for you - by you - about you - free to you - local newsFebruary / March 2009 Issue 72


    The Solway Buzz is a FREE community paper with a circulation of 4,000 copies for the area around Abbeytown, Skinburness, Silloth-on-Solway and Mawbray

    Bee Cool by Owen Newbury from Silloth Primary School

    Silloth Lifeboat has been Tested and is Great

    Photo by: Mick Satterthwaite

    Sunday 11th January was the first opportunity for Silloth Lifeboat crew to take the new lifeboat out in challenging weather.

    This is essential training, required to

    ensure that when a real call-out happens and if the weather is really bad the crew can be confident they are familiar with the boat and everything they will be required to do with her. Good

    weather training cannot hope to replicate the conditions found in a proper storm at sea. The new lifeboat is larger, more powerful and much better equipped than the old one so there is much

    for the volunteer crew to learn and become familiar with before their services are required for real.

    Steven Henderson, Coxswain, said “This boat is great, because it is

    larger all round it is really comfortable and we are feeling really confident in it. It is fitted with radar, a chart plotter and VHF direction finder so we can be much more efficient in difficult conditions.”

    Sunset Competition


    Report and Pictures on page 9

    Events 2009 Vintage Rally ~ 20/21st June

    Abbeytown Carnival 25th July

    Kite Festival ~ 25/26th July

    Silloth Port Anniversary Event 8/9th August

    Greenfest ~ 15/16th August

    Solfest ~ 28/30th August

    Silloth Carnival ~ 31st August

    Silloth Beer & Music Festival 10/13th September

    Page 15 Meeting Santa

    Page 14 Solway Dippers

    Page 10 Christingle Services

    Page 9 Sunsets

    Page 8 Open Door

    Page 6 Angels

    Page 5 Cartoon by Bill

    Page 2 African Adventure

    Page 16 County Badminton

  • local news - for you - by you - about you - free to you - local newsPage 2

    African Adventurer

    27 Eden Street, Silloth-on-Solway, Tel: 016973 31333

    OAP’s Tue/Wed

    Credi t Crunch

    Colours £29.50

    a l l F e b r u a r y

    Photography by Peter Model led by Megan Colour by Sammy Sty led by Peter

    Peter Josef

    Steven Williamson Stank End Farm, Abbeytown

    Tel: 016973 61044 Mobile: 077 1114 4050


    Professional Installation

    Posts, Strainers, Square Timber Rails,

    Galvanised & Wooden Gates, Purlins, Wire Staples

    Sawdust & Shavings all always in stock

    Wheyrigg Hall Hotel

    Abbeytown, Tel: 016973 61242

    Meals Every day Noon to 9pm Function Room for Special Events

    Fresh Cooked Food

    The Next Big Thing for Hair 2009 is big hair, think Flash Dance!

    Lots of back combing, lots of height and texture with big quiffs. We will still see the Hollywood starlets look very sexy and feminine with loads of movement and deep shine. Vintage glamour, 2009 will see the plait return as an accessory (see our advert).

    Colour as always is the key accessory for all styles, we predict coppers of all hues to be the new black for 2009. Sammy coloured Megan’s hair with two shades of copper, with a dark brown plaited extension to give contrast for a shining result as in our advert.

    Colour extensions can give a rich finish to any

    style, American dream clip-in’s are perfect for this as we can colour them in shades we like. This is not always possible with internet purchased extensions, we chop the clip-in’s to suite you and place them for maximum effect.

    For blond’s in 2009 we feel softer strawberry blonds will take over from the ash and metallic of 2008. But remember, whether it’s Retro or Full on Glamour, it needs to be Big to be beautiful in 2009.

    Beat the credit crunch with our offer of a Parting and Crown Colour similar to Megan’s for £29.50 throughout February.

    Peter Sammy


    Hair Zone 4 U

    Beach Clean Report Beach cleaning on the

    West Beach continues throughout the Winter, and the excesses of Christmas were walked away on December 30th.

    WI members were joined by Brownies and ‘WISH’es (WI Supporting Husbands) on a beautiful crisp, frosty, sunny morning. 16 bags of litter, some tyres and a traffic cone were collected. Everyone enjoyed a hot drink and the warm glow that comes from a job well done.

    The total number of sacks collected in 2008 was 144; plus tyres, traffic cones, fishing net, crab pots, buckets, fish boxes, drums, a bicycle, part of a child’s slide, a dead sheep,

    Causewayhead WI Report by: Frances Jackson

    Dead Turtle found on West Beach

    and a septic tank! Sadly a dead

    Loggerhead Turtle was washed up on the beach nearer to Blitterlees before Christmas. Photographs were taken and the stranding reported to the UK Cetacean and turtle strandings Investigation Program.

    There have been an increase in the number of turtles strandings mainly in the South West and along the West Coast of Scotland. The Turtles get caught up in the Gulf Stream. One actually was alive when found on Islay and was subsequently released on Grand Canaria in a warmer sea.

    Jackie McCormick works at Silloth Primary School as a Learning Mentor. As part of furthering her experiences she is going to do four weeks voluntary work in South Africa this summer.

    Although she will not be getting paid for this there is a cost for her to actually be able to do this. It is going to cost around £2,500 which includes flights, accommodation and food. Jackie will have to try and raise the money for this. Jackie organised a Bottle Bingo on 8th December at Silloth Social Club which unfortunately was not a success. Fortunately everyone had a good time. She would like to thank Ivy Donald for helping organise the books and keeping her right, Joe Crow for calling the numbers, the Social Club for letting her host it there, and her friends Anneke, Andrea, Jenny, Laura and daughter

    Toni for all their help too. Jackie would not of been able to do it without you all. She also gives a special thank you to Emma Bennett who went round the rugby club at the Football Dance in December and raised £20 towards the costs.

    Jackie has now organised a Race Night to be held in the Balmoral on Saturday 21st February starting at approximately 7.30pm. Everyone is welcome and all proceeds will be going towards the African Adventure. If anyone has ideas that would help her to raise money or feel you would like to make a donation, please do not hesitate to contact her. Jackie is at Silloth Primary School every day apart from Thursday.

    Jackie would also like to thank Silloth Rotary Club for their kind donation and Silloth Primary School who have kindly supported her, enabling her to officially

    book a place and set a date for 1st August 2009. Please come to the Race Night and again thank you to all the people who have helped me so far.

    RACE NIGHT in The Balmoral

    on Saturday 21st February at

    7:30pm all proceeds

    towards Jackie

    McCormick’s African Adventure

    Fireman Sam Bee by

    Rachel Mary Harrison from

    Holm Cultram Abbey School

    Buzzy by

    Chelsea Beth Bennett from

    Woodfold Halse School Daventry

    Mary Peile welcomed 16 members to Wheyrigg Hall for our New Year lunch, best wishes were sent to those members unable to attend due to illness or other commitments.

    A lovely meal was served enjoyed by

    Arthritis Group Report by: Gladys Temple everyone, then a draw

    took place with members bringing a parcel and receiving one in exchange. The next meeting at Loveday House will be on 7th February when we are looking forward to welcoming The Local Community Officer to give us advice.

  • local news - for you - by you - about you - free to you - local news Page 3

    Abbeytown WI

    COMPUTER SERVICES – Repairs – Upgrades – Wireless & Broadband – Home & Business – Laptops & PC’s – Web hosting & Design


    Contact Paul on Tel: 016973 31276

    Mob: 07720 560595

    – Caravan Parking – CCTV Secured Storage – Containerized Storage – Personal & Business – Business Outlets – Indoor/Outdoor Storage

    Rookies, Miller Park, Wigton, CA7 9BA Tel: 016973 49241

    New Adventure Soft Play Area

    open 7 days from 10am–6pm

    for 0–12 years

    Rockclimbing Walls ~ 3 Lane Astra Slide Ball Cannons ~ Giant Ball Arena

    Toddler Car Track ~ Aerial Runways Parties Available • Hot & Cold Food • Toddler Morning

    Little Acre Care Home

    Excellent Care for the Elderly S I N G L E E N - S U I T E R O O M S

    For further details contact: Sarah Betsworth – 016973 32105

    82 Skinburness Road

    Solway Community Technology College with the support of the Solway Buzz has launched an exciting art competition for pupils of the school with ‘BEES’ as the subject.

    As we know from the many exciting and varied bees drawn by our Primary School children, this subject has an amazing scope for interpretation. The categories fo