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  • 1. HeredityOur GroupTech Hater= RenzoThe Psychologist=JennaThe Tech Guru= UgniusThe Research Specialist= Nathan

2. Heredity Definition: the transmission of geneticcharacters from parents to offspring: it isdependent upon the segregation andrecombination of genes Rating of Control:0 Selling Point: Its more influential because wehave no control in what we inherit. 3. Research of Influence of DeterminantExample: Diseases Stat: Heredity influences the type of Diseases you areprone toCitation: Mental IllnessStat: If a parent has bipolar disorder offspring mightinherit it.Citation: Cancer Stat: If a parent has the genes that are cancerous thereoff spring may have a chance of developing cancerCitation: 4. EnvironmentOur GroupTech Hater= Jack AdcockThe Psychologist= Lois Anderson The Tech Guru= Arun AbrahamThe Research Specialist= Nicole Banistean 5. Overview of Environment Definition: The surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal, orplant lives or operates. Rating of Control: 1.5: You can somewhat control the cleanliness of yourhome, but especially as a teen, you cannot change where you live and theclimate/other conditions there. You have a lot more control over yoursocial life, but looking at the big picture, you can really only interact withthe people in your environment, of whom you cannot explicitly choose. Selling Point: Your peers and family have the heaviest influence on yourpersonality as you grow and likewise your decision making. Friends whoare drawn to drug use or dangerous sports/adventures will press theirideas of fun on each other. Association with athletic or studiousindividuals nearly always makes for a healthier lifestyle. Regardinglocation, living in cities or other polluted areas can be detrimental to yourphysical health, while living in areas of high elevation or near the sea canstrengthen/cleanse your lungs and sinuses, etc. 6. Research of Influence of EnvironmentExample: Stress at work Stat: The 2002 Aventis Healthcare Survey in Canada finds fifty-one percent ofemployees experiencing much stress at work, with twenty-five percent ofthem falling physically ill due to workplace stress.Citation: People that live in a city live longer that people who live in a rural area. Mortality rates in a metro area are substantially smaller and are decreasing at a higher rate when compared to a non-metro area.Citation: Stat: Inadequate, unhealthy, crowded, or too-costly housing can pose seriousproblems for childrens physical, psychological, and material well-being. In2009, 45 percent of U.S. households with children had physically inadequatehousing, crowded housing, and/or a housing cost burden of more than 30percent of household income.Citation: 7. Media Put a Pic Here RegardingYour Determinant Our Group Tech Hater= Lauren TuchekThe Psychologist= Angela Walker The Tech Guru= James WilliamsThe Research Specialist= Andrew Szenlina 8. Overview of Media Media: Television, newspapers, and radiocollectively: the various means of mass communicationconsidered as a whole, including television, radio,magazines, and newspapers, together with the peopleinvolved in their production Rating of Control: 1.5 of 10 Selling Point: Media is everywhere you cant escape it,there are commercials on TV and bill boards on thestreets and people see things and theyre influenced 9. Research of Influence of MediaExample: Music and Substance AbuseStat: 1/3 of popular songs include refrences to substence abuseCitation: Television Food Adds and ObesityStat: Children who are able to recognize fast food adds are 17% more likely to beobeseCitation: Media and ViolenceStat: 80% of R-rated movies and 70% of Mature-rated video games are targeted atchildren under 17Citation: 10. AttitudeOur Group Tech Hater= Dan OMalley The Psychologist= Sam LeeThe Tech Guru= Raman MathurThe Research Specialist= Jessica Park 11. Overview of Attitude Definition: A manner, disposition, feeling, etc., with regard to a person orthing; tendency or orientation, especially with the mind. Rating of Control: 7-8, because we can try to control our attitude bythinking positive, but bad days are inevitable and natural. No one canmaintain a healthy attitude all the time. Selling Point: Attitude is more influential than other determinantsbecause it has a heavy influence on your mood. If you have a negativeattitude, even good things can be twisted to be upsetting. A negativeattitude emphasizes the bad things and results in much more stress. Apositive person who looks for the best in everything can look past the badstuff and tends to be much more relaxed, happy, and social as a result. 12. Research of Influence of DeterminantExample: pessimism affects health Stat:70% reported a decrease in their feelings ofhurtCitationExample: anger releases stressStat:13% experienced reduced angerCitationExample: better attitude = better pain tolerance Stat:27% experienced fewer physical complaints Citation- ^^ Source 13. Behavior Our Group Tech Hater= Skyler The Psychologist= BrettThe Tech Guru= BrettThe Research Specialist= Gergana 14. Overview of Behavior Definition: The way in which one acts orconducts oneself especially toward others Rating of Control: 10 Selling Point: Behavior is doing, andeverything you do has an effect. Thereforebehavior is the most influential determinantbecause there is total cognitive control 15. Research of Influence of Behavior Example: Eating Stat: Every day about one quarter of the U.S. population eats fast food. Citation: Example: Drinking Stat: 54% of Americans consume from 1-7 alcoholic beverages on average every week Citation: Example: Smoking Stat: Smoking-related diseases claim an estimated 443,000 American lives each year, including those affected indirectly Citation: