Social Media Marketing Communications February 2012 Boston University.

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  • Social Media Marketing Communications February 2012 Boston University
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  • Leora Lanz HVS ITT Sheraton Hotels of New York The Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau Four Seasons Hotel Boston Boston University Cornell University 2
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  • Social Media is not about technology; its about relationships. Social media is not about, or ; its about the experience. 3
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  • Social Media Businesses to reach consumers, clients, employees Important to the hospitality industry Applicable to all businesses Integrated into overall marketing communications and sales plans 4
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  • Hospitality Marketing Department Social Media/Community Manager Position Integrated Consistent Property Level vs. Corporate Level 5
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  • Communication Model Formerly only push strategy, now push & pull Engagement Marketing vs. Interruption Marketing Engage the audience in a dialogue Receive feedback Connections are more important than impressions 6
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  • Trends Shift in trust in last few years from institutions to communities Reliance on WOM and e-WOM, UGC Data-monitoring and Blog-Monitoring -Listen -Respond accordingly on behalf of the company -Respond quickly -Stop a problem before it starts 7
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  • The Brand of You Personal Brand Professionalism Personal vs. Professional Balance Personal reflects professional Difficult to separate the two, so convergence is necessary Still have fun! Certain social media sites are more appropriate for different relationships For example 8
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  • Communications Guidelines Be relevant Alter/reposition content to fit needs of different audiences Not necessary to create completely new content all of the time. Tailor it for: -Fragmented audience -Different platforms Be specific Be respectful Dont oversell/promote 9
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  • Communications Guidelines (contd) Honesty/Authenticity Full disclosure Be Careful/Double Check Quick Response Time ASAP Less than 24 hours 10
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  • Hospitality and Communication Best Practices Be familiar with hotel and operations Answer questions -(amenities, rates, packages, attractions, etc.) Truly enjoy and understand the brand personality, and truly enjoy connecting with guests Be familiar with the brand and brand personality Vision, Mission, Goals 11
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  • Hospitality and Communication Best Practices(contd) Apply marketing savvy Apply advertising and public relations experience and skills Media-Savvy Be familiar with various forms of social media available (e.g., LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook, Twitter, FlickR, YouTube, Hulu, third-party media such as Yelp and TripAdvisor, the hotel brands home site) 12
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  • Hospitality and Communication Best Practices(contd) Techno-Savvy Understand how to utilize the tools available Understand applications Possess good communication skills Internal and External Writing ability Professionalism Creativity is important Find connections 13
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  • Hospitality and Communication Best Practices(contd) Social Media Policies Be Respectful and Professional Protect confidential information Dont forget that YOU are your own brand Be aware of policies specific to your company 14
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  • Conclusions The landscape is always changing Many opportunities lie in social media Growth Social Media itself Brand Engage guests R&D Improve brand/property image 15
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  • Other S.M. tips: Align your S.M. within an overall marketing campaign; Understand who you are speaking with; understand who are your influencers and key decision makers; Use Google Analytics to see what key search words are, and use them when speaking to your influencers; 16
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  • Your Most Unhappy Customers are Your Greatest Source of Learning.. Bill Gates 17 However
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  • Leora Lanz 516.248.8828 ext. 278 ?


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