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  • Put some zippity in your marketing doo-dah.We can transform your ability to engage your market just like we did with this magazine. Pleased to be the creative engine behind the relaunch of Small Biz Forward. Enjoy.

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    Contents:6Suffering From Small Biz Burnout?Cindy Cohen

    9Time For This & Time For That!Cindy Taylor

    10Multi-Tasking Myth.Jerry Sarno

    12A Day In The Life Of An Entrepreneur.Nancy Becher

    16Women In Micro-Business Is Not Business As Usual!Linda S. Fitzgerald

    18TrustAn Essential Piece Of Building Engagement.Dawn Cacciotti

    20Freedom & Independence In A Hostile World.Ed Becher

    22Before You Get The Work Done, Ask Is It The Right Work?Susan Trivers

    24How To Be Your Own Publicist!Kimberly Harke

    36Working Smarter In A Crowded Market.Adam Fleming

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    2016 Celebrate Business Publishing

    4 Enjoy The Freedom.Nancy Becher

    15 Freedom.Adam Fleming

    28 Master What?Nancy Becher

    38 Daydreaming To Success.Jerry Sarno

    40 Take A Walk On The Yellow Brick Road.Ed Becher

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    Enjoy the freedom.

    Were already a quarter of the way through 2016. MAN, is that a scary thought. How many of you are still working away on your goals from the beginning of the year? Remember, a goal is only as good as the work you put into it to make it happen! I have revamped mine a couple of times already, but Im still chugging aheadmaking things happen to accomplish those oh-so-big dreams of mine. Nancy Becher

    Many of us started our businesses because we wanted the freedom to do our own thingwhether that be work our own hours, get paid what we think is appropriate, take time off for family and friendslots of different and individual reasons. But freedom was most assuredly part of the scenario I can just about bet.

    Now that were knee deep in the work involved in business ownership, Ill also bet that picture of freedom has changed a great deal. For many of us we are working harder than we ever did when we were J-O-B-B-E-R-S. Right? More money? What money? Vacation? I think I remember when I had a vacationoh about 10 years ago.

    And now, I dont even have friends that stand around my desk chatting about all the office gossip. I do find myself talking to myself, but its not quite the same thing. What about you?

    This months issue of Small Biz Forward is all about freedom and independence in our businesses. Filled with tips and techniques that create, at least a bit more of that essencewhile still helping us to grow and expand, the articles are guaranteed to give you the boosts that you need to get you to the next level of success.

    And theres even a new bit of freedom here that gives you the ability to read the magazine either in print or online in our new website at There are many who still like the feel of paper in our fingers, flipping through reading the articles. For me, I dog ear the pages so I know where to refer back to later when something catches my interest. For others, its all about looking at it onlineon the web, through a tablet or even via our cell phones while riding the bus or in the cab going from meeting to meeting. Freedoms abound wherever!

    I hope you enjoy this issue and I ask that whether you like it or not, you leave us a comment on the website at You may just see your name in print! And thats a great marketing tool for you and for your business as well

    In the meantime, have a productive, successful month!

    This months issue of

    Small Biz Forward

    is all about freedom

    and inde-pendence

    in our businesses.

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    A Retreat for Business Owners Learn, Plan, Grow April 21-23, 2016 Chesapeake, Virginia

    By Business Success Unlimited

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    Have you lost your dream of business success? Work is piling up, first quarter deadlines, the kids home for spring break, the bills, the cold, rainy, snowy, dreary and overcast days. Then theres the stress that comes with a sense of regret and disappointment for not sticking to your New Years resolutions to develop a healthier business bottom-line and a healthier body. In fact, every day seems like a bad day right from the minute you wake up. Cindy Cohen RN, BS BA

    Suffering From Small Biz Burnout?

    All this stress weighs heavy on you, leaving you feeling exhausted, run down, sick and so tired. You find yourself thinking you cant wait for work to end so you can go home, curl up with your favorite blanket and hibernate the winter away. Sound familiar?

    If this is you maybe you are suffering from work stress burnout. The thing about work stress burnout is it doesnt just stay at work, its like a virus spreading all over your life impacting those you care about at home too.

    You may not have noticed youre feeling the mental pain of burnout but your body does, telling you loud and clear if you are listening. Heres how you know what to listen for.

    Your thinking is suffering because you have so much on your mind you seem distracted and find it hard to say focused. Completing tasks seem

    to take longer than they did in the recent past. Its hard to be clear on your intentions. Your problem solving skills, perspective and productivity is down too leaving you with a feeling of over-whelmed, frustrated and over stressed.

    Your body is suffering with muscle aches and pains, dizziness, aches, pains, headaches, stomach upset, fatigue and tiredness. You forget to eat meals, make unhealthy food choices or not eating at all. During sleep you toss and turn with restless sleep and waking up throughout the night waking up more tired than when you went to bed.

    Your spirit suffering too. Youve lost your joy. You just dont feel as happy as you usually do. Youve lost your motivation. Getting things done just seems like more of an effort. Your relationships suffer too because you are irritable and impatient. You feel like nothing you do really makes a difference.

    Theres nothing you can do to reduce the stressors in your life. The work wont slow down, the bills wont stop coming and you most likely wont wake up tomorrow in utopia. However you can change how you and your body reacts to stress by taking steps towards controlling whats controllable, engaging in healthy lifestyle habits.

    Its never wise to stay in a job or any situation where your mental, physical and spiritual well-being suffers. Maybe its time to take a fresh look at your situation. Here are some actions steps you can take to reduce some of the stress in your life.

    Action Step 1. You have to sleep. You have more control over your sleep than you think you do. You pick the time you go to bed, what you do before bed and the environment you sleep in. Going to bed at the same time, waking up on a schedule and lying in bed seven or more hours gives your mind and body a break to heal and repair itself. Theres nothing like not getting enough sleep to put you in a bad mood.

    Action Step 2. You have to eat.The National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD) completed a study on eating patterns, skipping meals and mood swings. They found

    You may not have noticed youre

    feeling the mental pain of

    burnout but your

    body does, telling you

    loud and clear if

    you are listening.

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    skipping meals can lead to binge eating, bigger emotional responses, poor concentration, increased stress, and an overall lower sense of well-being. People who dont eat at regular interval suffer from more depression than people who eat spaced meals and snacks 3 to 4 hours apart and choose a healthy protein, fruits, vegetables, whole grains at each meal. The resources I most often recommend for healthy food choices are and According to the U.S.D.A. to maintain good health your body needs around 2,000 -2,500 healthy calories, so eat up!

    Action Step 3. You have to drink.A new study, led by Coleen Muoz, and to be published in Appetite studied the factors that affect mood, such as exercise, caffeine and water consumption. The study showed the greater the water consumption, the better the mood. The better hydrated you are the less tension, confusion and depression. How much water should you drink to stay healthy? Depends on your eating habits, how active you are, if you have a medical condition but on average for women 9