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  1. 1. Smitten Ice-Cream Business Model Design By Vivien N Dhuinn
  2. 2. Company Profile Founded 2009 in San Francisco Founder Robyn Sue Fisher MBA Objective To find a new way to make old-fashioned Ice-Cream. Business Idea Perfecting the process of Ice-cream making via the use of LNA2 (Liquid Nitrogen) and Prototype Double Helical Triple Patented Machine. Product The Smoothest, Tastiest Ice-Cream. Free from preservatives and additives. Made to order in 60 to 90 seconds. Outlets 4 - First one opened in Hayes Valley 2011.
  3. 3. Value Propositions Application of Science - A New way to make old fashioned Ice-cream. Liquid Nitrogen creates smaller ice crystals smoother ice-cream. Enriched Customer experience the Smoothest Tastiest Ice-Cream ever. Healthy Free From preservatives and additives. Dedicated Chef Novelty Unusual flavours. Nitrogen Vapour. Made in under 90 seconds. Watch it being made Locally sourced raw materials Nostalgia Retro Feel. Status/Exclusivity Designer Ice-cream costs more. Luxury. Limited outlets. Creates attraction. Catering Parties, events, corporate occasions. Eco-Friendly Recycled shipping containers as outlets. No Franchise Control of Quality. Machines not available for sale. Ongoing R&D. Community Involvement Hip place to work Hip place to hang out. Tourist attraction.
  4. 4. Customer Segment Niche Market - Ice-cream lovers of all ages from 3 to 103. Local Market regulars, repeat business, customer loyalty. Health conscious ice-cream must meet the free-from, fresh ingredients appeal. Mid to upper income segment. Demand quality and consistency of taste. Tourists A must go and see place. Create a memorable and enjoyable experience. Catering Market Corporate, Parties & Events.
  5. 5. Customer Relations Owner hands-on and visible. Started from back of Radio Flyer Wagon. Trust. Owner shows obvious passion for ice-cream. Promises the best tasting and smoothest ice-cream on earth. Made to order ice-cream for individual tastes. Watch as your ice-cream is made. Encourages customer feedback. Wants happy customers. Free-from Ice-cream. Innovative recipes for mouth-watering experience. Dedicated Chef. Consistency of flavour and quality ensures repeat business. Ongoing R&D improve customer experience. Community Involvement Donations - Class Field Trips
  6. 6. Revenue Stream Direct sales - Retail outlets Catering -Parties, Events, Corporate Occasions. Merchandising Tee-shirts. Gift Coins/Vouchers
  7. 7. Cost Structure Life savings went into R&D. Liquid Nitrogen. Ongoing design costs new flavours, improved performance. New Brrr machine. Fixed Costs Salaries, utilities, business overheads; insurance, accounts, tax Maintenance and updating of equipment and outlets. Six Specialist Engineer Contracts. Expansion. Purchasing or leasing of sites for new outlets. Advertising and Marketing.
  8. 8. Key Resources Availability of liquid nitrogen. Intellectual input of owner and chef. R&D. PR. Specially trained engineers to create and maintain Brrr Machines. Reputable and Reliable Partnerships for supply of raw ingredients. Local growers. Staff Training for operation of machines. Cash Flow Investment Capital / Investors /Mentors
  9. 9. Key Activities Making Ice-Cream to order using specialised equipment. Sourcing Quality local suppliers of raw materials. Creating Recipes Operating Brrr Machine. Maintaining and improving. R&D Staff Training. Customer Service. Maintaining customer relations. Catering at parties and events Sourcing and refurbishing old shipping containers for use as outlets. Website development. Blog/Social Media Newsletters. Tweeting. PR for Branding. interviews, demonstrations, media.
  10. 10. Key Partners Suppliers of Liquid Nitrogen Suppliers of Raw Materials Dairy supplies, local farmers and producers. Chef Robyn Lenzi Specialist Engineers Web Developers Digital Marketing Company Merchandise Suppliers Financial Advisor/Banks Business Mentors

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