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  • 1.How do you reach quality candidates in a dog-eat-dog industry?

2. Alstin Communications.A Recruiters best friend.
Alstin Communications is an award winning full service communications firm specializing in interactive employer marketing.
3. Alstin Communications.A Recruiters best friend.
Offering the latest new media solutions for recruiting, Alstin helps forward-thinking human resources professionals empower their talent acquisition and retention efforts with Strategies, Communications, and Results.
4. What we love to sink our teeth into.
Every organization has a unique selling point.Not every agency understands yours.We get that.
Go fetch
5. What we love to sink our teeth into.
Alstin puts a professional yet personalized spin on social networking:

  • Making Web 2.0 work for

your recruiting initiatives

  • Creating videos that get

you noticed

  • Developing microsites that

speak directly to who
youre targeting

  • Oh yeah, we do stuff on

paper too.(Ewwwnot
6. Why were a breed apart.
Bigger definitely isnt better.
Weve won a lot of impressive pitches over the years, and often imagine the looks on faces of the big agencies when they heard the smaller one in Philly got the business - again.And we smile.A lot.
7. Why were a breed apart.
Alstin takes the time to get to know you better so that others will do the same.With a true appreciation for your culture, people, and goals, well grow your employment brand by leaps and bounds.
8. Why we love when you loosen the leash.
Ready to break free from the crowd?Let us lead you to brand new ideas and uniquely individual strategies, communications and results that truly set you apart.
(We promise not to pull hard.)
9. We sit.We stay.
Alstin Communications has one full-service location in Center City, Philadelphia.

  • No B team, no branch

office - less chasing of tails.

  • We get you answers.

The best people work on
your account more
solutionsjust steps away
from each other.
10. To put The power of done to work for you, contact Alstin at
Read our blog at go old school on us and give us a call at 215.568.3200.
Join us on LinkedIn, follow on or become a Fan of Alstins Page on Facebook


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