Social Media Marketing Part Eight – Marketing With Pinterest

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  • 1. Social Media Marketing Part Eight Marketing WithPinterestThis is the last part of this 8 part series on social media marketing. This series of posts detailseach different social media site as much as possible in a single post. You can use this as amini- course on social media marketing. You might want to bookmark each of these articleposts for future reference.We had to do a lot of research on this post since Pinterest is relatively new and still in beta. Wechose not to use Pinterest for now because of time constraints. If you want a more completecourse on each subject, we are including a link in the right sidebar of this page for you tosubscribe to the entire series which includes course information on 8 social media sites.Now Lets Get Into Social Media Marketing On The PinterestWebsiteSome of you would like to know, exactly what is Pinterest? Well, Pinterest is a bookmarking sitewhich is visually focused and centered around lifestyles, interests, and planning. A user createsthemed Boards of Images which are curated from sites all over the web, visual social mediamarketing with pictures.Curating is taking something from one website and using it on another website. You can curatecontent of most any kind from articles to news feeds to, in this case, images and videos. Thatbeing said, you can do this without problems if you give credit to the creator of the content orhave their permission to use it. You will want to do some research on curation.Facebook and Twitter are excellent social media marketing sites for promotional content, Pinterest is geared more towards showingoff your brands style along with personality and philosophy.Think about it as more like marketing your brands ideals and core values rather than marketing 1/4
  • 2. your products, although in this case, your end game IS to market your products or services.As it turns out, you need either a Facebook account or a Twitter account to register on Pinterestand since they are still in beta, you will need an invitation. Neither of these is hard to do. Youcan get someone you know to invite you and it is rather easy to get a Facebook or Twitteraccount.Now, before you do anything, go to Pinterest and spend a couple hours looking around at theboards to get the feel of what is going on and how people are using this site especially forbusiness as a social media marketing site.Then, get someone to invite you. Since you are doing this for business, set up your account withyour business name. Then once you have that account set up, if you have a desire to advanceyou personal lifestyle, philosophy, interests or what not, simply invite yourself and set up apersonal account.Marketing With Pinterest Using Three Basic Methods**Gathering Ideas is one way. This method at its basic level is used as a bulletin board forinspiration and ideas. It can work in both directions. It can inspire ideas for your own businessand it can also be an inspirational resource for those that follow you.As you pin images from other related sites as yours, you will no doubt pick up some great ideasfor your business and trigger ideas for your followers as well. You might not realize it at first, but,you will be injecting your ideals and philosophy about your method of doing business in yourown special way.**Getting Your Content Out is another way to use Pinterest for social media marketing of yourbusiness. Since Pinterest is about sharing ideas and interests with other users, the content youuse to pin probably should not be purely sales or promotion of products etc. However, that doesnot prevent pushing your own content on to this fabulous site.Promoting your content effectively can be realized by creating themed pin boards built arounda product. The more boards the merrier and the more you will sell. Try to keep it instructional orinformational and inspirational if that is at all possible. By making it theirs, you make it your own.**Helpful Resources is the third basic way to use Pinterest for social media marketing of yourbusiness. Put something on your board or boards that will supplement content on your website.Try a video (you can pin videos too) that points to something on your website or blog like atutorial or some helpful information.Pinning eBooks is being done with success by some Pinterest users. You can also use text typeimages and you can suggest helpful information written by other people to show your interest.Graphics and charts related to content on your website or your general industry seem to work 2/4
  • 3. well on Pinterest. Click here for more resources about social media marketing that you can use.Some Facts About Pinterest You Might Want To Know1. Sources report that the majority of Pinterest users are women.2. It is estimated that on average, a Pinterest user spends an amazing 90 minutes there perday.3. As of December 2011, Pinterest gets 11 million visits per week and is now in the top 10 social networks on the internet.4. Pinterest has rules of use not the least of which is Be Nice. Make sure you read them andtry to follow them.5. The most popular age bracket of Pinterest users is 24-34 with ages 35-44 coming in at17.9%.6. 50% of Pinterest users have children as well as a median household income of $100,000.7. Studies show that Pinterest users stay on the site approximately 16 minutes per visit andmany or most visit a number of times each day.8. People use Pinterest to pin during their lunch break and while watching televisionespecially at night.So, armed with this and other information and programs you can find by clicking here, all youneed to do is identify your audience and niche and start pinning. If you create value, ideas,interest, and inspiration for other users, you will be successful at social media marketing withPinterest.Social media marketing can be a time consuming method to drive traffic to your website or 3/4
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