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  • 1. A TotalDigital SignageSolution

2. Smith & Co. Jewelers of Ohio 3. Visionary"In constructing our award winning, technology rich,newdesigner jewelry store, much concern remained in how to project the soul of our offering tothe high volume of cars on the street to the north and the parking area to the east. Corn Digital signage solutions now drive 3 High Definition 47" screens with crystal clear imaging of our special pieces and enable the store to be "selling" even while closed. As Smith & Co. Jewelers is a small company, with limited technical staff, the creation and support of such advanced technology was as much as concern as was cost. We were pleasantly surprised with affordability, surprised again by ease of image deployment and maintenance. The support staff at Corn Digital along with simple design have made this very cutting edge use of imagery a source of greatimpact on clients served andrave reviewof colleagues in the Jewelry Industry. It is with great pleasure that we highly recommend consideration of Corn Digital and its digital signage products. - Tim Smith, CG, GG President Smith & Co. Jewelers Inc." 4. Ceres-86Mr. Smith uses our Ceres-86 Network Media Player with an IPC Hammer 8 Port Video and Audio Extender Kit. This allows him to push the same content via Cat5 cables to three 42-inch LCD displays. Two are in-store and one is in the store window. 5. 42-inch LG LCDs 6. A Trustworthy System

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