Social Media 101: Getting T o Know T he P latforms

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Social Media 101: Getting T o Know T he P latforms. Agenda: New FEMA Social M edia I nitiatives The Importance of Social Media in 2014 Platform Analysis- Facebook & Twitter Open discussion of Best Practices & Examples. FEMA Digital Platforms. FEMA Facebook Twitter @FEMA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Social Media and Disaster

Social Media 101:Getting To Know The Platforms Agenda:New FEMA Social Media InitiativesThe Importance of Social Media in 2014Platform Analysis- Facebook & TwitterOpen discussion of Best Practices & Examples

FEMA Digital PlatformsFEMA Facebook Twitter@FEMA@FEMARegion4All regionsReady.govLive accountFEMA espanol

FEMA Smartphone AppNew Disaster ReporterYouTube ChannelWebwww.fema.govm.fema.govSocial Media HubFEMA BlogLinkedInText Messages

10 regional accounts

Not blanket ability to text but subscribed users (sign up on fema website)2FEMA Disaster Reporter

Individuals in a disaster area upload a photo using the FEMA App. All photos must have GPS coordinates tagged to it.Approved photos are displayed on using the FEMA GeoPlatform.Photos are moderated to ensure they are disaster-related & not spam.This project integrates the FEMA App, and the FEMA GeoPlatform.Purpose: to crowdsource and share disaster-related info & photos for situational awareness.It allows citizens, first responders, emergency managers and all of you to contribute and view information on a publicly accessible map.

3FEMA Social Hub

Live Social HubWhy Social Media is ImportantIt happens in REAL timeOpportunity to LEAD the conversationOpportunity to direct trafficPush and Pull of informationReceive and answer questions on a mass scale

Why Social Media is ImportantIts still growingquicklyIts a global conversation about local issuesFirst hand accounts are just a small part of the whole conversation

Why Social Media is ImportantThe public uses social media to share important recovery information.

Facebook VS TwitterOverview of capabilities and pitfallsWhich one should you be on? Both?How to start from scratch- building a digital strategy

TwitterAnalogy - You are a person with a megaphone, surrounded by millions of other people with megaphones.

What we WISH Twitter was.What Twitter feels like at times.

Twitter Get info in 3 ways From the people or organizations that you followBy searching a topic (aka #hashtag)By creating or subscribing to Twitter Lists

Twitter Benefits & FeaturesWhen something happens, the fastest way to get (right or wrong) information is on Twitter.Communications are instant, sometimes from eye witnesses.Has been fully adopted by traditional media.Can embed photos and 7 second videos.Great way to drive traffic to your website.

Twitter Why You Should Use ItIts the fastest way to put accurate, up to date information out to everyone.People are going to fill that information gap if you arent there anyway, and they could be wrong.Twitter is becoming a widely accepted source of news for the public.Traditional media look at social media for potential stories.

You tweet at followers, but you are also tweeting into a global conversation.


Twitter How it Can Go Horribly WrongPutting out information on social media is the same as speaking to a reporter. Tweets multiply, they dont die. Deleting a tweet after sending it doesnt get rid of it.Avoid engaging with trolls on Twitter. You will only bring attention to them.

Twitter Content 101Learning the Lingo Tweet is a message of 140 characters or less @ Twitter Handle, i.e. @FEMARegion4# Hashtag creates a searchable topicRetweet (RT) someone elses message you repostFollowers someone who subscribes to get your updates; your message shows in their feedFollowing the organizations or people you follow who appear in your twitter feedDM Direct Message non-public messaging

Twitter Content 101


Lost in Translation: RIVs IMAT is deployed to the RRCC for the RISC mtng w/ SBA.

Death By Hashtag, Part 1: #FEMA is #here speaking at #Montgomery #County in AL.

Death by Hashtag, Part 2#IStartedUsingSocialMediaAndIDontUnderstandHowHashtagsWork

Huge links:Learn more about disaster preparedness at

Twitter Content 101BEST PRACTICES

Date Stamp Time Sensitive Info: ALDOT: As of 5 am (4/1), all roads in Montgomery County are passable #ALwx

Use @ to Tag Partners in a Post: Speaking today @AlabamaEMA s emergency management conference, discussing social media & emergencies #smem

Research Your Hashtags: Use #Alwx when talking about forecasts. See what public is using & adopt. Dont start you own hashtags

Shorten hyperlinks: (Bitly)Be a force in your community. Learn more about disaster preparedness at Many link shortening services allow you to track the number of clicks.

TwitterWhat You Need to Know Before Signing UpHow much time do you have to invest?Develop a communications plan based on how much time you have.A simple plan for 15 minutes a day can be a great start. Start with one message a day that you either write or retweet.Keeping the account active, even with minimal content, will build your credibility.

How will you use the account in an emergency?Who will run the Twitter account?What type of information will they put out?How will they verify information before Tweeting?TwitterWhat is Your Social Strategy?During normal operationsencourage the public to prepareEngage with local community partners (chats, FF)Make your community familiar with your accountsBuild your following

During emergenciesTweet out community specific infoRetweet response partner messagingHighlight public resources (DOT maps, shelter locations, etc)

FacebookAnalogy - You are the ruler of a tiny digital village that is surrounded by millions of other villages.What managing a Facebook pageis like when something bad happens.

What managing a Facebook pageis like when things are going well.Facebook Get info in 2 ways News Feed updates from people you friend or groups/organizations you like From comments directed to you by users of your page

Facebook Benefits & FeaturesLike Twitter, information moves fast on Facebook. Communications are instant, sometimes from eye witnesses.Has been fully adopted by traditional media.Can embed photos and videos up to 20 minutes. Great way to drive traffic to your website.63,206 character limit VS 140 for TwitterUnlike Twitter, it is a great format for having a group conversation

Facebook Why You Should Use ItProvides instant communication with your subscribers.Great conversational tool to engage with an invested audience.Most popular social media tool in the US. 24.4% of adults 24-34 (44 million)31.1% of adults 35-54 (56 million)15.6% of adults 55+ (28 million)Traditional media look at social media for potential stories.

Facebook How it Can Go Horribly WrongSharing incorrect information. Fact check your information.Getting into an argument with a person who is trollingAlways. Maintain. Professionalism.

Facebook How to deal with adversityRecognize who is seeking information/expressing frustration vs someone who is trollingTry to find out if they live in the affected areaHow did they get their informationWhen in doubt, take their accusations seriouslyThe best weapon again misinformation is timely, accurate information.Use the ability to ban people as a last resort

FacebookWhat is Your Social Strategy?During normal operationsEncourage the public to prepare.Share information from other EM accounts- state,, etc. Make your community familiar with your accounts by promoting your work.Pictures are worth 1,000 words.

During emergenciesWrite posts with community specific info.Share emergency related messaging from state, local, federal and non profit partners. Highlight public resources (DOT maps, shelter locations, etc).Be prepared to engage with public/answer questions on your Facebook page.Contact InformationBrian Glaviano, FEMA Region IVBrian.glaviano@fema.dhs.gov770-220-5250


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