SolidWorks Tutorial 1

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Text of SolidWorks Tutorial 1

  • SolidWorks Tutorial

    - Click the SolidWorks Icon

    - Getting started with Solid Works

    Alternatively Start All programs SolidWorks 2011 SolidWorks 2011 x64 Edition

    -You will see the graphic window of the software - Move around the mouse over the graphic window and get familiar with the software

    - Areas to notice: (1) Top: main menu area: Files, Views, Tools, Help (2) Side : SolidWorks Resources : Design Library : File explorer etc - Keep the cursor on the menu and Icons to display the meaning of each

  • Overall Screen

    Top area

    Side area

  • Create a part

    (1) Click File new

    Click new on the Standard toolbar.


    (2) Click Parts and then OK

    (3) A graphic window will come

  • (3) Graphic window

    (4) Select the top View as the sketch plane it Will be highlighted

    Your reference plane Not the sketch

  • (5) Sketch the geometry

    (6) Close the sketch once you are done

  • (6) Select the Sketch and Click the Features menu bar to make Extrude command Visible

  • (7) Click the Extrude command and you will see this


    Direction 1

    Direction 2

  • (8) Click the Right mark

  • (8) Extrude Cut (a) Select the top plane -- It will highlight

    (b) Click Sketch menu bar to make sketch entities visible

    ( c)Move around the mouse to get the mid point of the two edges

    (d) Draw the circle

    (e) Exit the Sketch mode

  • (9) Circle on the top plane

    (a) Select the circle( Sketch 2) in the features tree

    (b) Click Extrude Cut Icon (c) Click Ok

  • (10) Complete the cut out

    Through all

  • Final Part