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Social Media: From Push to Pull, Building an Entertainment Brand Online (MIPTV 2010)

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My presentation at MIPTV 2010, on social media and TV / film brands online, see details at and for videos

Text of Social Media: From Push to Pull, Building an Entertainment Brand Online (MIPTV 2010)

  • 1. Social Media & Building an Entertainment Brand Online:From Push to

2. Crucial: Foresight Imagination 3. Better: Networked Media. Real-Time Media. User-driven Media.Engaged Media. 4. Not Social Media -Social Business 5. Broadcast | Centralized | One-Way | Push Media 6. Networked Media 7. The world is connecting at avery rapid pace. 8. The world is connecting at a very rapid pace. 9. The other 3 Billion (O3B) are comingWikipedia: By allowing direct connection to core networks and 3G Cellular/ WiMAX towers, the O3b Networks system will completely change theeconomics of telecommunications infrastructure in the world's fastest-growing markets for communications services 10. Because we are all connected, soon,Going Direct becomes the New Normal 11. A connected Audience is dramatically differentSource: Scholz & Friends: Dramatic Shifts (Youtube)Source: Elektrischer Reporter (ZDF) 12. ThinkWeb & Mobile Native 13. A connected Audience is about Trust not Control 14. Expect radical fragmentation Aggregate & shape the fragments 15. The demise of the Watering Can 16. A huge shift in Getting Attention 17. Think: Funnel Think: Magnet Create a magnetic brand Turn attraction into transaction Engage - never enrage Free gets you to the place where you can ask to get paid Stop the monologs, start the conversations - *send + receive! 18. Like... 19. The Future of TV:Send andReceive 20. Complete TV & Web Convergence Source: Slideshare Network 21. Become a Connector - not just a Director *Inspired by Kevin Roberts Saatchi & Saatchi 22. The TeleWeb 23. Social Networks are the next Broadcasters 24. Facebook TV...? 25. Prepare for total convergence Listen to, and watch your kids TV is push, Web is pull: start mixing and blending, now Use the best of both worlds Reduce time spend on making faster horses Its not linear - its explosive 26. Trans-Media Storytelling becomes the Standard Source: 27. Send and Receive, and Filter 28. Set up the conversation channels Blog about whats important to you Share content thats around your core offering (audio, images, video) and your People, syndicate it widely Become part of, or better, host, the conversation Open up to the audience 29. Do you have a Digital Ambassador? 30. Do you have this on your website? 31. Are you squashing peoples interest? 32. Or are you getting them where they already are? 33. Social Media isCRM (Customer Relationship Management) 34. Mobilefirst. 35. The Mobile Consumption of- and the Conversation around - Digital Goods is the#1 Growth Story of the next Decade 36. Mobile Social Networked Real-Time User in Control 37. Mobile + Social + Going Direct 38. The Networks The Networked Real Money from The Networks Real Money from The Networked150 10050 0 Today201120122013 20142020 39. What really matters is Liquidity 40. Reality Check: Control 41. Interruption costs money- Engagement costs Control 42. The Consequences of Total Control? 43. Social Business: Keywords & Summary When youre out and about...With(in) & around your tribe Strangers & People Like MeAt the right time, right place With complete transparencyUsers in control, always $$ because they trust you 44. Thanks for your attention!App Store: Media Futurist email me at facebook: 45. What I dofacebook: gleonhard

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