Solidworks Multi-Body Part Tutorial

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Create a vacuum hose with wire reinforcement by making a multi-body part in Solidworks. Provided by Brian Halicki at Halco Design. Contact us at or by calling 630-904-2334.

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Solidworks Design TutorialFebruary 6, 2011 By: Brian Halicki Halco Design

Create a Reinforced Vacuum Hose which is a multi-body part of a clear hose with a wire molded inside.With the steps provided below, this process creates multiple bodies within a part to model a reinforced hose. The following steps will be to: Make the reinforcement wire inside a hose using a helix. Extrude a tube and specify that the extrusion is not merged with the wire component of this part.

The specifications of the hose: .75 I.D. x 1.125 O.D and a .020 diameter wire reinforcement inside the hose. Set the material type as PVC on this new part. Start with making the reinforced wire of this hose, create a circle on the top plane and dimension the diameter .938.

Figure 1. Creating a Circle for the Reinforced Wire.

The wire shape is generated by creating a helix shape. Select Insert, Curve, Helix / Spiral.

Figure 2. Making a Helix Shape For an Extrusion to Follow.

The helix is defined by Height and Pitch. Use a height of 12 and a pitch of .5. Also note the start angle is 0 degrees. This will help when a sketch is started to form the wire shape.

Figure 3. Specifying the Helix Shape.

Start a new sketch on the right plane, locate from the origin out .938 a circle .020 diameter.

Figure 4. Wire Shape Sketch.

Close the sketch and start a Sweep Feature. The helix will be the path to follow and the .020 circle will be the profile. Set the color property of the wire to black.

. Figure 5. Using the Sweep Feature.

Start a new sketch on the top plane. This is the inside and outside diameters of the hose.

Figure 6. Hose Sketch Created on the Top Plane.

The extrude command for this feature is what allows this part to be shown as a multi-body part. Extrude the hose to a 12 length. Below that distance, uncheck merge result.

. Figure 7. Extrude the Hose Feature.

Set the color property of the hose extrusion to white and optical property to transparent.

Figure 8. Hose Extrusion Color Property Selection

Figure 9. The Completed Hose.

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