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  • 1. An Outlook For The RicePrice 2010-2011and Beyond Milo Hamilton FirstgrainOctober 11, 2010

2. The Rice Price 2010-2011About the Presenter Milo Hamilton is co-founder of Firstgrain, a global rice market advisory service (est. 2000) Bought rice for Uncle Bens Inc. for 18 years Clients include: farmers, millers, traders, government agencies, rice buyers Helped start and develop US rice futures Relates all markets to the rice market 2 October 2010 3. The Rice Price 2010-2011 "The precious things are not pearls and jade but the five grains, of which rice is first.-Chinese saying 3 October 2010 4. The Rice Price 2010-2011 Outline Short-term rice price outlook and driving factors Longer term price outlook with status quo Problems with the rice market Obstacles to change Solutions to obstacles 4 October 2010 5. The Rice Price 2010-2011 Short-Term: Price Drivers in next six months The loss of wheat and coarse grain production Weather and Climate factors: 2009 Monsoon and El Nino rice loses 2010 flooding and droughts US Rice production loses in 2010 Convergence or divergence of paddy prices Price objectives of US rice futures With rise in Asian prices Without rise in Asian prices 5 October 2010 6. The Rice Price 2010-2011 $600World LG Rough Rice Prices (USD/MT) $500 $400 $300 $200 $100US Rough FuturesBrazilThailand Vietnam IndiaChina $0Mar-98 Mar-99 Mar-00 Mar-01Mar-02Mar-03Mar-04Mar-05Mar-06 6October 2010 7. The Rice Price 2010-2011 7 October 2010 8. The Rice Price 2010-2011Long Term Outlook: Status Quo Huge budget requirements for input subsidies Serious depletion of groundwater assets Inflation-adjusted rice prices (could) return to spiked highs of 1916, 1946, 1973, not just 2008 prices 8 October 2010 9. The Rice Price 2010-2011 Long Term Outlook: Status Quo Despite 2008, food grain prices are relatively flat Rice is cheap to crude oil Water is not priced Rice price volatile to wheat, due to thinness of world rice trade? 9October 2010 10. The Rice Price 2010-2011$160Nominal Prices$140$120$100Milled Rice (USD/cwt) FOB MillCrude (USD/barrel)$80$60$40$20 $0 1909 1915 1921 1926 1932 1937 1943 1948 1954 1959 1965 1970 1976 1981 1987 1992 1998 2003 10October 2010 11. The Rice Price 2010-2011$4,500Real Prices (in 2008 Dollars)$4,000$3,500$3,000$2,500$2,000$1,500$1,000"Milled Rice (USD/MT) FOB Mill"$500 $0 1909 1915 1921 1926 1932 1937 1943 1948 1954 1959 1965 1970 1976 1981 1987 1992 1998 2003 11October 2010 12. The Rice Price 2010-2011$150Rice Minus Wheat (USD/MT)$100$50 $0-$50-$100-$150 1914 1924 1934 1944 195419641974 1984 1994 2004 12 October 2010 13. The Rice Price 2010-2011The Problem with the Rice Price Some want it very low Some want it high Some want it fair or just right Current obstacles can send the rice price veryhigh 13October 2010 14. The Rice Price 2010-2011 Obstacles to Change Government manufactured rice prices Giving away water Inputs cheap or free GMO ban Shutting down price discovery Keep farmers in the dark Self-sufficiency at all costs Rejecting world trade as partial solution 14 October 2010 15. The Rice Price 2010-2011 Cost of Water"Egypt cut by almost half the amount of land it used to sow rice in 2010 versus the previous year, saving the country 5-6 billion cubic metres of water, the official state news agency MENA said on Thursday. 15October 2010 16. The Rice Price 2010-2011Cost of Water (continued)The amount of land on which rice was grown was reduced to 1.2 million feddans (1.2 million acres)from 2.2 million last year, MENA said, citing theWater Resources and Irrigation Minister Mohamed NasreddinAllam.This implies one million acres = six billion cubicmeters of water - Reuters story, 19 August 2010 16 October 2010 17. The Rice Price 2010-2011 In times of change, the future belongs to thelearner, while the learned find beautiful ways tocope with a world that no longer exists. -Erick Hoffer 17October 2010 18. The Rice Price 2010-2011 Solutions to Obstacles1. Let rice trade freely2. Pursue food security through direct subsidies to the poor3. Turn bottom of the food pyramid into informed business people With mobile information technology 18October 2010 19. The Rice Price 2010-2011 Solution 1: Freely Traded Rice Reject trade disruption Embargoes, export bans undermine trust Support rice futures markets Price discovery Merchandizing mechanism Reduced risk of default Global milled futures contract in Singapore? 19October 2010 20. The Rice Price 2010-2011Solution 2: Redefine Food Security Food security does not equal self-sufficiency! Self-Sufficiency: Eat what you grow, grow what you eat Vulnerable to crop failure Food Security: Purchasing power to buy food Requires robust international market Replace input subsidies with targeted cash transfers to the poor Gives poor the capability to feed themselves 20October 2010 21. The Rice Price 2010-2011Solution 3: Empower the Farmer Example: Reuters Market Light (RML) Sends market and agronomic information tofarmers via text message in India today 300,000 subscriptions 60,000 active accounts 1.5 million farmers accessing RML information Every individual is a market force 21 October 2010 22. The Rice Price 2010-2011 Reuters Market Light 22 October 2010 23. The Rice Price 2010-2011If you farm as a way of life, it could be a veryexpensive business. But if you farm as a business, it can be a veryrewarding way of life.-Merrill Oster 23 October 2010 24. No Farmers, No Food