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  1. 1. 1 Investing In Tropical Agriculture The New Gold Standard for the 21st Century
  2. 2. 3 [email protected] Panama: 011-507-216-8180 TABLE OF CONTENTS An Introduction to Farmland Investing Fundamentals of Farmland Investing The Opportunity Harvest Time, Rainforest Limes Limes - Green Gold The Health Benefits of Limes Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Field Operations Management Partnership Panama Our Home Turf The 25 Year Economic Projection About Us Testimonials Development & Management Teams Frequently Asked Questions 5 6 9 10 13 14 17 18 20 22 24 28 29 30 Simply Natural
  3. 3. 4 5 Simply Natural Proper Farmland investments are essentially simple property transactions, involving the development of land for the production of crops and/or livestock. Investors may choose two options which are to invest directly in land and participate in the rigorous development, or, invest in a professional turnkey solution such as that offered through Simply Natural. The advantage of Farmland investing is that it allows for investment and ownership in a tangible asset with secured income generating operations which provide a much safer alternative to stocks, bonds and traditional equities. Farmland investing is particularly attractive to investors who wish to own productive assets that are not affected by the typical volatility in the financial markets and other market manipulations that can affect your portfolio. AN INTRODUCTION TO FARMLAND INVESTING
  4. 4. 6 7 Simply Natural The primary drivers underpinning current and future farmland values are the massive global population growth, personal income growth, and need for proper nutrition. All of these factors ultimately dictate a rapid increase in the global demand for food, which creates measurable value for Farmland. Agricultural values are set to increase along with these key fundamentals, and both food and water can arguably be stated as the most important commodities in the world. Supply and demand, location, management and productivity are all keys to both short and long term land values as the limited availability of prime Farmland continues to compete with real estate development. Land as we know; is an asset that cannot increase itself, particularly inside of the most popular international destination countries like Panama. Food production will be a dominant discussion in the immediate future, and prime land located near population and/or shipping hubs to the world will always prove to be a good stable investment with a capital appreciation that outpaces the rate of inflation. FUNDAMENTALS OF FARMLAND INVESTING
  5. 5. 8 9 The best sector in the world that I know right now is probably agriculture. Everybody should become a farmer. Farming is going to be one of the greatest industries of our time for the next 20 to 30 years. Im convinced that farmland is going to be one of the best investments of our time. -Jim Rogers, 2009 (Jim Rogers cofounded the Quantum Fund with George Soros which gained more than 4,000% in 10 years, while the S&P rose less than 50%). Simply Natural is presenting wise investors, entree to excellent cash on cash returns with a built in hedge against both inflation and market volatility. Partner- ing with Simply Natural partners you with the expertise of Fourth Generation farmland management expertise to identify: sound investment of fertile land, appropriate crop choices for each terrain, and the optimal strategic locations and logistics for both cultivation and sale of your crops. Each aspect is included as turnkey, which assures the proper management of your money by way of the proper management of your land, and a strong residual return on investment to help grow your patrimony today, and for decades to come. In agricultural terms, the best financial gains have always been derived from the development of land into productive agricultural properties. Through careful and deliberate development of infrastructure, utilization of state of the art farming machinery, sustainable farming techniques to best utilize soil quality controls, the asset value grows like the crop itself. Our technique not only allows the investor to benefit from a higher appreciation of the asset but also offers a generous annual income stream. Simply Natural THE OPPORTUNITY
  6. 6. 10 11 Limes (Citrus aurantifolia) are the fruit of the tropical citrus tree closely related to lemons. The Lime tree is an evergreen plant that belongs to the citrus family. Limes are believed to be native to India. They were probably introduced to the New World in the late 15th century by Christopher Columbus, who carried lime seeds with him on his second voyage. In the 19th century, the distribution of a daily allowance of citrus fruit to soldiers was a closely guarded military secret in the British army. The doses of lime pre- vented them from developing scurvy, allowing them to stay at sea for lengthy periods. The British sailor thus acquired the nickname, Limey. The Persian lime, also known as Tahiti lime or Shiraz lime is a large, green, seedless variety, which has its origin in southern Iraq and Iran. The fruit is larger than the Key Lime, more resistant to disease and pests, and has a thicker rind. They are picked slightly immature, while they are still green in color, turning yellow when fully ripe. Persian limes have a uniquely fragrant, spicy aroma, and can be identified by their slightly nippled ends. Simply Natural HARVEST TIME, RAINFOREST LIMES Continuing in the tradition of the strong culture of lime growing and consump- tion in Panama, the Simply Natural team has developed a unique Persian lime cultivar called the Rainforest Lime. It is organically developed to have strong Bio-Insecticide qualities while promoting a large production of fruit. This is achieved by naturally selecting over time, the most suitable rootstock from the hardiest trees, and the scion from the most productive and highest quality trees. The result is YOUR crop, the unique Rainforest Lime.
  7. 7. 12 13 THE SPIKE IN PRICES HAS BECOME SO PRONOUNCED THAT PEOPLE IN THE LIME COMMUNITY ARE NOW CALLING THE FRUIT ORO VERDE, OR GREEN GOLD. Limes are an essential ingredient in many cuisines such as Mexican, Vietnamese, Indian and Thai, as well as the star of desserts such as key lime pie. In cocktails, lime slices and juice are considered an indispensable ingredient in margaritas, mojitos and gin and tonics. In the US, a growing Hispanic market has added considerable demand for limes, which are used in many traditional recipes. In line with the shift towards healthy alternatives; limes are being used as a low-calorie seasoning for meats and vegetables. The lime industry is experiencing a huge surge in prices. In 2014, the weighted average price for a single lime was 21 cents; now theyre 53 cents apiece, accord- ing to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. In 2013, a 40-pound box of the seedless Persian limes typically cost $55, while in 2014 limes were selling for up to $100 per box. The spike in prices has become so pronounced that people in the lime community are now calling the fruit oro verde, or green gold. The advantages of the Persian lime in commercial agriculture compared to the key lime are the larger size, absence of seeds, hardiness, absence of thorns on the bushes, and longer fruit shelf life. Persian limes are also less acidic than key limes. At present Americans are consuming nearly 10 times the amount of limes they did in 1980; the equivalent of three pounds of lime per person each year. Whether increased demand is coming from healthy eating trends, a diversification of the U.S. population or simply because of gourmet flavoring trends, the category is expected to experience considerable growth in the coming years. Simply Natural LIMES - GREEN GOLD
  8. 8. 14 15 Limes are an excellent source of vitamin C. 100ml of lime juice has 47mg of vitamin C, providing more than the 40mg recommended intake for a day, while they are very low in sugar, containing just 1g of natural sugar per 100g. Limes are also a good source of pectin, a type of soluble fiber. In some studies, soluble dietary fiber has been shown to help reduce blood cholesterol. Simply Natural HEALTH BENEFITS OF LIME An excellent source of Vitamin C and dietary fibers, the health benefits of lime include weight loss, improved digestion, eye care and skin care Rainforest Lime Key Lime The health benefits of lime include weight loss, skin care, improved digestion, relief from constipation, eye care, and treatment of scurvy, piles, peptic ulcer, respiratory disorders, gout, gums, urinary disorders. Due to its unique properties, the oil extracted from its peel or skin is extensively used in soft drink concentrates, body oils, cosmetic products, hair oils, toothpastes, toilet and beauty soaps, disinfectants, mouth washes, deodorants and innumerable other products.
  9. 9. 16 17 Simply Natural SUSTAINABLE AND CERTIFIED USDA ORGANIC Simply Natural farms are proud to be certified 100% organic by the USDA. Simply Natural produce their own bio-fertilizers and bio soil amendments to grow their certified organic fruits. Simply Natural is committed not only to providing strong economic value to its investors, but the team is committed to agricultural sustain- ability and environmental support; Permaculture. An estimated 95% of herbicides and 98% of pesticides do not reach their intended target. Instead, the artificial chemicals runoff into the environment and is one of the leading causes of soil contamination, coral reef death, fresh water contamination, ozone depletion, degradation of our ecosystem animal wildlife and human health. It is also noteworthy that many super insects, super fungi, and super bacteria have grown resistant to the artificial chemical pesticides which represents a new major risk to the global agriculture industry. Who wants to eat that as a bi-product? Simply Natural is able to leverage generational farming knowledge with very specific expertise in Central American Agriculture and Climatology. More impor- tantly, our Operations, Executive and Laboratory teams are reputed for scientific breakthroughs regarding: Scalable Organic Fertilizing, Plantation Scale Seedling Development, Farming and Agro-Nutritional Science to produce larger yields from crops. Perhaps more importantly our scalable expertise in utilizing Permaculture practices, greatly mitigate the use of toxic chemicals. We thrive on creating bigger and better bounties through natural and eco-sustainable practices. We choose to be better stewards of the earths resources, and the earth pays us dividends.
  10. 10. 18 19 Simply Natural has partnered with Campo Organico to ensure our agriculture in- vestments are optimally managed. The Company manages farms in an ecofriendly and cost efficient way by replenishing their soils with nutrients while diminishing the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides. The Company has developed processes and technologies to maximize the use of organic wastes for the production of fertilizers and extraction of natural products from plants to be utilized in agriculture as natural pesticides and fungicides. The organization consistently invests generously in the research and development of new products to expand their applications and uses of new technologies in the field. By successfully incorporating these practices Campo Organico was initiated to become part of The City of Knowledge of Panama in 2013, an exclusive platform that focuses on boosting the innovative and competitive capacities of its members. Campo Organicos Farm Management practices are grounded in permaculture techniques. Permaculture is an agricultural management practice designed to align agricultur- al management with the laws of nature to increase profits and eco-sustainability. Using techniques that build rich top soil, attract beneficial insects, efficient use of water and fertilizer, Permaculture increases both farming productivity and agriculture land values. Simply Natural FIELD OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT PARTNERSHIP All land selected by the team is chosen only if determined to have rich top soil, access to clean fresh water reserves, and an ability to maintain productivity regardless of uncertain weather patterns caused by the impacts of climate change. All company farms are operated in a professional manner using a series of processes, procedures and protocols developed by Campo Organico to properly account for rigorous attention, careful cultivation and generational consistency in delivering optimal products to market. The operations utilize the advancement in irrigation and data technology to ensure the ongoing success and improvement of the agriculture output. We recognize that as technology improves in the agricultural sector, that we stay ahead of the curve offering our own innovations and collaborating globally to improve the industry at large.
  11. 11. 20 21 Simply Natural has established itself in Panama due to our exhaustive due diligence confirming that few specific emerging market regions offer the highest returns, due to increasing global demand of the products grown within these regions as well as climate conditions most suited for a variety of crops. Additionally Pan- ama is very well situated outside of climate disaster zones that often experience hurricanes, volcanic activity and earthquakes, making our planation operations a much safer haven for very long growth cycles. Over 80% of future food and energy demands will come from the developing world; driven in large part by increase in wealth, dietary changes, and population growth. Our investors will be well placed to meet these demands on global supply. Panama is blessed with geographic, economic and environmental advantages for investment in agriculture. The nation has a track record of strong economic growth and secured asset protection laws. Additionally, the logistical infrastruc- ture and national stability make Panama a prime investment target within the Latin American emerging market zone. Panama is also the travel and business hub for Latin America with easy access and comfortable accommodations for international visitors. For centuries, Panama has served as a meeting point for the North, South, East and West. Panama experiences tropical weather, multiple micro climates, world class fresh water reserves, and rich soils. Yet Panamas agricultural industry is underdeveloped due the nations historical industry focus on other sectors such as finance, transport logistics, tourism and service. Currently, ONLY 4% of Panamas farmable land is in production thereby presenting opportunities for the Simply Natural Farmland Investments team to acquire the best agriculture properties in Panama before its too late. Join us, be a part of feeding the world! Simply Natural PANAMA OUR HOME TURF
  12. 12. 22 23 Although the projections displayed in this publication reflect a 25 year window, it should be noted that lime trees have a productive life cycle ranging between 40-50 years. Additional to what is displayed within the ROI chart below, what is not displayed is that your investment will provide you freehold title on all the hectares of land you purchase, ownership of all irrigation systems installed on the land, ownership of all improvements to land, and all trees and crops that are planted on the land. Your earnings from the Fruit sales alone are calculated and defined within the management agreement consistent with the chart on the following page. Simply Natural THE 25 YEAR ECONOMIC PROJECTION l i m e t r e e s h a v e a p r o d u c t i v e l i f e c y c l e r a n g i n g b e t w e e n 4 0 - 5 0 y e a r s IRR 17.05% over 25 years *Inflationary values used for Limes price increase based on, Source: The pre-1975 data are the Consumer Price Index statistics from Historical Statistics of the United States (USGPO, 1975). All data since then are from the annual Statistical Abstracts of the United States Inflation calculator can be found online: **ROI does not account for any appreciation in value of land Initial Cost per Hectare: $44,000 USD Year Lime / * Lime Sale Gross Lime Intercrop Crop Care Mgt Fee (30%) Net Income **Annual Ha (Lbs) Price per Lb Sales Sales Fee ROI % Year 10$0 $0$0$0 $0 $00.00% Year 20$0 $0$850$0 $0$8501.58% Year 30$0 $0$850$0 $0$8501.58% Year 4 24,000 $0.47 $11,280 $850 $2,875 $2,776.5 $6,478.5 14.72% Year 543,000$0.47$20,210$850$5,750$4,593$10,71724.36% Year 643,000$0.48$20,640$850$5,750$4,722$11,01825.04% Year 744,000$0.49$21,560$850$5,750$4,998$11,66226.50% Year 846,000$0.52$23,920$850$5,750$5,706$13,31430.26% Year 946,000$0.52$23,920$850$5,750$5,706$13,31430.26% Year 10 48,000 $0.52 $24,960 $875 $5,750 $6,025.5 $14,059.5 31.95% Year 11 48,000 $0.52 $24,960 $875 $5,750 $6,025.5 $14,059.5 31.95% Year 12 48,000 $0.52 $24,960 $875 $5,750 $6,025.5 $14,059.5 31.95% Year 13 48,000 $0.52 $24,960 $875 $5,750 $6,025.5 $14,059.5 31.95% Year 14 48,000 $0.53 $25,440 $875 $5,750 $6,169.5 $14,395.5 32.72% Year 15 48,000 $0.56 $26,880 $875 $5,750 $6,601.5 $15,403.5 35.01% Year 1648,000$0.56$26,880$900$5,750$6,609$15,42135.05% Year 1748,000$0.56$26,880$900$5,750$6,609$15,42135.05% Year 1848,000$0.56$26,880$900$5,750$6,609$15,42135.05% Year 1948,000$0.56$26,880$900$5,750$6,609$15,42135.05% Year 2049,000$0.58$28,420$950$5,750$7,086$16,53437.58% Year 2149,000$0.58$28,420$950$5,750$7,086$16,53437.58% Year 2249,000$0.58$28,420$950$5,750$7,086$16,53437.58% Year 2349,000$0.58$28,420$950$5,750$7,086$16,53437.58% Year 2449,000$0.58$28,420$950$5,750$7,086$16,53437.58% Year 2549,000$0.58$28,420$950$5,750$7,086$16,53437.58%
  13. 13. 24 25 Founded in 2013, Simply Natural provides global investment solutions allowing private investors to accumulate wealth through safe and secure alternative in- vestments via Agricultural Farming Products. Simply Naturals current primary focus is situated within some of the most sought after Agricultural land in the world, Panama. With a multi-billion Dollar expansion of the Panama Canal billions of dollars being invested into the nations social infrastructure, and with a continual international recognition as the number 1 country for global ex-pat retirement, it is no wonder why land assets continue to climb at a staggering annual rate of 10%. The Senior Management Team of Simply Natural have multiple decades of experience and knowledge within the Financial industry as well as Four successive Generations of large sector farming industry experience. Simply Natural is an operating business in Panama, with offices in Panama City, Panama. Simply Natural maximizes investor returns by constantly focusing on a very refined philosophy of objectives in order to maintain our industry leading financial returns. Simply Natural ABOUT US land assets in panama continue to climb at a staggering annual rate of 10% We offer distinct competitive advantages which help provide individual and institutional investors with a number of key benefits including: Our Managements history of delivering attractive returns in a multitude of investment products Excellent Capital preservation for our clients Portfolio diversification to mitigate portfolio risk Low risk enterprise investment opportunities Multiple Hedging strategies to assure maximum returns
  14. 14. 26 27 The senior management team is uniquely experienced in global markets, dedicated and driven to consistently generate safe but industry leading returns and opportunities. Meet the team: Alan Winstead - President Mr. Winstead is a 4th generation plantation manager and innovator, and has managed companies in multiple loca- tions around the world in industries such as Agriculture, Geospatial Engineering, and Biotechnology. He began his career in the hospitality industry in 2001 as a consultant, opening and managing hotels in New York, Brazil and Switzerland prior to reconnecting to his lifelong passion of Agriculture. He earned his MBA with a focus on operations strategy in 2004 from Technologico de Monterrey University and served as Vice president at Geoinfo Internacional where he later became president in 2010. Mr. Winstead developed expertise in project design, business development in the Geospatial engineering and agricultural space. Throughout the last 5 years, with international and accredited scientists and engineers, Mr. Winstead has personally and led a team for the design and implemen- tation of award winning research and development projects in the biotechnology field for the agricultural industry in Panama, focusing on soil and plant nutrition, farm management, agricultural manufacturing and market devel- opment strategies. Mr. Winstead was credited with a prestigious award for his work, with initiation into Panamas City of Knowledge, 2013. Mr. Winstead speaks 5 languages fluently. Brian Angiuli - Chief Executive Officer Mr. Angiuli has helped raise more than $200 million for small-cap companies both private and public infields such as naturalresources, high technology, health care and clean energy.Mr. Angiuli started in finance over 25 years ago at Shearson Lehman Brothers and has been involved in almost every aspect of the financial in- dustry throughout his career. Most recently and prior to opening the Latin American office of Simply Natural, Mr.Angiuli managed a private New York Based Investment Bank (Able Global Partners) and a multi-billion dollar private equity fund (Laurus Capitalmanagement) for 8 years. At those firms, he generated returns in excess of 39% IRR (un-levered), in which he wasinstrumental in the funds growth from $15 Million to over $1.4 Billion AUM. Mr. Angiuli was ranked number 1 year after year in production of all deal origination at Laurus, and closed more than 95 investments, representing over $650 million of invested capital in the form of senior debt, mezzanine and equity. He structured leveraged finance and asset-backed transactions as well as traditional growth-oriented investments.When he is not working, Mr. Angiuli likes to spend his time with his family, travel- ing, golfing, deep sea fishing, skiing and playing squash. Mr. Angiuli is married and is the father of 3 beautiful children. SENIOR MANAGEMENT TEAM Simply Natural Lillian O Sullivan - Vice President of Business Development Ms. O Sullivan has been immersed in the world of organic farming since birth, growing up in a predominantly agricultural area in the Irish countryside. Her parents cultivate their own organic fruit and vegetables using natural methods passed down from generation to generation. After completing a Masters degree in Marketing Ms. O Sullivan went on to gain international experience in food marketing and business development. She began her career with a fast paced marketing position with a leading food and drinks company in France, focusing on build- ing brand awareness and product premiumization. Later joining the Irish governments Food Board in Spain she further developed her knowledge of the organic sector through in-depth research projects and participation in major trade exhibitions. Ms. O Sullivan supported the market entry strategies for organic food companies, success- fully matching client companies with suitable distributors. Ms. O Sullivan speaks 4 languages fluently. Gilberto Alemn - Chief Agricultural Engineer Mr Alemn started in the agriculture sector in 1975 cultivating plantation scale Papaya. Awarded sponsorship from the Universidad de Panam Agricultural Department, Mr. Alemn designed and developed a study to produce from Papaya, industrially scalable natural enzymes with the same catalytic functions as chemical enzymes. With 30 years of research and development, Mr. Alemn successfully completed the entire design and catalogue process and managed hundreds of hectares of Papaya cultivation while achieving exceptional scientific breakthroughs. In 1995, he began the development project of the Lady Victoria Mango cultivar. Mr. Alemn also, has to his credit, the management and design of several commercial farms as well as the creation of agro-industrial processes in use throughout the world. Leonel Chvez lvarez - Senior Agricultural Engineer Leonel Chavez was born into a large farming family, living off the land for generations in Mexico. Mr. Chavezs grandfather, a cattle and mango farmer introduced organic methods to his farms in the early 1950s. Mr. Chavezs father in turn grew mangoes and avocados. Devoted to the organic techniques passed on from his father, he further developed his expertise and subsequently introduced organic farming to the entire region. Mr. Chavez Sr. is considered as one of the most successful organic fruit-tree growers in the world. Mr. Chavez Jr. following in the family tradition and looking to improve upon his farming techniques, chose to study agricultural engineering and has received numerous diplomas and certificates in organic chemistry, crop nutrition and organic agriculture from the top agricultural universities in Mexico. Following his studies, Mr. Chavez managed 1,000 hectares of organic fruit-trees, in his home region of Michoacn, Mexico, which is the worlds leading avocado producing region. Mr. Chavez also founded a company called Nutri Performace specializing in producing high quality organic fertil- izers and consulting in organic agriculture. Mr. Chavez has worked with top scientists and engineers worldwide, absorbing the mastery and techniques of producing high quality organic fertilizers to be applied in all types of crops and has spent over 10 years studying under some of the best agricultural researchers on projects to improve and tackle issues with organic mango, citrus, avocado and other tropical and sub-tropical crops. Barbara Armenteros Agricultural Engineer Ms. Armenteros interest in agriculture and farming goes back to her high school years when farming became the family business and she made the decision to study Agronomy at EARTH University in Costa Rica for 2 years, followed by 3 years in University of Santa Rosa de Cabal in Colombia. Her main areas of study included: tax- onomy of plants, soils, pest and disease management, majoring in tropical soil management. Ms. Armenteros first experience in the field was the management of a large greenhouse dedicated to heirloom tomatoes, basil, peppers and cucumbers. These crops were grown organically and were special varieties adapted to sea level. Ms. Armenteros has been fully dedicated to sustainable agriculture production and to training others in its practices. Much of the knowledge gathered has been from working in the field with local farmers. Ms. Armenteros is a firm believer of the merits of applying trophobiosis, allelopathy and tropical biotechnology in the field.
  15. 15. 28 29 Q: HOW IS THIS INVESTMENT SECURED? A: Your investment is asset backed through the full title ownership of the land, trees and agricultural technology placed on your investment lot. Additionally we have selected Panamas leading farm Management Company to implement and maintain the project from start to finish. With limited availability of land in Panama due to its size and its ever expanding residential and commercial real estate development, your land asset will realize strong capital appreciation year after year, but more importantly, your Lime farm will provide demonstrable returns of income year after year, for decades. Investors can rest assured that not only will this project offer an excellent income stream in your life time, but will provide excellent capital appreciation for generations. Q: HOW ARE MY RETURNS ASSURED? A: The local and global demand for Lime produce cannot be underestimated and is growing at alarm- ing rates. Utilizing modern farming technology such as drip irrigation systems, superior lime strains such as the Rainforest Limes, bio-sustainable fertilization systems and full-time management; Simply Natural is optimizing your production output for maximum yield. Limited supply world-wide offers strong growth projections and likely price increases over the longevity of the project. Simply Natural has also based the projected returns on conservative, local, factual sales prices of the raw fruit, not taking into consideration cost inflation, additional crop integration, and higher productivity techniques. Additionally, Intercropping opportunities are also under exploration to provide the investor with even higher returns than that stated in our projections with Lime Cultivation. Q: WHEN CAN I EXPECT MY RETURNS? A: Lime production returns will be achieved in year 4, with full production levels achieved from year 5 onwards. Simply Natural goal is to provide clients with higher returns than those stated in the pro- jections, as we have adopted an under promise, over deliver philosophy. Simply Natural will also be undertaking intercropping opportunities to maximize the returns to investors and decrease the waiting period for income. We have conservatively estimated a 2% return in years 2 and 3 however we aim to deliver higher per- centages of income during this period. Returns from the produce will be paid on an annual basis at the time the harvest is complet- ed and sold. Q: HOW AM I PROTECTED AGAINST CURRENCY VOLATILITY? A: All Farm transactions in Simply Natural are secured in the US dollar currency including profits from the sale of the crops. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Simply Natural Q: CAN I LIQUIDATE MY INVESTMENT AT ANY TIME? A: Yes, all contracts are transferrable on the condition that the purchasing party agree to all clauses within the contracts and agree to the responsibilities of Simply Natural and its group of companies as stated within your contracts. Simply Natural will charge no fee to transfer contracts to the new purchaser, however all title transfer costs will be borne by one of either the selling (current owner) or purchasing parties. Q: WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THE 40-50 YEARS OF PRODUCTION? A: The land will be replanted with Lime trees and thus the production starts again. Alternatively, a different crop might be planted which may be more suitable to the land in that era, and a product that may be more appropriate for that time. Our Farm Management Firm is 4th generation, and committed to many more generations. Q: WHAT TYPES OF VEHICLES CAN I USE TO INVEST? A: Investors have the opportunity to hold the asset and its profits in personal title, Panamanian corporations/entities, self-directed pension funds/retirement accounts or foreign companies as long as it meets the legal requirements of Panama and your Nations local legal policies. Q: ARE THERE ANY TAXES TO CONSIDER? A: Tax treatment will depend in part on your chosen structure of investment. One of our legal consul- tants, would be more than happy to discuss this with you. Please note: although Simply Natural will endeavor to offer tax advice, local taxes in Panama and your resident country are subject to change, therefore you should seek clarification and advice from an official tax accountant as Simply Natural holds no responsibility for any tax advice given. -Thank you. BROKERS FOR LAND SALES Simply Natural Investments, Inc. Promotora Agricola Organica, S.A. Administradora De Campo Agricola The licensed real estate brokers for the sale of the land. Simply Natural Investments, INC. Real Estate Licence No. PJ-1001-14 MARKETER Simply Natural The marketing company, responsible for produce sales, product development and brand building. DEVELOPER/OPERATOR Campo Organico The farm management company responsible for the development of the land and management of the farming operation in an eco-sus- tainable and cost effective manner. DEVELOPMENTMANAGEMENT TEAMS Simply Natural
  16. 16. 30 31 We thoroughly enjoyed our 2nd visit to the farm and must say that our initial fears have turned into confident enthusiasm for the project. We believe our investment is in good hands and that Alan and Brian have a solid vision where they want to take the farm as well as the knowledge and experience to make it happen. Our thoughts are now that we are slightly underinvested. - Kimberly and Mark P. I got to see a lot more (of the plantation) this time and Im even more convinced that investing with SNI is a great idea. You folks make it more like family n friends than business. Its going to be not only a successful business ven- ture, it will be a successful neighborhood too. Im inclined to go home and get my work boots n Carharts packed up and come back to join the crew. Press on, fellas. Youre doing great. - Lee S. Simply Natural TESTIMONIALS PANAM CITY Tocumen International Airport Santiago Penonom AkuaYala David Rio Hato Airport El Olivo Mango Plantation El Cano Lime Plantation Panam Canal Please contact us for more information: Simply Natural 43rd Floor, Oceania Business Plaza Tower 2000 Punta Pacifica Panama City [email protected] [email protected] Panama: 011-507-216-8180
  17. 17.