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<ol><li> 1. Social Media Marketing | Why Stick WithSocial Media?More and more frequently you are probably noticing icons for some of the top social media siteswherever you happen to be on the internet these days. With just a quick click of your mouseyou can instantly become a fan of a particular brand or business on Facebook. You might alsobe noticing that when you are reading the latest news online, you have the ability to click on afew different icons to instantly share that news with your friends and acquaintances on suchvery popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Currently Facebook alone has oversix hundred million active users with Twitter not all that far behind with two hundred million andgrowing.With audiences of that magnitude, it is no wonder that people everywhere are realizing thatusing social media for business purposes and not just social ones is not something little that isjust a silly fad. It is a huge arena that is not going anywhere and will be around in the long-term,not just for right now. Like I have read, social media is not about being a ninety day or sixmonths plan; it is here to stay.Visit to know how to motivate your sales team.One reason social media is so popular and effective and should not be given up on is becauseof the interactions taking place and relationships being built there. In a time of greatertransparency and genuineness, social media is very quickly delivering more of a one on one,person to person interaction. If you happen to be one who blogs, you can update both yourFacebook and Twitter accounts from your blog posts reducing your amount of time needed ifyou had to post them in both locations. A very effective social media strategy can take just amere twenty minutes or less per day and can showcase "you."To brand yourself across three of the top sites (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) you need to beworking on these consistently, but once you have a plan it should not be very time consuming,you can be reaching people on a more personal level and be gaining quite a following. Over thenext few years those who have built the largest networks of people who have been getting toknow and trust them will crush their competitors who only have a small network of existingcustomers. Creating quite large networks of people is not difficult at all to do provided you usesocial media and determine to stick with it.Visit to know how to increase sales revenue.Another reason to not give up on social media is that things change and when they do, theyusually change quite fast. Using social media to its full potential will allow you to keep up with </li><li> 2. any necessary changes at lightning speed and in real time. If you have a good social mediaplan in place along with a large enough customer base built, you will be able to sell just aboutany product or service to them.Keeping abreast of social media on a day to day basis will help you keep up with the changingtimes and wont let you fall behind to your competitors. If you are currently using social media,by all means stick with it.Want to know David Steels secret on how to motivate your sales team? If yes, just click thelink and get motivated! Top Motivational Speaker David SteelOther related posts that you will find interesting:Strategies for Sales When Building Business Growth in ColoradoDavid Steels Components of Sales and Marketing Strategy in TexasFinding the Right and Professional Motivational Speaker in Idaho</li></ol>


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