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The SMC Corsair Newspaper's Spring , 2010 edition, Issue 12

Text of SMC Corsair Newspaper: Spring 2010, Issue 12

  • www.thecorsaironline.comVolume XCIX, Issue 12 Wednesday, May 19, 2010Informing Since 1929

    CorsairThe Santa Monica College NewspaperGlobal MotionSee page 10

    Student president Cameron Henton looks back at AS accomplishments

    Protestors target BP green gas station

    AS proposes change to constitution

    Shooting at Pico and Lincoln

    Santa Monica College Associated Students President Cameron Henton presides over the last Board of Directors meeting for the current government, this past Monday at Santa Monica College. Henton will transfer the keys to his office to Tiffany Inabu, who will be president next semester.

    Daniel Ross Corsair

    By Daniel RossStaff Writer

    Its Friday afternoon. Another school week has drawn to a close and Associated Students President, Cameron Henton, is aware of another deadline looming ominously on the horizon.

    Were soon into the transitional stage between one government and the next, says Henton as he prepares to relinquish his position to Tiffany Inabu, AS president elect. Henton has only a few weeks remaining with which to push through any last minute reforms, and a review of his governments performance over the past year by the board of trustees figures prominently on his to-do list.

    And so, to the background hum of a student government anxiously waiting out their last few weeks in office, Henton talks candidly about the endeavors of the AS to revisit

    their original campaign promises, offering in the process some stark advice to their successors.

    I dont think weve achieved all that we should have achieved, says Henton, referring to their struggle to cultivate a community spirit within the college and to raise student awareness of the AS an integral part of his manifesto. Quickly though, he moves to a topic that has not only factored heavily in recent decision making, but one in which he feels the AS has more than proven its mettle the colleges budget woes.

    Its been a tough year for the college, and various departments have asked us for more money in order to maintain student serviceswhich weve been able to provide. However, it means that the rollover into next years balance wont be as big as it usually is.

    The drop, Henton predicts, could be as big as $120,000 to

    a rollover of just $80,000 but he feels justified that the AS has made the right decision to prop-up the college financially, singling out the Big Blue Bus as just one of the many services their support has helped to maintain.

    [AS] can do that for about one more yearprobably, but if the budget crisis continues, I dont see how we could maintain that level of support.

    Another area in which Henton feels a certain level of personal satisfaction is the introduction during his tenure of the Leadership Academy. A program designed to better prepare students for positions of leadership, it has been somewhat of a pet project for Henton, and he hopes to see it institutionalized at SMC.

    Its a great opportunity to train

    See Henton looks back on page 3

    By Dan BluemelOpinion Editor

    Demonstrators picketed a British Petroleum gas station in Los Angeles Wednesday, May 12, to demand that the U.S. government seizes the companys assets to pay for clean-up and provide compensation for those affected by the ongoing oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Activists chose BPs signature green Arco gas station, located at the corner of Olympic Boulevard and Robertson Boulevard, as the site of their protest.

    The Seize BP campaign was initiated by the ANSWER Coalition, an anti-war and social justice organization. According to the group, over 10,000 people have signed the Seize BP petition calling for the confiscation and reinvestment of assets.

    The demonstration occurred on the second day BP America executives, along with Transocean, Halliburton and Cameron executives, were questioned by a Congressional subcommittee over the Deepwater Horizon oil rig leak. Responsibility was a point of debate amongst company executives during the questioning, which President

    See BP oil protest on page 4

    By Guiliana DakdoukManaging Editor

    A black SUV was pulled over near Pico and Lincoln Boulevards for a field-sobriety test early yesterday morning when the passenger opened fire at a Santa Monica Police Department officer.

    According to officers at the scene, the passenger shot one officer below his bulletproof vest

    and proceeded to run away from the scene.

    The officer was hospitalized and is now in stable condition.

    The alleged gunman was hiding for about three hours until K-9 officers and the SWAT team found him at nearly 5:10 a.m.

    Officers shot and hit the suspect but it has yet to be determined whether the suspect fired at the officers beforehand. The extent

    of his injuries is unkknown.More than 10 police officers

    from different divisions moved into the area to search for the gunman.

    Local residents were asked to stay inside to maintain public safety.

    The driver of the black SUV was arrested on suspicion of DUI. At the time of press, his identity, as well as the gunmans, was not made public.

    Katie Madejska Corsair

    By John Stapleton IVStaff Writer

    Recent changes to the Associated Students Constitution will be available to the student body for approval during next weeks special election.

    The ballot will contain three items, the first of which asks students whether or not they approve the proposed constitutional amendments. These most recent amendments mostly clarify the special election process itself, and establish the Joint Council as solely responsible for determining student fees. This duty applies directly to the other two special election items, both of which are proposals for increasing the AS fee: a Student Representation Fee of one dollar, and a Student Organizing Fee of $1.50. These proposed changes would increase the Associated Student Fee from $19 to $21.50 if approved.

    AS president Cameron Henton describes the Student Representation Fee as a way to finance advocacy and efforts along those lines, allowing Santa Monica College students to represent the college before city, county and state governments. Henton posited

    See AS constitution changes on page 3

    Police investigate the scene of the shooting at Pico and Lincoln Boulevards.

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    Corrections: In Issue 10, the article Spirits at Club Row stated that the ALAS organized the Capoeira Dance when the Martial Arts Associate was the group that organized it.

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  • NEWSWednesdayMay 19, 2010 03Corsair NewspaperSanta Monica College

    By Bryn WoznickiStaff Writer

    Every Santa Monica College student has been through it. The boring, grueling, WHY CANT I CLICK FASTER?! student orientation. Every new SMC student is required to complete this online orientation upon enrolling for his or her first semester. But as most of us remember, the old orientation didnt orient us much at all. We didnt learn about SMC as much as we learned to skim long paragraphs, guess at simple questions and click to the next page at lightning speed.

    But students enrolling this summer are in luck: a new and improved online orientation is set to premiere before the end of spring semester.

    Were making it more student friendly, interactive and inviting for students so they will want to stay involved in the orientation process from beginning to end, said Delores Ra