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Digital media has been growing exponentially in India. Here are some interesting statistics Snapshot of Digital India in a report compiles by Ethinos Digital Marketing

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  • 1. Snapshot of Digital India November 2012Compiled by: Ethinos Digital Marketing

2. Internet User Statistics 1200 1000 960 960.9 903.72800 Mar-12600Aug-12 Nov-12 449400200120 123 137 11132 503130 13.33 14 15.080Landline Connections Mobile Connections Internet Connections Broadband Connections Internet through MobileAll figures in millions of users* Internet ONLY through mobiles 20 million 3. Smartphone User StatisticsTop 5 smartphone markets and market share for 2011, 2012 and 2016 (Based on shipments) 201120122016 2011-2016Country Market ShareMarket ShareMarket ShareCAGR PRC 18.3% 26.5%23.0%26.2% USA 21.3% 17.8%14.5%11.6% India2.2%2.5%8.5% 57.5% Brazil 1.8%2.3%4.4% 44.0%UK5.3%4.5%3.6% 11.5% Rest of World 51.1% 46.4%46.0%18.1%TOTAL 100%100%100% 20.5% In 2011, mobile phone shipments were around 184.4 million units and IDC forecasts the market to clock 301 million by calendar year 2015, at a CAGR of 13.03 per cent. The smartphone segment is forecasted to see an increased CAGR of 63.4 per cent with a shipment of 77.5 million by CY 2015. 4. Smartphone User StatisticsSmartphone Market Share Distribution 3.0% 2.6%by Brand (%) (Number of Units) - India8.5% 12.1%56.4% 17.4%AndroidSymbian Blackberry Bada iOS Windows MobileThe market share distributionSmartphone Market Share Distributionby brand directly correlates by Operating System (Number of Units) - Indiawith the market sharedistribution by operating systemfor smartphones in India. 5. Tablet User StatisticsTablet Market Share Distribution by Brand (%) IndiaApple12.3 Samsung 13.3 Micromax18.405 10 1520 Tablet sales in India are expected to cross 1.6 million units this year, a growth of 40% over lastyear and way above the 16% growth registered by personal computers. Manufacturers Association of IT estimates that tablet market will grow to7.3 million units by 2015-16. Of the Top Five Tablet vendors, three are local (Indian) vendors Micromax, Karbonn and HCL.Cumulatively, these three brands contributed 60% of the shipments amongst the Top Five brands and39% of the total unit shipments. 6. Social Media Users 50 million Mar 12 134,000 Aug 12 51 millionAug 12 1, 680, 000Nov 12 65 millionNov 1213 millionMar 1216 million Aug 1233 million Nov 1214 millionMar 1215+ millionAug 1217 millionNov 12 7. Country-wise Comparison of Social Media Users 168.49 65 33.71 0.593 141.6535.5 33 10170.726**2.7410.82* *LinkedIn has no official license to operate in China yetAll figures in millions of users 8. Social Commerce StatisticsGlobally, social commerce sales are set to reach $30billion/year by 2015 with 50% of web sales occurringthrough social mediaBuying products off social media hasnt taken off in a big wayin India yet (not in the top 10 activities)Social media is used mainly for comparing products, andsharing details post purchase67% of Indians who are on the web use online reviews tohelp them make purchases60% Indians who are social media users are open to beingapproached by brandsSocial gifting (allowing people to choose, pay for and dispatcha gift when they see an update of a birthday or other occasionon social media) is the most popular idea that is globally beingexperimented with in terms of social commerce 9. Mobile Commerce Statistics The total potential revenue opportunity through mobilecommerce can reach Rs. 20 billion in 2015, according to theIAMAI 2011 survey and this is only the beginning of online shoppers access the Internet on their94%mobile phones. Over 87% - compared product prices online 68% - made an online purchase using their smartphones 47% of smartphone owners and 56% of tablet owners plan to Mobile phone penetration inpurchase more products on their respective devicesIndia is more than 60% and is E-Commerce has now replaced social networking as the 2ndexpected to be over 90% bymost popular category on mobile 2015 49% of Indian consumers would prefer to purchase goods froma mobile optimised website, while 37% would prefer to shopusing an app. Consistent with other shoppers globally, payment securitywhen buying online is an important consideration for 63% ofIndian consumers 10. Sources 11. Sources,-a-new-and-innovative-social-commerce-site-for-women,-lands-$5m-Series-A-funding.htm 12. Have a question? Ask the experts!318, 3rd floor, Powai Plaza,siddharth.hegde@ethinos.comCentral Avenue, Opp. Pizza Hut,Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, +91 9820217252Mumbai - 400 076, India.@siddhegde+91 - 022 - 40157652 /EthinosDigital EthinosPresentationson Slideshare Snapshot of DigitalHow NGOs can use 11 Twitter Case10 Commandments Gamification India (August 2012) Social Media to Studiesof Social Media for Level 1 raise funds Business